Why did he leave!??

A man named josh loved his wife but one day he left leaving with notes in ,hysterics places so she could find in order to fix their marriage


1. The First Note

July 29, was an ordinary day for Beth, but something wasn't right her husband he wasn't answering her calls, texts, or emails. She knew something wasn't right so she left from work early. Beth was an attorney for criminal law and her husband...Josh was a Detective for the Rosevalley Criminal Department. So now that she was on her way home she noticed a note by her steering wheel and it was from Josh. You see they got married in Paris by the Bridge on June 22, 2011 so it was past their anniversary and they had a very nice time in Hawaii for those 6 days. Anyway she reads it and it says " Baby I love you so much, but I'm leaving if you want this to work I will be in Michigan at the store where we first met when we were 12 I hope you understand what I'm doing and I hope you come find for I will be waiting my love. Beth was "Furious"! She had no clue what he was talking about so she went home backed her bags and went on to Michigan 5 hours away from where she stayed which was in Ohio. Now he is the tricker what she doesn't know is that she isn't gonna find Josh no time soon and a lot of cash and gas will be involved. Now she was driving off to find her husband thinking "why is it something i did was it not working god I wish I could call him right now. She would be in Michigan in about 3 more hours which is weird because she really doesn't understand how            do this to her. Finally she is there,but she doesn't even remember where that place is she thought it had burned down well obviously not  cause that's where Josh is they are newly wed and they are struggling with financial problems a little so does he want her to do it on her own

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