Scythe: Akiko & Jiro

The origin story of a girl, known only as, Akiko, the niece of a shogun, who read the stories of warriors and adventures in faraway lands. She soon enters an academy, and is given a specially trained monkey named, Jiro. but during her second year of training her brother goes missing during a mission to the mysterious Factory in Eastern Europa.

The shogun's advisors suspect Akiko's brother was captured by agents of the Rusviet Union. Her uncle trusting her skills, commands her to lead a large military expedition to defeat the Rusviets, recover her brother, and discover the truth of the Factory.


1. Chapter 1: A Story

"Tell me a story uncle," Akiko said as she lay in her bed staring up into her uncle's old blue eyes. Even though he was in his late 70's, his eye still had life in them. 

"Very well, what type of story?"

"A story about warriors and adventures."

The mech seemed to rise out of the water. Two legs appeared then another two, four legs total, the mech had a round spherical shape of a tank, with twin guns on either sides of it, a latch on top for entering, and cockpit for the pilot.  The cockpit had various monitors and several switches. The pilot in this mech, pressed several buttons making his mech crawl forward towards the beach.

"The pilot of this mech was none other than, True Sword, a shugon like me but from long ago. True Sword was the name he got from his enemies. In his mech or out of it he was a powerful opponent." Akiko's uncle explained to her.

Right behind True Sword's mech a bunch of latches of other mech appeared, then their bodies and legs. They crawled after their leader for True Sword was leading the attack. Hundreds of mechs could be counted, then thousands, then millions. True Sword, flicked a switch, joining everyone else on channel 3. "Press on, the beach is ours! And watch out for those rockets!" 

"True Sword was leading a conquest against Rusviet Union, and their allies who called themselves the Harbingers."

True Sword, stared at the monitor in front of him, he could see small people with red boxes around them showing that they were the enemy, in front of him, well they looked small to him because he was in 15 feet tall mech. He blasted at them the guns on the sides of his mech, orange-yellow bolts of energy hit the small group in front of him, they were now on the beach, in front of them was a cliff and up there were the enemy rocket men. A rocket zipped through the air it looked like it was aimed at him, but it hit a mech behind him destroying most of the mech's top.

The enemy wasn't prepared for this attack they didn't have mechs of their own out. As he made his mech press on, followed by his army of 2 million strong he knew something wasn't right. As his mech and his troops' mechs started to climb the cliff's edge. Above them, at the top he could see a dozen or so red boxes, he opened fire, doing his best to shoot them before they fired more rockets. Some of the Rusviet soldiers were killed and fell forward with their bazookas, but still, several more rockets had been able to take out more of his men. Some of the Harbinger troops looked down below at the horde of mechs climbing up towards them they opened fire down with rifles and bazookas of their own which fired two rockets. The rifles did nothing but their rockets were more of a problem. True Sword and his men continued their climb while returning fire. Akiko's uncle then said. "Bullets, rockets, and bolts of energy, created more destruction and death. True Sword, saw this, so do you know what he did next?"

"I already know this story, uncle. He pulled his army back, if I were in his place I would've burned the Rusviets and the Harbingers to the ground." Her uncle shook his head which made Akiko tilt her head in confusion.

"Child you are young, and may not understand, but the reason why, True Sword, turned his forces back was that he valued human life over bloodshed. I hope you will also, niece." He kissed her goodnight, getting up, leaving, turning the light off. 


"I was 8 years old back then." Akiko declared as she flipped to the next page of her diary.

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