The gifted

It all started with an explosion. One stupid rebellion attack. It took one explosion to shake my world forever. It took an explosion for everyone to find out what I am.
#mutant #supernatural #powers #friendship #romance #was #explosion #rebellion #kid #16 #friends #teen #sciencefiction #sex



I go through a side door that exits into a forest. My mind is racing and I’m starting to get agitated. When I don’t use my powers often I get almost “clogged up”. I run quickly into an open space and start practicing. I love using my powers!

I can feel the sweat building on my body. I’ve been out here for hours now. I shove my denim jacket off and am left in my vest top. My body is pulsing and aches from the work outs and practicing.

I’m about to start back practicing but I hear twigs crunch. My instincts kick in and I turn around force field ready.

“AHHH” I hear a boy scream. I put my force field down and realise it’s those boys.

“What the fuck were you thinking!” I snap.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Liam cheers excitedly. I laugh at his expression.

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