Dawn of Benatron

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  • Published: 29 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 29 Jan 2018
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Intent on finding sustainable systems for humans to continue the human race,the company Etikraft set up expeditions across the galaxy to explore new worlds.Accompanied by two holograms,Ageing naval officer Ab Richeck stets off to sector 12,as a last chance to revive his flagging career.


1. Dawn of Benatron

 Dawn of Benatron.

After travelling six months Colonel Alan Richeck ,had gazed over a million stars,and had been through a myriad of galaxies.He rubbed his steel like jaw,scratching his stubble as he did so,it had been a long journey indeed.

His mission was simple :to travel to the Neutron galaxy in sector twelve,and establish whether or not there was life on the planet Benatron.If there was were species present,then negotiations could be developed to gain access to some of the planets raw materials to build a new Larc outpost.The closest Larc outpost ‘‘Oporpune’’,was  full to the brim,and being located in sector 11, the agency had received numerours communications from that region.The government run agency ‘‘Volsa’,’funded the mission to ascertain such findings.

The Core Elements,a superior alien race,had provided the technology to enhance a spacecraft called the ‘‘Independent’,previously developed by Etikraft[A human engineering company].The Core Elements had enhanced the cruiser  with superior weapons,navagational systems,and it came equipped with two holographic lieutenents.

‘‘Ready to enter the Neutron Galaxy sir,Sector Five DASH 2’’

A small slim brown skinned ,dark haired holographic female spoke,punching in the co-ordinates into the dashboard.

‘‘Confirmed two minutes and  we will enter the Planet Benatron’’ Her male counter part Kracken stated.

‘‘Authorised’’ Richeck commanded.

The two holographs were simulated form a basic Core Element program,which had studied human technicians  and space travel training ,naturally  Volsa adapted them to meet their criteria.

Richeck pushed forward on the accelation gears, and with ease and grace,the vessel reached the planet.

On entry they were presented with a silver ,orange and purple dome which was surrounded by a thousand stars.The independent entered the planet’s scarlet atmosphere ,and on doing so,they were greeted by  a burning meteorite which  flashed before it,attacking the ships core ,as it passed ,decending into the planet itself.

A multitude of fragments made it’s way into the ships hull,setting alight the cruiser,shattering glass matter abundantly. Grey smoke  arose  from the operating panels,omitting  a vast red haze  in the surrounding areas.

‘‘We are losing power in engine number one’’The female lieutenant Celeste reported.’’

‘‘Prepare for emergency landing’’ Richeck demanded.

Then within seconds darkness..........

They awoke and all was quiet,the engines hustled and frayed as  the second officer Kracken checked the ships systems.

 Celeste rushed to Richeck’s aid,having being knocked to the floor ,due to the turbulence.A portion of the ceiling had fallen upon the generals body, and for the most part he was paralysed,he tugged away with great strain as she walked towards him,but was unable to move the object himself.

‘‘Kracken give me a hand will ya’’Celeste ordered.

In general situations it would be reasonable to assume that holograms had no ability to lift or move objects.However ,the Core Elements had implemented infra red dark matter sensors that allowed them to manipulate ,move ,and bend gravity ,thus allowing them to raise the huge mound.

‘‘How severe is his situation?’’Celeste questioned.

Kracken used a scanner to assess  Richeck’s state.

‘‘He’ll live’’



Richeck awoke sore and bruised.

‘‘He’s coming to’’Celeste detected crouching over the Captain.

Kracken stood sternly observing the well seasoned man, as if he was awaiting a speedy recovery.

‘‘The engines are ruptured ,they are only at  thirty five percent working capacity.We were however able to monopolize the ships power sources to provide you with oxygen......,but it  has detained us from our over duties somewhat..’’

‘‘Well I’m sorry to be such a burden’’

Neither of the two depicted the sarcasm levelled before them,but progressesd with the matter at hand regardless.

‘‘What’s your plan of action sir?’’Kracken injested.

‘‘Firstly and most importantly scratch my balls...then secondly ,get this  pile of scrap metal back on it’s feet. The agency ain’t paying us for you to two to  stare at me’’

‘‘I’ll take it we will need supplies’’Celeste pepped up.

