Child wakes to noise


1. Woken

Sebastian woke to the sound of shouting downstairs.
The words were inaudible, but the anger was more than audible. It was like a knife, driving itself into his brain and leaking panic. His nightlight illuminated the wallpaper in his room, the stars and spaceships pasted all over. The shouting continued, and Sebastian pulled the duvet up to his chin. He had heard his parents argue before, but not like this. This sounded like things were about to be thrown, maybe one of his parents hit the other. His father had hit him once when he'd broken a lamp by playing, even after his father had told him to stop. The slap hadn't been hard, more like his father pushing him out of the living room, but he had been so hurt, more emotionally than physically. He slowly stepped out of the bed, avoiding the floorboards he knew were creaky, and sneaking over to the door. He was a short kid, so he had to tiptoe to reach his door knob. Turning it, he winced at the squeak it made, the sound filling his silent bedroom. He inched the door open, and heard his parents voices more clearly. They were shouting, both at the same time, and Sebastian considered going downstairs, to at least stop them from shouting at each other so loudly, until he heard something that made his blood run cold.
There was a third voice.
This voice was quieter than both his parents, but it was filled with such anger and venom that Sebastian had never experienced before. He felt his blood run cold, his legs start to shake as he opened the door a bit further and stuck his head out.
"... will not be happy with your answer. I'm afraid I can't take this back to him. I will have to do something about it." The voice said. Sebastian could sense the cruel smile in his voice, and knew that nothing good was coming.
"Listen to us, we will not sit quietly as such evil destroys us. Leave now, or I promise it won't end happily for you." He heard his father say.
"Oh, I'm sure you could try." The evil voice said. Sebastian closed his door and hurried back to his bed, throwing the duvet over him. He could feel himself shaking, tears prickling the back of his eyes. 
A large bang erupted from downstairs, a booming echo that caused Sebastian to bounce into the air, the tears now cascading down his cheeks. More bangs followed, until one actually made Sebastian's bed rise into the air. He hurried from the bed, tripping over one of his toys as he ran, falling to the ground. His door was open now, the bangs and shouts clearer. Now the shouts were uglier, more terrified, cries that made his goosebumps rise on his skin. He picked himself up and ran from the room, pounding down the stairs. As he reached the landing, he looked down to see flashes of blue and red illuminating the dark stairs. He hesitated, the bangs vibrating through his head and abusing his ear drums. He heard his mother cry out as another red flash and bang actually sent him flying. He landed on the top stair, tumbling down and hitting his head on the bottom stair. The world turned black as his consciousness left him.

Sebastian woke up, a headache sitting behind his eyes. He felt something wet fall down his forehead as he sat up, and as he reached to wipe it away he realized he had cut himself as he'd fallen. As he began to cry, he pulled himself up and ran into the living room. He stood in the doorway, staring in at the horror before him. The furniture was everywhere, his fathers chair, flipped over where the television used to be, the sofa leaning through the window, and the lamp his mother had used to replace the one he had broken lay fallen over but still intact on top of his fathers face. His father lay on the floor, his arms and legs at impossible angles, his eyes staring and lifeless, unblinking.
"Dad?" Sebastian whispered, walking slowly to the body on the floor. He knelt down beside his father, poking his arm. When there was no response, Sebastian began to shake him. He panicked, looking around and wondering what to do. His eyes came to his mother's mobile phone, and he remembered what his parents had told him to do in an emergency. Call the police. Racing to the phone, as if something was about to stop him any minute, he grabbed it and unlocked it. He pressed the phone app and dialed the number. A woman picked up the phone, and as soon as Sebastian heard her voice, he began to sob uncontrollably.

Two police cars stood outside the house as an old man in a police uniform carried Sebastian to the car.
"Now we're just going to put you here and very soon, my partner is going to drive you to the station and ask you a few questions, okay? Answer anything he asks you and be a big boy for me, okay? I'll come see you as soon as I can." The policeman told him, but Sebastian couldn't respond, even if he'd known what to say. His limbs were numb, his face stuck in a mask of horror. He was placed in the back seat, the car closing softly next to him. He saw policemen and paramedics and other mysterious people walking in and out of the house. He saw a bald man with glasses talking to a smaller woman. He had seen the man earlier, talking to the policeman who had carried him to the car. He had listened to their conversation, though he had understood very little of it.
"They look like they've been thrown around by someone three times their combined size. I don't even know what to make of this. I knew these people, good people. I wonder what'll happen to their son..." He had said, and the policeman had just sighed sympathetically and nodded. Sebastian just kept crying, until he had no tears left to shed. Men and women kept walking past the house, staring and gasping. Sebastian saw them all and noticed none of them, until a man in a long trench coat stood right next to the car, staring up at the house. Sebastian didn't know the man, but a spark of recognition ignited in his brain, and he stared at the man. He was very tall, with short black hair and a narrow figure. As if he could sense Sebastian's gaze, he turned to look at him. The man only stared as Sebastian stared back, until he saw a tear fall from the mans eye. He turned to walk away, disappearing round the street corner. The car door opened and another policeman got in, turning to talk to Sebastian.
"Hey, buddy. I'm Officer Gradey's partner. I'm going to take you to the station and ask you a few things, okay?" Sebastian simply nodded, and the policeman started the car. The house fell away from view, and a single tear fell from Sebastian's eye. 

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