The Rose

Ever since her mother died and her father disappeared, Belle has been waiting for this moment. Her daggers at the ready, her heart steeled with confidence, she faced him.

The beast.

Veangeace is a mocking thing.


2. Chapter I

   My horse was tense. His ears perked at the slightest of sounds, but I couldn’t blame him. The forest was grim, tall trees casting tangled shadows upon the muddy ground. Even the moon had become shy, barely peeking through the sprawling branches. I ducked, barely dodging a low hanging vine. Lifting my head, I saw my destination in the distance.

   Prince Adams castle resembled the forest in many ways. The dark demeanor, starving the world of light even on the brightest day.

   Perfect for a scheming, murdering mystery.

   For that is what the prince was; a mystery. He never left the castle even before the story of my mother’s murder became known. From what I had heard from eavesdropping on townspeople, he was handsome, but cold in nature and sour in tongue. He even treated his servants like mud on the soles of his shoes. And then he killed half the light in my world.

   To only worsen matters, my father – who was on his way to a convention to show off and hopefully sell the portraits he’d painted a few months prior – had gotten lost in the woods, apparently starving or freezing to death before I could find him. I spent days searching, but the only clue I could find was his hat, that just so happened to be on the other side of the gate in front of Prince Adams castle.

   And here I was, back to where I swore vengeance.

   As I approached the castle, the wind changed. The biting air seized my horse, making him shiver. I stumbled upon his back. Regaining my balance, I stared to notice rustling sounds coming from… well, coming from all around me. I scanned the forest.

   That’s when I saw the wolves.

   They sneered at me, teeth bared, dark eyes shining beneath grey fur. I grappled my coat, searching for my sword, a dagger, anything I could use to defend myself. They approached, caution to the wind, making the horse jump and whinny. I struggled with his reigns, trying to regain control.

   But I was never very good at horse riding.

   The horse leapt into the air, and even with my quick instincts to grab hold of his neck, I simply couldn’t grip tight enough, and fell to the ground with a thump. The wolves that now surrounded me licked their lips hungrily. I forced myself up, wielding my sword that I had finally managed to unsheathe. I whipped around, trying to find something solid to back away to, but the wolves had caught me in a clearing. Knowing they had outsmarted me, they pounced.

   I gripped my sword, swinging at the three wolves that were coming at me the quickest. I dodged one, striking another in the stomach. I kicked out, planting my foot in the hind leg of one that came from my left. I continued dodging and stabbing at whatever body part attacked me first. Soon, however, I realized I was outnumbered.

   In all the hustle and bustle of the wolf attack, I hadn’t noticed that my horse had scurried off, and had taken some of the wolves with him. I also had not noticed that I was finally at the gates of the prince’s castle. I felt a stab of pain as my back hit against the metal rails. Exhausted, but refusing to stop fighting, I gripped the gates. I heaved my sword through the air as I climbed the gate with only one arm. My arm felt like it was falling off, but I continued to climb. When I knew the wolves couldn’t reach any higher, I swooped around, clinging to the gates. I pushed myself further. I finally reached the top. With as much momentum as I could muster, I leapt high, curling up in the air to avoid the giant spikes on the head of the gates. My tight black jacket snagged and nearly caused me to get stabbed on the spikes. I tumbled through the air. Just as I thought I would hit the ground, I reached out, gripping the gate. My slippery hands were no help, but I still held my hold on the gate, sliding down the metal pole. A wolf stuck its paw out, scratching my hand. I cried out, letting go of the gate.

   I managed to land on my feet, just barely. The wolves growled at me, before leaving the gate, and prowling back into the depths of the woods.

   Trying desperately to regain my breath, I gulped down air, crouched on the gravel. My sword had been dropped in the escape attempt, so I knew I was only left with the daggers in my jacket. No matter. I could easily kill a man with a couple of daggers.

   I finally managed to gather my strength once more, and I began scoping out the castle for weak points. 

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