‘‘Yah think?’’Richeck injected.

An astronaught suit was necessary to protect his olive skin from the rays of the ful -lit moon nearby.The Benatron air was breathable, despite it’s dark and ashy atmosphere,so the filter on his suit was also vital.

Richeck preserved through the pain,he suffered from a concussion to his head,and his right arm was fractured,yet he had to put this to the back of his mind,he was pushing sixty and he hadn’t made any new  scientific discoveries in years.With new recruits coming in every six months,it was detrimental to his carrer that  he proved himself a valuable contribution  to Volsar,and if he was up for pasture,he was determined to go out in glory.

The sand dunes that provided much of the terrain,added more plight to the stormy weather that accompanied them on their journey.They made slow but definite progress,making the independent seem but a small image ,on the back of their shoulder’s.

‘‘Storm’s coming in harsh,are the scanners   depicting how long it will last?’’The colonel barked.

Kracken barely acknowledged Richeck’s  tone and studied his obtuse navigational system for guidance.

‘‘The storm will intensify at an anlarming rate within the next hour,your survival rate will....’’

‘‘How’s  your map doing  Celeste,any cover ahead?’’


‘‘There is a cave 400 metres north sir,but we have possible hostiles coming in due south west.’’Celeste replied.

‘‘How can you assume...’’Kracken went to ask,then looked in horror at the swarm of rodent ,winged creatures breathing fire ,coming towards them.

‘‘I believe my assumpation were accurate ’’Celeste added.

The colonel retrieved his blaster from his back pack,aimed ,and fired three clear shots at the beasts,each hit the targets dead on.Their demise of three of the wingbats caused several more to circle around the colonel.Kracken gave him a chance to reload as his cover fire took out two of them.Naturally  Celeste followed suit,firing at will.her aim wasn’t as impeccable as the others,she had less field experience ,but was much appreciated nonetheless.

Kracken observed the oncoming wave of assault from the east,they were not going to make it,if they retaliated in the same fashion.

‘‘Sonar  flair’’

The Admiral nodded.Kracken took out an oval device and scanned the beasts,then a bright light protruded from the object,and a decimal blinding sound ,shot through the air,brights lights circled around the beasts and the beasts disintegrated.

Kracken watched to see if there was more on their way ,and once satisfied that that the wave had stopped,he ventured forward, and  followed  Richeck and Celeste into the cave.



The cave itself had a mystical energy within it. A Candestine temple was mounted in the far corner as a religious shrine,at first,there was a cold and damp atmosphere which consumed the wood-be fort.Along the walls pictures of repetilian creatures were paved in battles that ensued across the stars.The temperature inside the cave increased as they delved deeper into its core.

Kracken checked his scanners,

‘‘Are you picking up something?’’Richeck quizzed.

A wailing sound burst throughout the cave,Richeck fell to the ground as the wave penetrated his ear drums ,he covered his ears in attempt to distort the sound.He grabbed his blaster and fired blindly,but the beams were defensive towards his plasma rays.

‘‘Crew’’He shrieked calling for their aid.

The holographs intrepted the occurance, but naturally felt nothing,yet the audio frequency distorted their image ,due to the manipulation of air waves.The wave  oscilated and then a low buzzing came through,and a red light swarmed over  all three of the crew.The beam then doned a blue and a green tone,which in turn locked onto the atomic components of the trio.All three of them were paralysed.

‘‘Plan of action sir,I believe we could be here for some time ?’’Kracken asked innocently.

‘‘Well,anyone no any show tunes ?coz I got jack!’’

 They were in statis for a whole hour before they were collected by their captures,coming to  the conclusion,that they had fallen into a trap.


Chapter Four :Descendence.

A series of deep underground caverns from the cave led to a vibrant underground city.The surface level had been abandoned for decades,due to the planets increasingly disturbing weather conditions, caused by war.The migration to the caverns had caused a disease known as  ‘‘The Ruther Strain’’ amongst the Jutons,and applications were carried out to establish new vaccines,to insure the survival of their race.

In a secret laboratory the three Prisoners were stationed,in a hollow sanitised room,the three studies were incased in glass oval monitored cells ,with digital readouts surrounding the Patients.

