F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition

My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people their true loves. IF I don't find their true loves, my grandfather, Zeus, punishes me by taking away my wings and bow for the rest of my life. Do I get anything good out of it? Nope, just me doing a favor for everyone else.

(Valentines day competition entry! This is the writing part :)


5. Chapter 3: Priya Bloom

I walked the halls of my school, examining everyone around me. If I’m Cupid, then what are they? We all have our purposes on earth and mine just happened to be matchmaking. As I head to my locker, I saw that my best friend AJ was leaning against it waiting for me. He was juggling three apples.

“Okay, so get this. It’s February – “Great now he was going to talk about the next 14-days.

“I know, your point?” I asked, unlocking my locker and catching an apple AJ was juggling.

“The dance is on the 14th – “


“Stop interrupting me. I need a date and so do you.” He took a bite out of the green apple and crossed his arms. I bit into my red one.

                AJ’s real name was Alexander James Ronaldi. He had a twin sister named Artina Ronaldi who was pretty hot. AJ had blonde curly hair, lighter skin than me, dark blue eyes, and usually dressed the same as me. We’re both on the school’s archery team.

“Frankly AJ, that’s not going to happen. No one would go with me.”

“What are you talking about?” His hands wave around, “Girls practically beg for dates. If you asked someone, they would just go right ahead and go with it.”

“Hah, well in my case, that’s not even close to true.”

                AJ shook his head in frustration and took another bite out of his apple. I was in the middle of shoving books into my locker, while AJ just stood there and ranted about archery. This was our daily routine. I come to school and find him at my locker, and I return my textbooks to my locker. I shut my locker and the same four inseparable girls strut down this hallway.

                I stopped and stared like a creep. Priya Bloom and her minions. Priya was pretty. She had fiery-red hair, freckles on her cheeks and nose, hazel green eyes, and light skin. Her minions…well they were alright looking. AJ shook my shoulders and I didn’t look away from them. It was almost like they were walking down the hallway in slow motion.

                AJ finally turned around to see what I was looking at. I could hear him chuckle as he stared at them too. Okay, to be honest, AJ acted like an overly-obsessed dip shit most of the time. His occupied obsession happens to be the school dance.

“Oh, I see…You want a girl like Priya Bloom to go with you. Or one of her minions, which no one actually knows the names of.” He cheeked, checking her out up and down.

“I’m not going to the dance.” My cheeks redden as I slam my locker door shut.

“Okay, someone’s in a horrible mood. What’s wrong?” He asked, following behind me as we intersect with Priya and her minions.

“Nothing’s wrong AJ, you wouldn’t get it.” I turn into the library, and go to search for some Biology textbook I don’t even remember the name of. AJ is still following me, bothering me as always.

“What do you mean I wouldn’t get it?” He asked, annoying me. I roll my eyes and pick off books that catch my eye about Biology.

“I can’t really explain – “He cut me off and stopped in his tracks. Something AJ wouldn’t do because he’s a clingy person.

“Oh, are you gay or something?”

“NO! I’m just currently not able to be in a relationship.”

                AJ has a confused look on his face that I want to punch off. God, he needs to lay back a little. He’s my best friend, but he always asks too many questions. Maybe Priya is too good for me. I mean she is absolutely stunning, and I’ve never had the guts to say a single word to her.

                If I wasn’t the god of love, would things be different? Would I be a different person who actually had relationships for once? Once a year I’m trapped. For the rest, I’m practically free.

“Hmm…okay…then. But about the dance.” He continued. I was literally so close to shooting him with a led arrow, but with his luck, the bell rang.

“Oh, looks like it’s time for first class. Gotta go bud, see you at Archery practice.” I said, running out of there before he said anything else.

                The hallways were almost empty and my class was on the third floor of the building to the far back. If everyone was almost in their classes, this meant I was going to be late. Yay me.

                If it weren’t for fucking AJ, I’d be in class by now. I was already 3-minutes over the bell. Did I forget to mention Priya Bloom was in my first period? Yea, fuck life.

                Within like five more minutes, I reached my dreadful classroom. The door was decorated with cheesy valentine pick up lines and what not. Before I walked in, I ripped as much as I could off the door and threw it on the ground.

                The classroom was already full of weirdos when I got there which was not surprising because I was late. Mr. Poleridin gave me a dirty look and motioned me to sit down at a table in the middle of the classroom right next to –


Priya Bloom.


                Okay, so I get to sit next to Priya? That’s weird, I mean it’s February. Shit does not go well for me in February. I nod my head and sigh as I slowly swagger over there. She glanced at me then looked away, but then she looked back at me. Was that good? Was my grey shirt dirty or something? I looked down and nothing was there.

                When I took a seat, I totally sat on her textbooks without even looking to see if there was anything else on the chair before I sat. She gave me a concerned look and I mumbled to myself,

“Great Job Eron, Just great.”

                Priya must have heard me say that because she chuckled and lifted her books from my seat mouthing, “Sorry.”

“You’re good.” I say, “Not, good good – wait I’m not saying that you aren’t good, I’m –“She cut me off officially saying the first words she’s ever said to me.

“I get it Eron.” She replied, motioning me to sit down. I nod and take a seat next to her. Let’s be real here, February was being nice. That’s convenient.

“Oh – you know my name?” I asked, genuinely surprised that she knew my name.

“Uh, we’ve been in the same Bio class since freshman year.”

“Right, right.”

                Priya gives me a slightly confused smile, then draws her attention towards Mr. Poleridin. I can’t believe Priya opened her mouth and talked to me. She’s really pretty and reasonable. She’s the type of girl I’d have a crush on. Hell, I think I do.


                During class, Priya and I only talked when were instructed to. She was something else. The bell rang and I realized I was still in the classroom and everyone else had left. Something caught my eye on Priya’s desk. My hand grasped it and it read,


“Priya’s phone number”


                I’m confused, was she giving it to me? Or did she just accidentally leave it on her desk. Without thinking, I punch her phone number in my phone. What was I supposed to say?


Example 1: “Hey Priya, it’s me.”


Example 2: “Hey Priya, I got your note, I like you too!”



Example 3: “I’m in love with you, can I please touch your breasts?”


                Okay the last one was something I thought about, but I would never let her know that I thought that! I need something to say…something to impress. I can’t say that it’s me, but I can’t lie about who I am. This is going to be the hardest thing I would have to ever do, and hell, I choose what type of arrows to shoot at people for a living!


Within, the rest of the time I had to get to my next period, I finally came up with the most perfect text,


Me: Hey.



                Mr. Poleridin finally noticed I haven’t left class yet and yelled at me.

“HART! Get your ass to second period! What the hell are you day dreaming about? Some Valentine cheesy crap?”

“You have no idea Mr. P.” I say as I walk out of the classroom.


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