Shark Bay 5 A novel

Ellison and his wife Amie think that the shark threat is over at Shark Bay. But when another Great White Shark attacks the locals, Ellison vows to prevent another mass panic in town.


14. Shark Bay-Part Thirteen


Doreen V. Marks walked down the pathway that led to the marina. She stopped, and saw Cara Dennison. "Good afternoon, Cara. How're you?", she asked her. "Fine. Greg wants to go swimming near The Point. But it's full of soldiers", she answered. "Soldiers! They're not supposed to shoot local citizens", Doreen gasped. "It's all political. America isn't what it is used to be", Cara said. And she saw a sign that read: ​Bill's Café​. "Let's go there for lunch", Doreen said. And Cara smiled, and they headed inside the front door. Once they ordered their meals, they sat down on a grey table, and rested their legs.

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