The Truth About Regan

All Regan wants is to be a black wolf. She has the fur colour, the speed and the strength. Only one thing stops her from being a black wolf, her gender. Never has there been a black she wolf before, until Regan. Yet without realising it, Regan will find herself being something better than a black wolf. Consumed by a burning fire within, Regan seeks a witch for help, a race never to be trusted.


3. The Arrangment

There was no, darling I thought about it and I'm not sending you away. My mother’s mind was set, and apparently so were my bags the next morning. As soon as I stepped foot out of bed I was rushed to the car and sent off to my grandmothers. Gran lived in a small town called Johnston; now Johnston is so small it only has about 30 people living in it. Not big enough for the maps and too small to hold a pack.  

Grans house was more like a small log cottage with the bare essentials. A small sitting room without any electronics, that means no TV, DVD player, surround sound or anything like that. Just a lounge and a recliner sitting around an old red rug, some old black and white photos sat on the old cream walls. A small table with a candle sat between the two chairs as if it were to be the only light source. Looking around I found the candle probably was the only light source in this room. I couldn’t find any light bulbs or light switches at all. I felt like I fell back in time to the medieval ages, though I doubt they had stoves and toilets back then.

I was practically marched past the kitchen which with a quick glance had a simple fridge, sink, stove and plenty of cupboards. What, no dishwasher, coffee machine or microwave? Then past the bathroom, sink and shower. Where the hell is the toilet? Don’t tell me I have to dig a hole somewhere or something.
“Umm, Gran. Where’s the toilet?” I asked the old woman as she stopped by the last door down the small hall.
“Where IS the toilet” gran corrected me as she opened the door to the small room.
“It is outside dear. It is called an outhouse” she informed me as we entered the small room. Again like the rest of the house I’ve seen, the walls were an old cream coloured. A simple window sat in the wall looking out to the woods, a small single bed sat agenst the wall with a patch work quilt folded neatly at the end.
“This is my sowing room, you will sleep there. You may hang your clothes in the empty space in the cubed, and you are forbidden to touch what does not belong to you” she warned me referring to the boxes full of fabrics, the old wood table with a peddle sowing machine and a stack of quilts. Ok, it’s not so bad. I'm sure it’s a joke. I thought as I placed my bags on the bed.
“Dinner will be ready at five o’clock sharp.” She told me before marching herself out of the room.

Dinner was ready at 5, like she said it would be. A large assortment of meat sat on the table with vegetables and roast potatoes, bread rolls and gravy scattered around the platters of meat. The table was decorated with candles and a red and white checkerd table cloth. Plates were set, yet what I found funny was how many plates there were.
“Gran –“I was cut off when the old lady turned to look me over.
“Dear god look at you, go change into appropriate dinner wear then hurry back. Our guests will be here any minute now” gran huffed and shooed me away.

Feeling confused about the whole dinner wear and dinner guest thing I slumped on my bed and riffled through my bags to find something appropriate for dinner. What the hell do I wear to dinner? I don’t own dresses or anything to fancy, hey look a halter top.

Laying everything out on my bed I looked over my choice, a black halter top shirt matched with my faded blue jeans and a pair of high tops.
“Heavens to Betsy child you don’t think that outfit is appropriate for dinner do you?” Gran asked as she welcomed herself in. I was going to yell at her to get out of my room when a thought crossed my mind. This isn’t my room, or even my house. I am her gest. Taking a deep breath I allowed her to scavenge through my bags.
“Dear lord have mercy on this child” Gran said holding up a pair of booty shorts I wear to sleep in. finally coming across a simple brown of the shoulder sweater and a pair of black flats gran strictly told me no makeup and hair up. I was amazed she let me keep my jeans though that’s all I really had in here, them and cargo pants.

Pulling my long black hair up into a tight pony tail I slipped on the light brown sweater. Looking at the light brown wool made me think of how similar it looked to the colour of Kate’s fur when she was in wolf form. Pushing aside the sad thoughts and feelings I finished getting changed. As I slipped on the flats that were no doubt Kate’s I rushed to the kitchen to show gran how I look.
“Child you have the manners of a mule. Don’t go running inside, it is certainly not lady like” she grilled me waving around a wooden spoon for affect. Actually she was stirring some dark liquid in a pot when she started waving it.
“Sorry gran, but you did say our guests were going to be here any minute and I didn’t want to seam rude” I told her trying to get on her good side, where ever that may be. All she has been doing is going off at me since I got here, it’s a wonder she even has gests come around.  

