Shark Bay 5 A novel

Ellison and his wife Amie think that the shark threat is over at Shark Bay. But when another Great White Shark attacks the locals, Ellison vows to prevent another mass panic in town.


8. Shark Bay-Part Seven


Madison Chrome Bayer watched the shark footage on her I-phone. She was thinking about the attacks; she was shivering. "Istnieje wiele dowodów, że rekiny w Zatoce​", Anders Zell said. He scanned the high-definition pictures. "Rekiny są niebezpieczni, Anders", Madison said. She heard the knocking on the bedroom door. Carole Bayer smiled. "Am I interrupting?", she asked her daughter. "No, Mom. Anders was showing me the shark pictures we took off Ellis Island. We're sure the Bay is full of deadly creatures", Madison said. Carole looked at Anders. "I want both of you to be safe". Anders smiled. "We will, Mrs. Bayer. We can't go near The Point. It's full of soldiers". Carole shuddered. "Nathan was a soldier. He died in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado, three years' ago in the winter of 2015". And she wiped away tears, and left them alone.

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