Senior Year

Lucy isn't really used to fancy schools. She won an amazing prize at an art competition to have a scholarship to any private school she'd like. Cool right? But too bad her number one choice accidentally turned out to be a boys only school.


1. "It's a keeper!"

I'm not really much of a 'nerd' per say. I only do what I'm supposed to do, which surprisingly made me go to a private school this year, and for free nonetheless. My mom and I look through brochures to try and find a suitable school for me. Some place that has dorms, a music and art program, and something that isn't way too expensive of supplies. All of these fancy schools make me feel like I'm signing up for college. Every school was big and grand with beautiful outdoor decorations and fancy statues all over the place. I hold up a brochure.

"Hey mom! I think I found one!" I exclaim, getting excited because finally our search is hopefully over. Mom takes the folded piece of paper and flips through it. Mumbling out small and amazing things the school provides.

"And it's not far from town too!" I almost squeal. But then I start feeling a bit discouraged.

"But it's in the city..." I sigh out. I'm not a fan of crowded areas. My mom stands up and hugs me from across the table.

"It's a keeper!" Mom laughs out. Her voice more chipper than usual. Probably because we're finally done searching for a perfect private school to attend. This one is definitely a keeper. I've never been to a school where I had to wear a uniform and stay in a dorm with another person. That part scares me. But I'm happy nonetheless. Next week I pack. This weekend it's time to say my goodbyes. Then on Friday I'll make probably the biggest accomplishment or mistake I've ever made. I run upstairs to my bedroom, surprisingly clean for once. In a week most of this will be gone. I sigh sadly. I don't want to leave. I never want to leave.

Friday Morning

I wake up to my mom bursting in the door.

"Get up! It's time to drive!" She yells out. I cover my head with my pillow, letting out pathetic sounds of agony.

"It's too early..." I groan, acting like a child. I am a child.

"It's only 5am!" Mom yelled, I groan again in response.

"Lucy Berrios! Get up!" Mom yells, I hate it when she says my first and last name. I sit up and rub my eyes.

"Good. Now get dressed and help me pack your stuff into the car, it's a long drive and I want to be there for the registration meeting." Mom said sternly.

"Alright alright..." I laugh, rolling my eyes at her a little. Mom leaves my room and I stand up to get dressed in a baggy and comfortable shirt and some black and white shorts. I slip on my flip-flops and I walk out of my room to help my mom carry my boxes of stuff into the car.

I don't consider myself a girly kind of person. My layback attitude and my careless nature really made me attract more guy friends then girls. It was never intimate though, I've never had a real relationship before. I stand up and against the car. Mom heads off to grab her purse from inside. The boxes were unbelievably heavy, even the one that had all my clothes in it. Mom rushes out and I go into the car. She comes in shortly after. The engine started and we both took off. In the next coming hour I watch as my small and okay-ish town slowly transferred to wide fields for farming. Then the fields transitioned to small buildings then, next thing I know, we're in traffic with ginormous skyscrapers and building tower over us. This sent fear riding up my spine, this isn't what I'm used to. We drive for another half hour until I see it. It's bigger than it was in the brochure. My mom pulls into the parking lot.

"Alright. After the registration meeting, I'll help you move into the dorm." Mom tells me, she really thought this out. I only nod in response. I exit the car and by the looks of these other people and cars in the parking lot. I definitely am the poorest. Thank god they were too caught in their own vanities to notice we were the odd ones out. My mom and I walk inside the building, the ceilings were high and lined with chandeliers.

'How are they able to afford this?' I think to myself, thinking that the whole place seems tacky and is technically yelling out 'Hey look I'm rich!' No thanks, I'm not into that. My mom grabs my hand and leads me to one of the first doors, we walk inside and we are face-to-face with a important looking man. He must be the principal.

"Good morning, is this your child that you're registering?" The man asks.

"Oh yes! She's an amazing student, we actually won a free scholarship to any private school because she won a few contests." Mom exclaims. God she sure loves her bragging. I only study the mans face. His expression seemed of delight, anxiety, and disappointment.

"Ma'am. Are you aware that this is a boys only school?" The man asks, disappointment in his voice. My mom looks shocked, she sits back in her chair. I only have a confused look on my face. I grab a brochure of the school that's sitting on the mans desk and flipped through it. I flip back to the front and there it was, in tiny a little font on the bottom of the page 'Boys only school'.

"Excuse me, sir?" I ask quite timidly, "In the brochure you've provided, there's not enough information that this is a boys school. The only thing I've found is only a tiny font on the bottom of the cover page. It's easy to miss, and we are for sure mistaken." The man closes his eyes and sighs, frustrated.

"So basically this is false advertising" I finish up my claim, and sink timidly into the chair.

"Fine fine..." the man sighs, "I'll let her in on two conditions. One, her grades are at average or above average level. And two, she must lie that she's, in fact, a boy." My mom looks at the man with a content but pissed face, she sighs and nods, agreeing to the man. They both turn to me waiting for my approval. This is an amazing school, and it's for free nonetheless. I nod in agreement, the man smiles, pleased.

"Now that concludes this meeting," he said, more chipper than before, "Have an amazing year at Armstrong's." He waves at us until we left the room.

"Oh wait!" He grabs a sheet and hands it to me then he goes back to his desk. To be honest the man seemed pretty young and terrifying to be a principal. Around 21, I believe. I smile at him and follow my mom out to the school then to the car.

A boys only school? That's terrifying to think about. What'll happen if somebody finds out? Will I get expelled? I mean, it's kinda easy for me to blend in as a guy, due to my flat chest, and my short hair would be enough. Right? But all I'm really worried about at this current moment is moving into my new dorm. I bewilder at the thought that I'm going to be living with boys I barely know for about a year or so. And how am I going to keep a pretty obvious secret from them? This'll be a really interesting year. I walk into the large dorm, which is bigger than any apartment I've ever seen. I turn to my mom with a giant goofy smile on my face.

"It's a keeper!"

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