The gifted

It all started with an explosion. One stupid rebellion attack. It took one explosion to shake my world forever. It took an explosion for everyone to find out what I am.
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1. The beginning

I was at the bank with my mum when the explosion sounded. Masked men barged in guns blazing telling everyone to get down on the ground. First they set of an explosion to make their presence known and then they made us lie on the ground.

As we move to obey them a toddler goes to run from the noise so one of the men shoot at him. The mother screams and cries but when she realises there’s no blood she stops. I stand up and hold the bullets mid air.

“What the..?” One starts but I redirect the bullets and they hit him the chest. Boom ones dead. More bullets fly at me but I again redirect them and the bodies start mounting up. “Fucking run!” One shouts but I bend the metal doors. We’re all locked in. They shoot at me but they just get redirected to their chests. Boom they’re all dead.

I stare at all the bodies and then at the hostages. Soundlessly I move and untie them all. The mother runs to her baby holding him so close to her. I know what I have to do. If I stay the ‘Bounty’ will come for me and I can’t promise my family’s safety if they do. I walk towards the door and turn around, “Good bye mummy” I smile at her with watery eyes and she just stares back at me horrified. She won’t except her baby is one of the mutants. I’m surprised when one man stands up and claps, “Thank you” he says. I smile uncomfortably and run out the back door. That was five years ago.

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