Levi, Eren, and me

Kai is cough using illegal vertical maneuvering equipment and is soon to go to jail, but the scoots cut her a deal. All she has to do is join the scoot regiment.


2. Fight

Eren's POV

One of the survey corp captions came up to me and Levi.

"What's going on?"I asked.

"Were trying to arrest these thieves for their crimes,"he said looking at Levi.

"Why the survey corp and not the military police?"I asked.

"Their leader apparently is too skilled for them to take care of them,"he said finally looking at me and not Levi.

"Were trying to draw their leader out.....there he is!"he said yelling when he saw a people. The leader got right in front of one of the survey corp members and stopped him from kill one of his members. Who ever this was was taking these guys down really easily especially compared to his people.

The guy frond,"We have a back up plan."

He looked around,"There!" He pointed to a little girl with vm gear. He swung up there and got her. She struggled for awhile, but stopped when she knew it was useless. He then called out to his friends and they joined him over there.

Levi's POV

The guys from the other group left except for one. The leader. What are you planning? Are you really going to fight all of them by yourself? Eren got closer and I followed. We could hear them from here.

"We have your friend and your out numbered,"he laughed. The guys eyes were like ice they reminded me of my own.

"I could say the same thing about you,"he said.

"Oh! So that's how it's going to be..Well then take him out!"he yelled with frustration. They all came at him. He moved swiftly and took out all of them.

"Who are you?!"he yelled.

Kai's POV

Fuck it lets blow my whole cover. I took the cloth away from my face and took down my hood.

"I'm Kai Lee!"I yelled.

"And who the hell do you think you are?"I asked. I walked towards him and he put Q over the edge.

"Make another move and I'll killed!"he yelled while taking off he vm gear.

"Get her gear off!" he yelled at one of the soldiers. One came over and took it off me. Then he dropped Q over the building. He was going to kill her either way! I idiomatically jumped off the building after her.

Levi's POV

This women is crazy! I like it. She would be good for the survey corp. Hm....


Please save me Kai! I felt someone grab me.

Kai's POV

I grabbed Q. We were still falling to our deaths. Damn there's nothing around for me to grab onto.

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