The Truth About Regan

All Regan wants is to be a black wolf. She has the fur colour, the speed and the strength. Only one thing stops her from being a black wolf, her gender. Never has there been a black she wolf before, until Regan. Yet without realising it, Regan will find herself being something better than a black wolf. Consumed by a burning fire within, Regan seeks a witch for help, a race never to be trusted.


2. Wolf Ball

Every four years during a full red moon all the shifters come together and celebrate. The old tradition of the wolf ball was a giant gladiator styled fight. We would find and hunt vampires and bring them back to fight in order to be named the king. In wolf law the winner of the wolf ball got to be king until the next wolf ball and got to choose a breeding partner before anyone else. Back then the she wolves were on display for the men, who did all the work. The only thing she wolves would do is breed and cook. Now days everyone is an equal and the wolf ball is just seen as a giant party where flirting is harmless and a playful fight here and there is amusing. The reason why the wolf ball is held on the red moon is because vampires are at their weakest and we are at our most docile. We lose the erg to hunt vampires unless right next to them. Wolves from new born to the oldest alive all attend the wolf ball held at the king’s territory. The royal pack is the biggest pack in the world with close to forty members. So it’s no wonder they hold the largest land in the wolf community.

There is one thing that makes the wolf ball so different from others; you don’t show up in fancy dress. You don’t show up in clothes at all, you show up as your wolf. So my family of brown, grey and black wolves turned up to the ball to be greeted by a grey wolf from the royal family.
“My name is Ethan and I will be escorting you to the palace” the dark grey wolf told us whilst doing a light bow of his head. Ethan was tall but in the wolf world he was average height. My family and I followed closely behind. Although we have been here plenty of times we still get escorted to the palace. I think it’s because dad is friends with the king. My dad, mum, grandfather and younger sister all had dark brown fur while my brother Leigh had dark grey fur with a white chest. Then there’s me, black fur. Pitch black from head to paw, snout to tail covered in nothing but black fur. We followed Ethan as he spoke to my father about his older brother, apparently his brother might take the throne soon. It was boring news to me, so I blocked it out and contently watched my paws break leaves and twigs as I walked. I imagined that the leaves were small people and I was a monster crushing them, I’d put Godzilla to shame.
“Regan, what are you doing?” Kate asked from beside me, her dark brown fur had light streaks of honey brown through it, something that always amazed me. Her light green eyes looked up at me as we walked behind the group. Realising I had a wolfy smile in place I chuckled and told her of my wolf styled Godzilla thought. She giggled with me trying to be quiet so no one would scold us for being impolite.

Flickers of light shun through the trees ahead and I could tell we were getting close to the party. As we emerged from the tree line I could see hundreds of wolves in small groups talking and having fun. Before I could run off looking for the black wolf pack my mum sharply turned to face me and Kate, her eyes looking us over suspiciously.
“Kate, no running off and stay with your friends and heavens forbid no boys. Regan, don’t go starting the fights this time, the real fights.” She warned me. I have a bad habit of getting into fights and everyone knows me for it. I swallowed back a sarcastic retort and nodded my head.
“Now, I don’t want to hear from anyone that any of you have done anything wrong.” She went on about how we are all known for misbehaving and she won’t stand for it at the wolf ball.

“Go on kids, run off” our father told us as he nudged our mother away. Dad though he was mainly a dark chocolate brown had a long thick white strip from his muzzle down his neck and chest to the under part of his tail. Glancing at mum quickly i grinned at her and ran off to find the black wolf pack.

