F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition

My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people their true loves. IF I don't find their true loves, my grandfather, Zeus, punishes me by taking away my wings and bow for the rest of my life. Do I get anything good out of it? Nope, just me doing a favor for everyone else.

(Valentines day competition entry! This is the writing part :)


4. Chapter 2: The girl who loved herself

Luckily, I made it on before the door shut.

                I plopped myself down in a corner, and pulled out my phone. My thumb scrolled through Instagram feed. I saw pictures of attractive girls who would never date me because I’m, “Cupid” Well guess what? Fuck you Cupid! I liked every photo, and even twice on one.

                The subway jerked back as I slipped my phone back into my pocket. More random weirdos started trotting along the walkways. Someone smelled strongly of onions and I started to gag. Suddenly a beautiful girl walked on board. She was really stunning. She had straight long black hair, icy blue eyes, mocha colored skin, exotic eye makeup, and plump lips.

                I watched as she stood across from me, holding the pole for assistance to not falling. She was wearing a purple tube top, a white fluffy over jacket that wasn’t zipped, and grey skinny jeans. Personally, I thought she was hot. Should I talk to her? Even though she won’t catch a single feel for me, it doesn’t hurt to make a friend.

“Hey.” I greet like a stupid fucking idiot. This isn’t a text message Eron! I couldn’t have started like asking how the weather was?

                She looked at me, revealing her long eyelashes that couldn’t be natural. The corners of her mouth point up, so she was smiling at me with her mouth closed. Okay, so I didn’t completely screw up!

“Hi.” She replied, putting in her headphones. What was I supposed to do now? The first thing that came to mind was to say, “Beautiful weather we’re having.” But it’s like snowing outside. No one really likes snow, even when you haven’t seen it in your whole life.

“It’s snowing pretty lightly outside.” I said, giving her a slight smile. She nods her head side to side like she’s pondering about her opinion.

“I actually like snow. I feel like it’s something beautiful in life.” She added, now fixing her hair.

                Okay so, apparently, I’m wrong about the snow thing. I thought people hated it but maybe it’s just me and my mom. God, I just keep assuming stuff. I didn’t want to continue the conversation because I knew I had horrible communication skills. She didn’t seem to want to stop talking because within a minute, she said,

“I’m Pandora by the way.” She held her hand out for me to shake.

I shook her hand, “I’m Eron.”

                Pandora seemed cool, and she was hot. Maybe I could help her find a love. Something sparked to my mind, a completely stupid thought. What if I make her fall in love with me? I had 14-days, what could possibly go wrong? Gee well I dunno Eron, everything?

“Nice to meet you Eron.”

“So, what are ya listening to?” I asked her, starting up a distraction conversation.

“Just some rap music, nothing new.” Pandora replied, as she started to use her phone camera as a mirror. She was taking selfies. That escalated quickly.

                How do I switch the conversation from music, to love? I could just be a regular teenage boy and ask?

“It’s February! What’s your opinion on it?” I started. It only made sense to start a conversation about the month of, “love” to get her to open up.

“I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean 14-days for cheesy valentine’s gifts? Get this, I heard that Cupid’s back to strike some people.”

                Okay, so she’s aware that Cupid’s presence is around, but she doesn’t know it’s me. I’m on a role! My mouth curved into a slight smile as I tried not to laugh.

“Oh, yea that Cupid dude. He’s something – shooting people with arrows like come on dude.” I played along, trying with my whole life not to burst out into laughter. I had to roast myself in front of this girl.

“Yea, well I heard he’s so handsome like you and people can’t fall in love with him because he’s a love dealer.”

                I’m known as handsome to girls? Maybe even guys! God, can I just please have one relationship? JUST ONE!

“Oh,” I started to blush, “You think Cupid is handsome like me?”

“Well I mean yea. You guys look really similar.” Pandora said, looking away from her phone camera and at me.

“Like how?” I was starting to freak out now. Cupid supposedly looks like me – well I know I am Cupid, but aren’t I supposed to be short and chubby to them?

“Well look at this,” she flashed me her phone screen and there it was. A fucking fraud ass picture. Her screen had a chubby boy with wings. I look nothing like that fucker! Whoever imagined me like that must be messed up in the head.

“Okay, now I’m offended. I look nothing like that.”

“You kind of do Eron. He’s a cutie!”

“Okay so if he’s a cutie am I a cutie?” I threw the question out there like it was no big deal.

“Well, you’re pretty hot.” Pandora chuckled, looking at herself again. Was this girl self-absorbed? Because there is certainly nothing wrong with her appearance for her to be fixing herself in her phone camera.

“Am I dateable?” I questioned, my eyes pleading for an answer. She seemed like a blunt girl, why not question her for full on honesty?

“Ehhh, no.”

                Wow February was pissing me off even more and it’s only been like 7 hours. The subway came to a stop as more people piled on. I could feel my bow poking around in my bag. Bingo.

“Why not?” I asked, standing up and secretly pulling out my bow. It was super small like less than a foot in height and width. My hand grasps the golden arrow.

“I don’t know. You just don’t seem like the type of guy I’d want to date. I mean don’t take offence but –“ I cut her off.

“Turn around.”

                She turned, and I was standing behind her. Pandora looked very uninterested and oblivious. Without hesitation I pulled back the string and let go. I watched as it plunged her right in the heart. She looked shocked to find out I was Cupid, but after about 5-minutes, my victims forget I am.

“Eron…” She slowly took steps towards me. This was exciting because I just made her fall in love with me!

To my surprise, she kissed my lips softly, causing me to blush very insanely. I just had my first kiss with one of the hottest girls I have ever met. I kiss her back, but she pulls apart. My watch dinged, because I just caused her to love me. Me!

“Thank you…” Pandora thanks, holding up her phone again.

                Wait aren’t they supposed to start acting insane over you? Instead, she’s looking at her reflection again.

“You’re welcome… But, is anything different?”

                She kissed her phone screen and then looked at me. Holy fuck – I didn’t just make her fall in love with herself…did I?

“Yes, because of you, I can now love myself more than I already did!”


                Well, fuck.


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