The gifted

It all started with an explosion. One stupid rebellion attack. It took one explosion to shake my world forever. It took an explosion for everyone to find out what I am.
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2. New chapter

Since the truth came out about my powers I’ve been adopted into this organisation. It’s an old abandoned ware house on the outside in the middle of a deserted town but on the inside it’s amazing. It’s like a giant house with so many rooms. It’s run by Megan and Dave, they are mutants too, and they set this place after the X-men organisation when mute; no ones heard off them for years. This place is a sanctuary for people that got kicked out for being mutant or they are on the run from the cops.

I change into my skinny jeans, combat boots and leather jacket. My bright blonde hair is left tumbling down to my bum. Today is my 16th and I’m celebrating with out my mother, with out my father and with out my real family. Sometimes I miss them but they rejected me even though I saved lives that day.

“Good morning birthday girl” Megan says handing me a box. Megan has short dark purple hair and a thin frame. She became like a second mum to me.

“You shouldn’t have Meg” I smile.

“Well I did! Now open up!” She cheers as Dave walks over. I open it and it’s a medallion of a crescent moon.

“I love it! Thank you Meg” I pull her into a tight hug.

“Good” she smiles, “Now we have work to do. There are three mutants at the North Place. There’s no room for them there so we’re taking them in” she says as I walk with her up the dodgy stairs to the office.

“I’ll go” I say grabbing my bag and keys.

“Be sage and take Eclipse with you” she doesn’t look up from the paper she’s studying.

“ECLIPSE!” I shout bounding down the stairs. When I’m at the door an adrenaline filled husky the size of a wolf bounds down.

“Hey buddy” I run my hands through his fur. He follows close behind as we load into the van.

After an hour I arrive at The North Place. “Patric!” I shout as I walk over to him. “

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