Before gran could go off at me for whatever I did wrong this time the doorbell rang. Gran smoothed out her long light blue skirt and fixed her curly short dark grey hair. With the speed only a shifter could possess she was at the door pulling it open to reveal two men. Both these men looked just as old as gran.
“Regan dear, come welcome our guests” Gran said sweetly, as if her ranting about manners never happened less than a minute ago. Pulling on a fake smile I walked over to greet the two men. If I wasn’t mistaken they looked like brothers. Both men had the same short grey hair and brown eyes, both men had a small dimple on their left cheek when they smiled and they both had almost the exact same facial feathers. Id dare say they were twins.
“Hello” I said politely holding out may hand for them to shake. I'm not sure if this is what gran would call lady like but it’s the best I could muster.

“Melissa, you never mentioned how beautiful your granddaughter is.” The closest man said with a faint southern accent.
“Breath takingly beautiful” his brother complimented as he shook my hand.
“Thank you, please come in” I told the men stepping aside allowing them access into the house. gran and I waited for the man to take a seat before joining them, at least that was what I thought was happening. Nope, gran pulled me away from the door and into the kitchen. A terrible scowl on her face as she looked me dead in the eyes.
“You act nice in front of company but you can’t behave at home.” It was more of a statement than a question.
“I behave when I need to” was the simple answer I gave her. I didn’t say it with a tone or sarcasm like I wanted to. I just simply stated a fact.
“Yet your mother talks about ridicules stories about you. You want this and you want that. You’re a lady Regan, act like it and not your fur colour” she stated as if it were a demand. Wow, that escalated pretty fast I thought. Anger boiled through my blood as the total meaning of her words sank in. I really wanted to punch something and yell. Yet at the same time I was worried I might give the old girl a heart attack. 

Dinner came and left, so did our guests. When it was time to wash up gran told me how she liked her kitchen, and went to bed. It took me about half an hour to finish up and wonder of to bed myself, though my mind kept reeling on about all sorts of things. As I changed into my loose blue shirt with a kitten wearing PJ’s and my booty shorts gran went crazy about I slipped under the quilt and with effort, and I mean effort I fell asleep.


“Regan, Regan you must come to me” an elegant voice whispered to me as the world around me formed into a foggy forest.
“Who are you?” I called back holding my arms out in front of me. I could see a few feet ahead of me but I still held my arms out just in case.
“I am Cartanya, dear child you must find me. Evil is almost upon us” her voice was filled with fear and urgency. Swallowing back the smart ass comment that was forming I decided to kill the curious cat and ask the stupidest question that came to mind”
“is this real?” I asked looking around. The air was cold and the scent of pine in the air was strong. My bare feet beneath me stood on cold crunching foliage. It defiantly felt real.
“No dear, it is a dream walk. You see, I am able to call to you while you sleep.” She explained with slight humour in her voice. So, I was dreaming and this lady is calling to me. Yep, totally not insane.
“Look, you must have me confused with someone else” I tried to explain looking for a way out of the fog.
“Regan, every witch alive has their eye on you. You play a large role in everyone’s life, human, witch, wolf, vampire, fairy, everyone Regan. You hold immense power within you that needs to be unlocked, for better or for worse, Regan you must find me. I know you don’t understand but the only help I can give you is a name, Darwin. Regan, when you find him I you mustn’t let him live, death will be close to you if you let him survive.” Her elegant voice turned to stone when she spoke of Darwin. A shiver ran down my spine as I turned and turned looking for the owner of the voice. Not once did the fog lift, not once did I fill the space between myself and Cartanya. Not once did I actually know which direction she was. Every time I turned towards her voice it shifted to another direction around me.
“Regan, you must find me. If you want to save everyone from the war that is almost upon us you must believe Me.” she told me as her voice and the foggy forest slowly vanished leaving me to sleep a dreamless sleep.

For the past week Cartanya visited me saying I needed to find her, I needed to kill Darwin and I needed to realise a power inside me before the war struck. Each and every time I was bare foot in the fog filled forest, and every night I would try and find a way out or to Cartanya. I didn’t like feeling trapped in the forest, with no idea where I was going. None the less, gran had me working hard enough to stop me from thinking about the dreams and Cartanya.

“Child, when you are done cutting the fire wood, I need you to milk the cow and collect the chicken eggs” gran said as she stepped out in a floor length light blue dress and a bonnet looking hat. She really was stuck in the old days. I thought as I watched her carry a basket with a red and white checkerd had towel over it. It covered whatever she cooked this morning in it. I waited for her to fetch a horse and cart but was amazed when she drove off in an old beat up ford. Apparently even she was willing to be modern about something’s. The thought hit me bringing a smirk to my face.

