Levi, Eren, and me

Kai is cough using illegal vertical maneuvering equipment and is soon to go to jail, but the scoots cut her a deal. All she has to do is join the scoot regiment.


1. Town

Eren's POV

"Eren can you please go into town for me!"Armin came running at me with a list. He handed it to me. 

"Fine I'll go get the things you need,"I smiled at him.

"I'll go with you,"Levi yelled from the other room. After all we've been through he still doesn't trust me. I mean if I want to kill people I could at any moment. Levi walks up to me and I keep walking. Soon we were in town. After getting Armin's stuff we headed to a cafe. A women came to us.

"What can I get for you two today?"she asked smiling at us. She was beautiful. We both ordered and soon what we order had come out. Levi was acting really weird though.

"What's wrong?"I asked.

"I just feel something is wrong,"he said glaring at me as if I was going to do something. After we ate our food we walked out. I heard some type of wind go above me. 3 people zipped in the air in vm gear and soon after them was the survey corp.

Kai's POV

"Why do they get to use the gear!"Q wined in my ear. 

"You know why....Your too young and that's final,"I yelled at her. Q always got on my nerves. She was like the sister I never wanted. After an hour Zen walked in.

"We need your help!"he yelled.

"What's wrong?"I asked

"The survey corp is after the guys and they seem to not be able to get away from them,"he said smiling a little to himself. He was smiling because that meant I would half to get involved. And I hate getting involved with my own gang's problems.

"Fine...let's go kid,"I said. Q looked at me with excitement. We put on the gear and swung our way over there. Q has never done a hist that has involved any kind of trouble, so this would be something new for her. We both stopped at a roof. I looked around to see my guys to be in pretty bad shape. They were soon to be cough. There was nothing I could do for them at this point unless I wanted to get cough too. I looked over at Q who was looking at me.

"Please Kai there your people,"she said giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine only for you though,"I smiled at her and she smiled back. This girl was making me a better person. I covered my face with a piece of cloth. It was now or never.

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