I left Kate with her friends and Leigh flirting up a storm, I was on a mission. I sniffed the air for the black wolves scent; black wolves can use fire in human form so they have a sort of faint smoke smell mixed with their individual scents. It takes years to even hold a flame let alone use fire in a battle, but either way the smell of smoke is there from birth. I caught the faint smell of smoke and followed it to the king’s house. Around the back were paths that lead into the woods again. I sniffed the air and followed the scent as it slowly grew. I knew I was getting close and I was nervous. I have never met the black wolf pack but knew a couple of black wolves. I rounded a corner of trees and froze; I should have heard them or smelt them so close. Lounging around a pond were about thirty or so black wolves, the flirtatious she wolves of all colours but black not counted. I swallowed my nerves and started walking but I was curious about the black wolves so I stayed in place. I watched them flirt and play fight. The largest of the black wolves lay on a large stone by the water on the far side of the pond. He didn’t pay any of the girls any attention as they passed by. I can do this. I thought to myself, and I was right. I can do this, so with the self-pep talk I mustard up enough courage and walked to the large group. I caught a glimpse of a blond furred she wolf. She was small and stick thin. I watched her as I approached the group; she swayed her hips and flicked her tail as she walked. To the males this was hot, to me it’s not. None the less it got the males attention. I decided to give it a go if it’s going to get their attention. I added a sway to my hips and flicked the end of my tail as I walked. My normally high confidence seamed rather low thanks to the sounds of laughter pointed at me. I must look stupid, and when I took the risk to look around my suspicions were right.
“Regan, I'm sorry no one told you, but I guess someone has to. Look, you’re not welcome here, the black wolves want the prettiest she wolves here to entertain them and well, you’re just giving them something to laugh at. I think it would be best for you if you leave, and like don’t come back” a light brown wolf told me. I think her name is Prissy or something. She graduated last year by paying her way through school, or well her dad did.
“Look Prissy, I'm just here to talk to the black wolves, what you do for them as entertainment has nothing to do with me” I growled at her softly. All eyes were on us, even the wolf on the stone by the pond.

“You know what Reg’s; you shouldn’t even be a black wolf of any kind. You’re pathetic and useless. Your just a waste of space” prissy growled back venomously. She just wanted to anger me to fight and the truth is I really wanted to but this isn’t the time or place for her to act victim if I lunged at her. Tucking my ears back in a submissive way I back up ready to walk off. No way would they let me join there pack. All black wolves were in a pack whether it is this one or one in another country. I guess I’ll have to move to England after graduation to join the black wolves.

“Hey Regan” someone called. I glanced up to see the wolf on the stone siting up looking directly at me. I glanced around at the shocked faces and swallowed back a laugh at their stupid expressions.
“Yeah” I asked him as I watched him jump of the stone and head towards me. A sense of pride erupted in me that I was being acknowledge by an actual member of the black wolves.
“You’re a black she wolf” he stated as he stopped in front of me. Everyone was silently watching our conversation like a hawk. Some faces held shock or jealousy, depends on what gender you look at.
“Well yeah the last time I checked I was” I told him matter of factly. He was much taller than me, taller than an average black wolf. He had a full black coat like me but his was a lighter black. His eyes were a piercing electric blue with flecks of ice blue through them.

I watched him as he stalked around me sniffing my fur, he was identifying my scent. His nose skimmed my fur as he smelt my scent not once actually touching me. As he passed by I caught a glimpse of his scent. The faint smoke was there mixed with the smell of what I would guess to be his cologne and pine woods.  
“Well, Regan. You think you got what it takes to be part of the black wolves?” he asked with a faint Russian accent mixed with a strong American voice. Maybe his family is Russian somewhere or he just picked it up I thought as I nodded my head. I tried to form words when a loud growl ripped through the forest. All heads turned towards the king’s house, where the main party was happening. Without a second thought I was racing towards the party with the black wolf from before. He glanced at me and sped up slightly overtaking me, feeling a race happen I kicked into full gear and left him in the dust only for him to catch up with me.
“What’s your name wolfy?” I asked him as we emerged at the party. Wolves of all colours wrapped around into a crowd all looking to see the fight I could only hear. Snarls and snaps barks and growls.
“Ryker, Reeds” he told me before disappearing into the crowd.

