F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition

My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people their true loves. IF I don't find their true loves, my grandfather, Zeus, punishes me by taking away my wings and bow for the rest of my life. Do I get anything good out of it? Nope, just me doing a favor for everyone else.

(Valentines day competition entry! This is the writing part :)


9. Chapter 7: Don't judge a book by its cover

It’s been three days since the doctors let me out of the hospital. How many days left for me to finish my task? Four mother fucking days. Normally, it would be so easy for me to just go ahead and shoot someone. Lately, it’s been rough because I’ve been distracted by Priya, and I was in the fucking hospital. We’ve gotten so much closer through text, it’s bugging me that she doesn’t know her anonymous lover is actually Eron Hart, the boy from her Bio class.

                She told me about how her life at home was so strange, and how her dad is forcing her to find a boyfriend. She also told me that she told him I was her boyfriend but made up a fake name which was something foreign like, “Alphonse.” It’s weird on how her dad is forcing her to have a boyfriend, while my mom is forcing me to grow up and be a 45-year old virgin. 45 is usually when your sex life cuts off. RIP.

                I was at lunch with AJ. He was sitting across from me polishing his big arrow. Why the hell does he need it so big? I just scoffed at him and returned to my delicious leftover pizza from last nights dinner. He peered up at me and gave me a dirty look.

“What?” I asked defensively.

“That valentine card…isn't that from Daphne?” He asked, nodding his head toward my letter.

                In my backpack side pocket, there was a letter from Daphne Blue. She gave it to me when she gave me the library book. I actually haven’t thought about reading the book she gave me, but I’m sure I’ll find some good use for it.

“Yea…why?” I asked, curious about why he even cared. She was like the nerdiest and most irrelevant girl in school.

“Just wondering why she gave you a card.” AJ laughed, blowing hot air from his mouth on the butt of his bow.

“Wondering why she gave me a card? What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, postponing my bite of pizza.

“Oh – it’s nothing.” AJ sighed, polishing his arrow once again.

“No, it’s something. Spit it out.”

                AJ finally set down his arrow. His curly blonde hair fell into his eyes and he swiped it out of the way. His fingers intertwined, and he bit the inside of his cheek.

“You have never had a girlfriend, never had a date, never had a kiss, never had a – “I interrupt him, getting aggressive now. Did he think he was going to insult me?

“Correction, I kissed Pandora – she kissed me – and I have a crush on Priya. How the fuck did you not know this?”

“Uh, maybe because you don’t tell me shit?” He sassed, shaking his head.

“Maybe I don’t tell you shit because you’ll go blabbing to the world about it.” I shot back, wide-eyed at him. He licked his lips and leaned closer.

“What, go blab to the world about the tiny ass bow you keep in your bag? Yea, that’s worth saying something.”

“You shut the fuck up – you have no idea what my arrow could do.” I start gathering my stuff and exit the table and walked away.

“Hah, right. That tiny thing couldn’t do shit.”

                I turned around and gave him a disgusted look. Did he just say my arrow couldn’t do shit? If he thinks that, then he doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know how much I could ruin his life with one shot. It only takes one shot AJ, one little golden arrow with the effect of a led arrow….

“Really? Watch out for me later punk.” I flipped him off and walked backward, biting my bottom lip.

“What, you gonna try and kill me?”

“Worse, I’m gonna ruin th fucking life you dick.”



Priya: So, it’s been a while of talking, and I just want you to know, I actually like you.

                I felt a buzz on my phone but didn’t care to check it. It could be from my mom, AJ, Priya, whoever, and I wouldn’t care. I don’t want anyone disrespecting me on the month I’m supposed to work. I work once a year, and if I do good, I get to keep my abilities.

                I went to the library to find Daphne. I’m going to get her and AJ in the same place, so I can shoot her with the led arrow, and him with the golden leaving them both insane. Even though Daphne definitely doesn’t deserve this, I do things for myself a lot, and I need this!

                Without any luck, I turn to a weird looking kid. Wait a minute – this kid looks so familiar. He had brown curly hair, a chubby face, sausage fingers, pale skin, and light facial hair. Holy fuck, it’s one of my mom’s prostitution clients. I gag and try and keep myself from throwing up.

“H -hey kid, you seen Daphne Blue anywhere?”

                He turned around and swallowed hard. Okay, so he recognizes me too. This is gross and uncomfortable to know your mom is fucking another student that goes to your school. Jesus, February was fucking disgusting.

“Uhh…yea…she’s in the bleachers stalking the archery team.”

                This was just perfect! AJ was on the field right now, and so was Daphne! I nod at the kid awkwardly and make my way out the library door. I stop and turn around to find him staring at me weird.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Henry, why?”

“You fucked my mom, that’s just disgusting.”

                He turned 50 shades of red and disappeared into the bookshelves. I laughed and made my way to the archery field.


                I spotted Daphne sitting with her binoculars in the stands. She had her hair down and in a regular simple due. I slipped my body through the bars that Harry banged my head on, and jump scared her from behind. She dramatically fell off her bleacher and almost fell the rest of the way down if I didn’t catch her. I pulled her up and she dusted herself off.

“What are you doing here Eron?” She questioned, shoving her binoculars back in her bag.

“Who are you stalking?” I harassed, causing her to punch me in the shoulder.

“N – no one.”

“Yea, right. Anyway, I need a favor.” I said, following her down to the field. She turned around and stopped me, causing me to lose balance one the bleacher I was walking on.

“What do you need?” She asked, checking her watch looking slightly annoyed.

“I can help you get to whoever you’re crushing on if you just go down to the field and talk to AJ.”

                She gave me a concerned look. Hell yea was I going to embarrass the shit out of AJ.

“Why? I hate AJ.” She replied, turning back around and continued walking. I followed.

“Because he’s my best friend and he’s into you!!” I lied like a pro.

                I have no idea why I want to ruin someone so much if they just screw up once. AJ made fun of my work arrow and didn’t apologize. The worst I can say is, “At least he’s not February.”

“Really?” She asked, slightly intrigued.

“Yes – 100% no doubt completely into you. Don’t even make me go into further detail.”

“Please don’t – “she paused, “Okay, I’ll go.”

                I jumped, and fist bumped the air because frankly, the air is the only friend I had. Daphne made her way to the field and stood over by AJ. I pulled out my bow and got the led arrow. It was slightly rusty, but it was in good shape. I aimed right at Daphne and – BOOM. I hit her right in the ass. She winced, and AJ jumped, glancing at her ass, and around for I was only assuming me.

                I took the next arrow and shot right at AJ. It pierced his light skin around his hear. They both took a few minutes to adjust. Suddenly, Daphne slapped AJ across the face. Bingo. I sat back, relaxed and listened to the beautiful dinging noise of my watch. I have created the second pair of lovers – well, partially.

                He chased her around everywhere, begging for her love. She, on the other hand, kept throwing anything in sight at his face as she ran.


Don’t fuck with cupid.

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