All week Gran had been on my back about my clothes, she even drastically went as far as throwing them all out. I was left with overalls for when I worked outside and classy lady clothes for everything else. No more jeans, no more shirts. I now only have woman’s slacks in pants and shorts with button down shirts. My sneakers had been thrown out and replaced with slight heeled slipper shoes. I hate them.

The sun was just setting when I finished for the day; Gran had returned a few hours ago and announced she had to attend a council meeting or something. I was free of chores for the evening. And I didn’t have to attend the thing with her. I could stay back and relax.
It’s been just over a week since my mother sent me here and just under a week until I can leave and join the black wolves. Gran left in her old ford, apparently she needed to bring a tone of food with her that she packed the back seat with containers full of the stuff. It was then that I took the opportunity to really test my skills. Battle skills that is, Leigh would show me a move or two when he could. As soon as my brother finished high school he signed up to be a worrier. His dark grey fur allowed him direct entry to the king’s army. They trained him and he trained me somewhat. As soon as his training finished he was assigned to the second row, he was to protect the packs close to the castle which meant he protected our pack as well.

I stretched out my legs and tried a few kicks at nothing in particular. I threw in a punch and a leg sweep only to jump up and not see the branch above me. My head collided with the tree and I was sent back down to the ground. I was caught off guard by historical laughing. Shocked by both my humiliation and the fact I didn’t sense anyone around.

There, standing just in the shadow of a tree stood a man, black hair slight tan around 6 feet 2 maybe 3. He was wearing dark jeans and a long sleeved black v neck shirt. It wasn’t one of those shirts that hugged his torso showing of the six pack he no doubt had. It was loose fitted yet fitted him well. Sniffing the air to figure out if he was wolf or not I realised I know his wolfy scent. But who is he, I’ve never seen him before, his wolf maybe but not him.
“And what did the tree ever do to you?” he asked me with a faint Russian accent. His voice held humour as he no doubt was holding in another hysterical laugh. Then it clicked, the wolf ball.
“Ryker, Ryker Reed. What are you doing here?” I asked him as all humiliation flew out the imaginary window beside me. Rushing to my feet barley missing the tree a second time I dust of my clothes feeling humiliated yet again on grans choice of work wear. Looking up I realised just how tall Ryker was, I had to crane my neck to look up at him. Another thing I realised when I looked up at his face, his eyes were the same bright electric blue as his wolfs eyes. Normally your eyes are dull compared to your wolves eyes, it’s because the wolves eyes are stronger than your human eyes.
“You never answered my question Regan” he informed me as he stepped out of the shadows.
“I umm was. Well you see it, well I was.” I stumbled over my words, what was his question again?

“That doesn’t matter, what are you doing here?” I asked again folding my arms over my chest and leaning so my full weight was on my right leg.
“Black wolves are passing through; king is sending us to the front line.” He said as if it were no great hassle to him.  
“I want to come to” I blurted out without thinking. Ryker didn’t seem to be fazed by my outburst yet I on the other hand felt the punishable blush form on my cheeks as he stared down at me, like a father to his misbehaving daughter.
“You don’t want that life Regan, trust me” he said as he went to walk back to the shadows.
“How can I trust you? I don’t even know you.” I called out to him making his step fault. Ryker slowly turned and stalked right up to me.
“Fine don’t listen, but if you’re going to kill yourself you might as well know how to do it the right way” he growled out like I was pathetic. It hurt, the way he spoke to me. I knew he was pissed but it shouldn’t have had me reacting the way I did. Gulping back the fear I stepped up to him determined not to look like a scared girl but a tough fighter.
“And what does that mean?” I asked as he stepped forward, so our chests were pressed agenst each other, our faces mear inches apart. I was seeing red and I wanted him to know it.
“The black wolves are stationed here for a few days; until we leave I’ll show you a couple of moves that will hopefully keep you alive. “When I didn’t say anything he kept talking.
“There’s a small field about a fifteen minute walk away, meet me there tomorrow around this time and” Ryker was cut short when a howl caught the evenings wind. It was from a male, calling to Ryker. A heavy sigh left his lips and then I was looking right at Ryker in wolf form.  We stood there look each other in the eyes, he seemed to be waiting for something.
“I’ll meet you tomorrow” I say waving him of. He seemed happy enough with my answer since he turned and ran of back the way he came from, I think.

I hadn’t realised how long we were talking for, the sky was a dark grey and the stars were starting to shine brightly. The half-moon sat proudly in the sky. The moon, why is it that werewolves are matched to the moon? Why do people think we have a goddess up there that created us? I thought looking up at the rock in the sky. With a puzzled look on my face, I gave up and walked of inside.

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