I tried to follow him but soon lost myself in the crowd, searching for the fight so I could see what was happening I heard something that set my blood boiling.
“I'm going to get you Kate Daniels” A girl growled at my little sister. Without thinking I lunged forward pushing wolves and racing for the fight. My sister lay cowering in the middle of the circle made by the crowed. An older larger dirt brown wolf stalked around her ready to pounce. As the brown wolf took a leap at Kate I lunged from the crowd at tackled the brown wolf mid-air to the ground.
“Don’t you dare touch my sister” I snarled at her baring my teeth and snapping at her face and neck. I stepped of her and allowed her to scurry of before I relaxed and looked back at Kate who was cowering next to mum and dad. Behind them Leigh was slipping through the crowd trying run of with his friends.
“Regan Jane Denials, how dare you go and start fights.” My mother barked at me while the crowd slowly deformed losing interest. I tucked my ears low and bowed my head down slightly as I waited for the punishment mother surly had thought of before we even arrived here.
“You know what Regan, you’ve just lost it. You lost it all; I'm sending you away to your Grandmothers to learn some manners. Then maybe all this nonsense about being in the black wolf pack might stop” my mother snarled. That got to me. Normally it’s just a simple case of grounding, but this, this is just harsh. To say my mother doesn’t like the idea of my fur colour is an understatement. She still holds the beliefs that women belong in the kitchen and fighting is a man’s job.

She must have gotten pride out of my reaction because she was about to turn and walk of when a faint Russian accent spoke.
“Mam, my name is Ryker Reeds and I am a member of the black wolf pack. What your daughter did was something I was about to do if I were only a few seconds faster. That she wolf that attacked has strength and speed on your little girl, and she would have severely suffered if the attacker succeeded.” Ryker spoke as he emerged from the shadows of the tree line. Apparently when the on lookers decided to split he remained. My mother was about to talk when he cut her off.
“Now I can understand why you want to send her away, your daughter that is and you have every right to but at least let her enjoy the last few hours of the wolf ball.” Ryker pleaded. Apparently while I was zoned out thinking how cruel she was for wanting to send me away I didn’t hear her telling me to go home.
“Only if you watch over her until the wolf ball is over” my mother demanded and I instantly jumped to life when he agreed. Pushing him in the shoulder to get him to follow me we trotted off into the woods.
“Where are we going?” I asked realising my surroundings looked new to me.
“Practise” was all Ryker said as he jumped a fallen tree and ventured of the dirt path. Following as close as I could without actually touching him proved difficult. It was pitch black in these parts of the woods and even though I can see well in the dark I still had trouble keeping up.

And practice it was, Ryker practised on me. Apparently he seen something in me, something he has never seen in a black wolf before. So with that explanation he proceeded to attack me, teaching me quick how to defend myself. My batted and bruised body slumped agenst the cool lush grass in the small opening in the dense woods. It took me until now to realise I could smell a thick scent of pine in the air. Looking around I noticed we left the tame woods around the king’s territory and entered a wild pine forest.
“Why do you want to be in the black wolf pack?” Ryker asked as he sat beside me, not even heavy breathing came from him. He just beat me black and blue and he didn’t even break a sweat. I admire his fitness.
“Because I'm a black wolf, it’s where I belong. What am I if I'm a black wolf that isn’t in the black wolf pack, out hunting and killing the most vicious vampires out?” I asked back hoping he would understand.
“You would be a talented young woman with a full happy life ahead of you” he spoke as if he knew something I didn’t understand.
“My whole life I wanted to be a part of what you do. I wanted to be the best of the best, I want people to look at me and see a hero, not just a mistake or wast of black fur” I told him putting on a strong face unintentionally letting my voice wobble slightly.
“You want to be a part of what we do. We kill; I alone hold so much blood on my hands and we don’t just kill vampires, which is something I personally wish you will never have to deal with. We lose small amounts of our soul for every kill we have Regan. By the time we die, even if what we do is for a good course here we still go to hell. There is no golden gates and angle wings for us.” Ryker rambled on in his lesson, yet I got a feeling this all bothered him. Not going to heaven and killing more than vampires.

“How do you know 100% that all of what you just said is true?” I asked feeling a small bit of confidence emerge.

“Trust me Regan, if you kill you will understand what I just said” he told me before walking us back to the party.

“Look, when do you turn 18? You can’t join the pack until you’re an adult” he informed me obviously thinking he had a few years on me
“I’ll be 18 in 2 weeks” I told him smugly before running of to my family who were waiting so we could leave before the red moon had fully passed through the sky.

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