Shark Bay 5 A novel

Ellison and his wife Amie think that the shark threat is over at Shark Bay. But when another Great White Shark attacks the locals, Ellison vows to prevent another mass panic in town.


3. Shark Bay-Part Two


Ellison awoke. He gazed at Amie.

"I'm pregnant", she said.

"That's great, darling", he kissed her.

"I love you", Ellison said.

"I love you, too", Amie said.

And she smiled, and they begun to get around to the business of hospitals, and children.


Soren shook his head.

"Hajens avel område vid den punkt, nära fyren, grottorna är djupa, tre kilometer från Shark Bay, Christine​". She walked towards the Lighthouse. By 8:53 AM, they weren't with Claus; they knew he would've wanted to fight the sharks without him. "Om vi hittar äggen, Sören, vi skar finnas rikt. Och du har pengar att gifta mig". And he kissed her, and they got dressed in their black scuba gear...and flippers on their feet, and headed towards pier 42. They reached The Point, and jumped into the cool water. And reached the caves...and hoped that this time both of them weren't caught by Ellison and the other fishermen, as well as police men in the Bay.


Soren blinked his eyes.

"Där är det ägg?​", he asked Christine.

"Se, över det, Sören. Det finns ett ljus som jag vet, värmer upp dem", she answered. To their disappointment half of the eggs were hatched; the other eggs weren't hatched. 

"Griper dem, Sören​", Christine said. 

And, as they grabbed them, they would use the shark eggs to pay for a house in Stockholm, where they lived.


Daniel Schwartzman glanced at Toby Kendall. 

"Are you scared?", he asked.

"No​. I'm not. I don't think that we should go to the caves. I heard there's sharks there", Toby answered him. 

"The shark's gone", Daniel said.

"How do you ​know, Daniel? Besides, Ellison knows-".

"Ellison knows nothing", Daniel said to Toby.

"Hey, guys! Do you want to swim off The Point?", Carol Graham said. Daniel smiled.

"Yeah, where's Fran Camp?", he asked her.

"She's getting dressed now", she answered them.

"Fine, let's wait for her", Toby said.


Fran walked towards them.

"Hey, Toby. I didn't think you'd be here".

"Uh, I was waiting for you, Fran".

"That's good.  Did Sharon Harris go out to the movies with you?", she asked him. Toby shook his head. 

"No, she's dating Bradley Cotton", he answered her.

"Really! I'm sorry-".

"No. I prefer seeing you, Fran", he admitted.

And she smiled, and kissed him.

Sharon Harris was splashing the water with her hands.

"Come in, Bradley", she said. As the fifteen year old teenagers swam together, their kicking of their legs caused them to go towards the Lighthouse. Suddenly, and without any kind of warning, the eighty-five meter Great White Shark opened its huge mouth. Its razor-sharp teeth bit into Sharon's left leg. "OH, MY GOD!", she yelled. Blood spilled in the water. Bone crunched due to the devastating injury. Bradley screamed, and he swam away to the shoreline to raise the alarm.


Ellison heard his I-phone was ringing.


"It's Davison. Sharon Harris is dead. She was attacked by a Great White Shark. Bradley Cotton, her boyfriend, told me. Her distraught parents have been told of what happened. Jesus, can't this town get a break?", he asked Ellison. Ellison watched Amie. She had a concerned look on her face.

"What's the matter, Ellison? What happened?".

"Sharon Harris died. She was attacked by a shark", Ellison answered her. She gasped. She was best friends with Earl and Patsy Harris. "I knew her. She attended Shark Bay High School; she was a cheerleader for the last couple of years. Bradley is a swimmer. They were a good couple", Amie said.

Tears fell down her face, as she grabbed her I-phone, and called Patsy directly.


Toby watched the Point's sign.

It read: ​U.S. MILITARY ZONE. SWIMMERS AREN'T PERMITTED HERE.​ He frowned. "Why're the military interested in the Point?", he asked Fran. "Shark Bay was used by the Government in World War I from 1914 to 1918 to fight the enemy. It was classified. The Point was used by swimmers to train for the Olympics. Ordinary local swimmers used the pools and the beach to swim", he said to Fran. She hugged him. Carol and Daniel felt their blood drain from their bodies. 

"Let's swim near the Lighthouse", Carol added. And the teenagers swam in the water, and hoped that they wouldn't be attacked by the sharks.


Soren swam to the shore.

"Christine, det finns soldater nära?​", he asked her.

"Vi har bråttom. Låt oss gå!​", Christine answered. Suddenly two African-American soldiers aimed their air rifles at them. "HOLD IT! YOU'RE IN RESTRICTED TERRITORY!". And, before the Swedish couple could do anything, they were shot dead. The soldiers didn't see the shark eggs drop into the raging sea, and head into the depths, off Shark Bay.


"How did it happen?", Earl asked Ellison.

"Sharon and Bradley were swimming. After the shark threats, we thought that everything was back to normal", Ellison answered. 

"The military has come to Shark Bay", Patsy said.

"Really. They haven't done anything for over a century", Ellison said. He frowned, as he begun to shiver.

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