Shark Bay 5 A novel

Ellison and his wife Amie think that the shark threat is over at Shark Bay. But when another Great White Shark attacks the locals, Ellison vows to prevent another mass panic in town.


13. Shark Bay-Part Twelve


Lisa Herd was swimming near the old caves. She breathed in the air via her grey scuba tank; she kicked with her legs with her black flippers. Nearby was several other swimmers. Lisa, who was twelve, glanced at the water clock that was on her right wrist. It read: 10:26 AM. As she swam to the far-right of the caves, she saw several smaller fishes. Suddenly she didn't see the eighty-five meter long Great White Shark. Its black eyes focused on the girl. Lisa stopped swimming. Before she could do anything, the shark opened its huge mouth. "God, no!", Lisa said. And, seconds later, she saw the shark's sharp teeth bite into her left leg. Lisa screamed in terror. Blood spilled down her leg, and towards the ocean. When she eventually died, the terror of the early afternoon, caused everyone to shudder with fear.

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