The Truth About Regan

All Regan wants is to be a black wolf. She has the fur colour, the speed and the strength. Only one thing stops her from being a black wolf, her gender. Never has there been a black she wolf before, until Regan. Yet without realising it, Regan will find herself being something better than a black wolf. Consumed by a burning fire within, Regan seeks a witch for help, a race never to be trusted.


1. Introduction

To my kind, wolves that hunt in a pack are the deadliest animal in the world, the black wolf being the strongest off all. To my kind being a black wolf is the highest honour anyone could possibly achieve. Higher than being a royal, black wolves hold the most power in this world. We hold fire; we are stronger and faster than our own kind.

My name is Regan Denials, and I'm a black wolf. Like my kind I can shift into a giant wolf but what really sets me apart from the others is simply because of my fur. I am the only female black wolf in existents. A rare thing that you would think would get me some respect among the other black wolves right. Nope, in my case I'm laughed at and ignored. The reason we are the best is our ability to equal the speed and strength of our enemy, the vampires. To them human blood is enough to get by but werewolf blood is what they really want. The black wolves’ life goal is to serve and protect.

Werewolf packs aren’t big so to speak, they consist of an alpha male and his partner, then down the line is the family and extended family, these packs average about 12 people. Each pack owns a small amount of land, and live close by to other packs most likely being close friends. My kind don’t fight for land or have some obsessive protective animalistic side to them that makes them want to rule the world like we are portrayed in stories. We don’t have a pack link or communicate through our minds as a wolf, when we shift our clothes don’t rip and we don’t have a bond that magically declares who we have to spend our lives loving, oh and as for the wolf side of us having its own conscious allowing us to talk to it. That’s totally fake to.

In our world you are ranked by your fur colour. The main colour fur determines what class you’re in. these classes are; black wolves, warriors and middle class. These classes are too determined how strong and fast a wolf is, black wolves being the best of the best with the worriers a while behind. Warriors are the grey wolves catching speeds of 100 kilometres an hour at top speed. Next down the ranks are the middle class, these wolves are average speed and strength. About 65% of wolves are middled classes and hold brown fur and catching speeds of 80 – 90 kilometres an hour at top speed white wolves and sandy blond wolves hold the same speed and strength as brown wolves. White wolves are royal wolves holding the most purist bloodline from our ancestors; therefore there aren’t so many white wolves left. Black wolves are as strong as a vampire and slightly faster. Vampires reach speeds of 110 kilometres an hour at their top speed yet black wolves on average reach 120.

When it comes to vampires a few things have been misled about them. Yes, there skin is ice cold and stone hard. No, there skin isn’t white chalk like. They do hold a slight tan to their complexion. No, they don’t sleep in coffins and turn into bats. They don’t sleep at all and the fool who thought they could turn into bats was probably insane himself. Vampires don’t hunt in packs and have the erg to rip each other apart when in close proximity of one another. Yes, vampires can only come out at night but there Halflings can come out anytime they want.

Halflings are half vampire and half human, a bite of a non-royal vampire will turn a human only half way. They can come out during the day and sleep at night. They are nowhere near as strong as a vampire but they make up for it by hunting in small groups. Yet all vampires have dark grey almost black eyes and pointy teeth, and yes they drink blood.

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