F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition

My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people their true loves. IF I don't find their true loves, my grandfather, Zeus, punishes me by taking away my wings and bow for the rest of my life. Do I get anything good out of it? Nope, just me doing a favor for everyone else.

(Valentines day competition entry! This is the writing part :)


11. Chapter 9: Insecure

At school, everything wasn’t as normal as it usually was. Normally I’d be at my locker with AJ bugging me and feeding me one of his apples he just happened to be juggling. Today, AJ wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Neither was Daphne – but I had my reasons for her disappearance. It’s not like I wanted her to become a crazy anti-love sort of person! It’s more like I just wanted to ruin AJ.

            Ruining AJ is an overstatement…I feel like I should have been a better friend, and I should have just taken his diss. But knowing me, I’m not going to let that pass. The bell rang, and I was off to my first period. Priya was looking at her phone and being as beautiful as ever.

“Hey, Eron.” She said, flashing me a cheeky smile. I took a seat right next to her, this time not sitting on her textbooks.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I greeted, sounding like an old man. No one says, “How’s it going” anymore. It’s more like, “Hey, cute ass by the way.”

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking. What about you, you going to the dance?” She asked, finally putting her phone face down.

“Actually – yea. I’m meeting this really cute girl there.” I said smoothly. What she doesn’t know is, she’s the cute girl!

“Really? Wow – that’s a little surprising.” She laughed, pursing her cherry lips. What the hell did she mean by surprising?

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, scoffing a little.

“Calm down – I was joking.”

“Oh – uh okay.”

“Anyway, we should probably be doing our lab.” Priya reminded, pulling down her lab goggles to her eyes. I nodded with an awkward smile and did the same.

            The rest of the class period, we just messed around with cow hearts. Priya didn’t really talk to me about anything important. She did pull out her phone and text someone with a smile. I smiled at her smile until my phone went off. She shot me a confused look and I said,

“It dings when I have to go to the bathroom?”

            She just nodded and continued on with her day. Are you kidding me? “It dings when I have to go to the bathroom?” What the hell is wrong with me? Towards the end of class, I pulled out my phone and read,

Priya: I wonder what you’re doing right now 😊

            I still had my lab goggles over my eyes, and Mr. Poleridin was still looking at me weird because I was still in class after the bell rang. Knowing me, I didn’t care.

Me: Thinking of you 😉

            I’m a smooth guy when it comes to flirting through text, in person – no, let’s just not. I walked out of the classroom and went on with the rest of my day. As I was headed to my second period, an aggressive hand appeared out of nowhere and slapped my chest. Harry O’Connor turned the corner and stood in front of me, crossing his arms.

            He put me in the fucking hospital for a couple days postponing my task. What did this ass-hole want this time?

“Hey, look – “He started before I cut him off.

“I don’t want your bullshit. Leave me alone.” I shot at him, trying to push past. He pushed me back, so I was facing him and crossed his arms again.

“Nice try, but we need to talk Hart.”

“Whatever it is, can’t it wait? I’m too busy trying to not rip your fucking head off right now.”

“Frankly, that’s not how it works in my case. I would be the one ripping your head off and serving it as Valentine candy.” Harry assured. I rolled my eyes,

“What do you want?”

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry for beating your ass unconscious. You’re still a dip shit though.” He half-apologized, shaking his head in agreement with himself.

“Wow – that was heartwarming. Now can I go to class?” I tried to push past him again, only to get pushed back into place. I sighed heavily and glared up at him. His dark black eyes were like soul suckers.

“No. I want you to know that I really am sorry. I know I can be a dick, but it’s not like I can help it.”

“And I’m still here because...?”

“I just wanted to talk to you about guy stuff – but you’d have to ditch your second period.”

            Ditch 2nd period? Would my mom care? Probably. Was there anyone important in that class? Oh yea, AJ. Well, he isn’t important – but I would rather avoid him since I made his true love a psychopathic weirdo.

“What’s it to me?” I questioned, crossing my arms now. He sighed,

“I want to explain how I knocked you out – “I cut him off from finishing his sentence,


            We eventually walked over to a lunch table in the cafeteria. It was fairly empty because lunch didn’t start until another fifty minutes. Harry looked nervous, almost like he was going to express things he wouldn’t express to anyone. I wanted to find out how he did that weird soul sucky thing to me.