Various other creatures occupied the other pods,including the  Gerious Tribe from Gerious Tilt.[huge rhinerous type mamals].Each of the inhabitants were used to experiment on different drugs,and all featured in several stages of development.

The Jutons were randomly long featured creatures with oval heads and small slanted eyes,three slits formed in the centre of their heads,which performed breathing activites,one of them observed Richeck.Infra red sensors  entered his chamber ,waking him from his sleep.He was startled as he, recalled the previous events.

‘‘Goddam ALIENS’’He was filled with rage,and banged his fist against the glass wall in an attempt to break free.

The female Juton watched him in agony.It was not certain as to whether or not she symapthised with the officers ordeal,but she felt no need to inflict any more pain on Richeck ,even though she had the capacity and the resources to do so.

The holographs were monitored.They simply buzzed ,as the infra red light continued to jam their frequency.

‘‘Increase the dosage on the human,and protrude higher alpha rays on the holographs.’’Said her male counter part,watching her intently.


In a small meeting room several Jutons gathered together as apart of the pharmaceutical company  ‘‘Brond’’Four Jutons sat accordingly amongst each other  around a table.Two elder males,were the chairman of the board,both technicians from the laboratory were present to discuss their findings.

‘‘How is the Human responding to his new surroundings?’’A more rotund Juton queried.

The female Hetai  insisced ,sensing it was her moment to shine.

‘‘He seems to be ready for the trials but is also still suffering from his wounds.’’

‘‘But he is fit for the trials, we can sort out any ailments he might have? ’’Her male colleague summasied ,speaking in his native tongue.

The oldest of the group stroked his beard and turned to both of them.

‘‘So the trials for the Mortex drug can proceed as planned,you both know how important this is for the survival of our race.’’

‘‘Yes ...but if I might just add sir.....’’

I think that my colleague Heati is trying to point out ,that we appreciate your time and your resources,and your support,now if you will excuse us,we have much work to do’’The male technician Donic stated.

Donic took the opportunity to usher her out of the room, and smiled politely to the board.He shut the door behind him,so he could have a private conversation with Heati, and with a furious look  urged to sort out her priorites.

Three weeks had past since their intial entrapment and Richeck awoke feeling drozy with the Donic stood before him.He prepared the Mortex drug.He didn’t want Heati to get in the way,so he waited till late at night;a time when he could be alone with the subjects .Without any hesitation he inserted the syrum into Richeck’s blood stream.Richeck was instantly riled with agony ,some how the Dna that had been indoctrinated into him, had altered his cells.His human Dna had merged with the foreign chromosones,and had caused a strand of mutated cells, and he was no longer just human,he was something other!

On the surface however,his appearance had changed too,his skin had developed a slight green oily,texture,and slits had run down the centre of his back.Donic who had provoked such an occurance,was shocked when wings began to sprout from Richeck’s back.

Pressure was put upon the door of the lab from the outside.Heati  had awoken from her sleep,and being restless,had ventured down the lab to check on things.Witnessing  the events ,she  banged on every available glass panel frantically.

‘‘Stop you are hurting him!’’Heati protested.

Donic ignored her and increased the dosage.Richeck filled with rage banged on the glass, but to no avail he coulden’t break free .His human side found this unacceptable,and began to ram his shoulder against the glass.Donic attempted to stop him by releasinga poisonous gas to the chamber.but it was too;late by the time he did so,Richeck had began to break free from the  chamber.

Donic  panicked  and called for security.Richeck knelt down and collected the most jagged piece of glass he could find,Heati turned away,predicting what was about to come. Richeck angered by how he had been treated by his tormentor,leapt in the air  and lunged the glass into Donic’s  core,horrified ,Donic fell to the ground.

Alarm bells rung in constant cycles,Heati still coulden’t get in and was frozen by the events.Five cybernetic security droids armed with Protons cannons entered the room from the steel floor boards .Richeck contemplated the eventuality of the situation.There was no way out of the facilty, no reasoning with the droids,and there was no way home.

In a preemptive strike  he attacked the droids ,The protons cannons swore with vigour and they fired with tenacity,his holographic counterparts could do nothing as the cannons blasted away,  as  they watch their leader pass on.




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