Scary texting ( the Doll)

Movellas Writing Talent Show

Cover By - Zireee's Cover Store

Chloe and her mom are having a text but then creepy happen in there House what is going to happen?


5. Chapter 5

Unknown: I can see your texting to your mom...

Chloe: How do you know?

Unknown: let say that I  won’t tell you... 😏

Chloe: Mom are you unknown?

Unknown: I’m not your mom!

Chloe: Ok then who are you?

Unknown: A friend 

Chole: Ok then I guess....

Unknown: Chloe tell me where do you live 

Chloe: But I don’t know who you are...

Unknown: Don’t worry you will  know who am I later 

Unknown: Now tell me what do you live 

Chloe: Ok it.....

Unknown: Thanks Chloe 😈

Chloe: Uhhh no problem.... 😐

Unknown: I see you Chloe 

Chloe: What!?

Unknown: Look  outside your window 

Chloe: :OOOO


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