“So – about the soul sucky thing – “He cut me off like I did to him.

“Let me start off saying this,” He paused and looked me dead in the eye. I tried to look at something else before he did it again, “I’m insecure.”

            I burst out into laughter. This guy was funny as hell. I don’t know if he was joking and I’m on a hidden camera show, or if he really is insecure. Well anyway, why would he be telling me?

“Why are you laughing? “He asked, looking like he wanted to rip off my head or steal my heart out of my chest and eat it - I know I’m dramatic.

“Wait – you aren’t joking?” I asked. He shook his head and stared at me with his black eyes. Harry’s hair was hanging over one eye too. I’d say he was like that one guy every girl thought was hot, but thought he was a dick… Does it tie together?

“No Hart, I’m not fucking joking.”

“So then why are you telling me this?” I questioned, genuinely concerned. He shook his head,

“Because I don’t know… I feel bad for compelling you.”

Compelling me?”

“You know, mind control – “

“How the hell – “

“It’s a long story, but first let me finish about my insecurity.” He explained, clearing his throat,

“I’ve always had anger issues. I guess that’s what makes me an asshole? Anyway, I really liked this girl for years – but she would never be into me. Her mom is some crazy OCD lady who only lets her daughter date good guys, and I’m not a good guy. I was born with the power to compel and to weaken others. I can also predict deaths right on the spot – you’ve got 78 years by the way. But anyway, the girl I like doesn’t like me because of the way I am, and I just needed someone to talk to.”

            I was speechless. How could Harry O’Connor, the biggest dick head of the school, express his “insecurities” to me? Eron Hart, the one average kid at school who does archery? And he does have powers, I knew it!

“W-wait, why are you telling me?”

“Because I was bored, and I can compel you to forget I guess.”

“Wait, so you’re not really sorry?”

“Well – kind of. I still hate you though.” He laughed, pushing his black hair out of his eyes. I laughed too,

“Well, thanks for telling me that…but who’s the girl?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow. The bell rang, and people started to pour in.

“Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“You’d be surprised by how much I don’t tell people.”

“Penelope Fisher.”

            He shot his eye in a direction towards a girl with fiery red hair. She looked like Priya in a way – minus 10 – and was short. Penelope didn’t seem too popular, or too anything else for that matter. She noticed me staring at her and whispered to her friend’s ear.

“Quite the gossip, isn’t she?”

“You have no idea, she hates my guts.” He said, pulling out a subway foot-long out of his bag. I pulled out my lunch too – leftover Mexican food.

“So, why do you like her if she hate’s you so much?” I asked, sprinkling some sauce on my food.

“Well – I guess she’s just different. I don’t know…”

“I can help you get her. “I offered, shrugging. I mean, why not? I had a couple days left, why not out help out an ass hole who can benefit you as you benefit him? Mutualism kids.

“Wait – really? Right after I just beat your ass?”

“Yea – I mean, it will benefit me way more than it does to you, so.”

“Why is that?”

“Don’t ask.”

            After that, I think me, and Harry became friends. Well, I’m not entirely sure because he kept threatening me and being nice to me. I honestly don’t know with this dude. I took a glance at him, and he was wearing all black, and had black hair, black eyes, black…

            Suddenly, I watched as AJ sat by himself, and gave me dirty looks. Harry noticed and flipped him off while taking the last couple of bites out of his footlong. Harry was hella funny. I guess most dick heads are. AJ pulled out a little pink card with another false ass cupid and stormed over to our table.

“Ugh, another blonde archery player – no offense Hart.” Harry insults.

“None took.”

            AJ slammed a little Valentine note on my table. He gave me a stink face and flipped me off as well. What a nice guy to bring me a Valentine while dramatically flipping me off as he walked away!

“What’s it say?” Harry asked, peering over to look at it. I shrugged and opened the little card.


You’ll pay 😉

-AJ muther focking Ronaldi.


“Oh wow, what a dumb ass. He spelled, ‘Mother’ and, ‘Fucking’ wrong.” Harry laughed, choking on his footlong.

“You’ll pay? What does that mean?”


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