Shark Bay 5 A novel

Ellison and his wife Amie think that the shark threat is over at Shark Bay. But when another Great White Shark attacks the locals, Ellison vows to prevent another mass panic in town.


11. Shark Bay-Part Ten


Ellison saw Dave Harris. 

"Amie's having a girl", he said.

"That's great, man! Martine and I are getting married in March". Ellison smiled. "It looks like everyone's getting married in 2018", he said. He frowned as he saw Caleb Jones. The fisherman was smiling. "It's been a long time, Ellison", he said. Ellison shook his head. "Yeah, two decades since you've left town", he said. Dave glanced at a woman wearing black sunglasses. "Oh, Ali. I didn't know you were here", Ellison said. "I was with Dave. He's showing me the caves near Shark Bay. They're two hundred years' old", she said. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite. "I hear that Ali doesn't like to swim", Ellison said. "She thinks that she'll be attacked by Great White Sharks", Caleb said. "Some people are scared", Ellison said. And he saw dark, threatening, clouds hover above Shark Bay, and knew that it would be raining soon.

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