F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition

My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people their true loves. IF I don't find their true loves, my grandfather, Zeus, punishes me by taking away my wings and bow for the rest of my life. Do I get anything good out of it? Nope, just me doing a favor for everyone else.

(Valentines day competition entry! This is the writing part :)


3. Chapter 1: F ebr U ary

Beep Beep. My alarm clock exclaimed at exactly 6:05 am. It was early, and I wasn’t ready to wake up. It was snowy outside, my mother probably had a random guy in bed with her, it was Monday, I had school, I’m tired, and – oh yeah, it’s February. The time of the year where I, Eron Hart, have 14-days to make 5 pairs of loved ones. I know, it sounds completely whack but, I’m a matchmaker.

 I have a power to shoot people with an arrow, and boom they fall in love with someone, or something that they desire or see. If I don’t complete this so called, “task” then my grandfather, Zeus, will take away my powers forever. It’s that easy. February is the month I dread because my powers and life meaning depend on it.

My little bow and arrow set includes two arrows. One is the golden arrow, where if I shoot you with it, you will desire to fall in love with the first person you see. Then, there’s the led one, where if I shoot you with it, all your desires flee. Which means you won’t love again. It’s all in the teenage hands of me; Cupid.

I pull off the sheets of my bed and sit up on the edge of it. My blonde hair was messy and all over the place. I wasn’t wearing a shirt which flashed my completely pale body, but I had abs so that was something. My window was open, blowing a cold breeze inside my apartment. I walked over to shut it, and saw my mother walking with a new guy to his car. Great.

The goddess of love and beauty happened to be my mother; Aphrodite. She was something. Her hair was a yellow-blonde, her skin was lightly tanned, her eyes were light blue, and she was just perfect. I’m not 100% sure I got the same genes. We look the same, but I’ve never had a love in my life. I’m 17-years old and has never had a serious relationship.

I stepped out onto the stairway outside my window. Since we lived in an apartment, we had stairs and balconies outside of our room windows. As I peered down, she was kissing the guy goodbye. Now that I got a closer look, he looks awfully familiar. The guy gets in his car and drove away, leaving my mother to catch my eye. She gives me a, “It was a one-night thing.” Sort of look and then mouthed, “Kitchen.”

After I slip on a grey work-out shirt, I head to the kitchen. It was really messy. We had blue and green dishes piled 10 feet high into the air, empty cereal boxes everywhere, crumbs on the counter, and a coffee stain from yesterdays coffee on the table.

“We should really clean this,” I said, taking a seat in the clean chair. She rolled her eyes and smiled while cleaning off the chair opposite of me.

“Or maybe, you should really help out for once?” She replied, placing a bowl in front of me, “Cheerios, or Honeycombs?”

“Honeycombs, and I can’t help. It’s that time of year again remember?” I set my head on my palm, watching her pour Honeycombs into my little green bowl.

“It’s already Febru-“ I interrupted her as she handed me a spoon.

“Don’t say it.” My mouth scolds as I scoop some cereal into my mouth, which tasted like heaven by the way.


“Why not? This is the best time of year for you.” She tried, starting the coffee pot. I rolled my eyes and stirred my cereal around.

                Does she not realize every February is a living hell for me? It’s not like I have a choice of power, she just kind of made me her minion. Yeah, I know she gave birth to me and all, but seriously, god of love, attraction, and affection? No thanks. It’s not fun when every February is a life or death situation, and I have to watch everyone else fall in love and I can’t.

“Mom, I can’t even explain how much I want to just rip February right off the fucking calendar,” I exclaimed, shoving the last bits of cereal in my mouth.

“Watch your language – and everyone has their duties on earth Eron, and you just happen to be my little matchmaker.” She cheered as she took a sip of coffee and kiss my forehead making a, “Mwah” sound.

“And what about you? Sleep with everyone?” A chuckle escaped my mouth, and she wacked me upside the head with a newspaper. What can I say? It was true.

                Everyone on earth has their place and power, but no one knows who is who. We all keep secrets. No one knows I’m Cupid but my mom. It’s not like it’s a big deal or anything, but we don’t just go around and be like, “HEY I’M CUPID! HELP ME FULFIL MY TASK! THANKKS!” Actually, if that did happen that would be against the rules and I would be in so much trouble.

“No Eron, I’m the goddess of love, and beauty. I – “I cut her off once again.

“You’re a prostitute. That’s unfortunate.”

“Eron Hart, I swear if you say anything else like that again you’ll be grounded.”

“Okay, okay.” I laughed, “But can I ask you something?” I wanted to ask her something I always wondered.

“Yea sure, it better not be stupid.” She replied, picking up my bowl and washing it in the sink.

“Why can’t I love?”

                She groaned loudly and continued washing the dishes. This is the first time I’ve asked that, and she reacted like I asked what two plus two was.

“Eron, I said not stupid.”

“But it’s a genuine question I’d want to know!” I protested, running up to her while she washed the dishes. I was practically begging now.

“You can’t love because your purpose is to give love away. When you give it, you’re too occupied to receive it. Plus, maybe you’re better off without love because you’re my love!”

“Oh wow, well that’s complete shit.”

“Watch your language! Now go get ready for school.”

                I checked the oven clock and it read 6:50. Wow, I really had to get ready for school. I blasted to my bedroom and put on some skinny jeans. As I looked in the mirror, I realized that I was really attractive. I know I sound self-absorbed, but it’s true. I had yellow-blonde hair like my moms, lightly tanned skin, dark eyebrows, a sharp jawline, light blue eyes, and a medium nose. If I wasn’t Cupid, I’d probably get a lover.

                After I fixed my hair and changed my clothes, I ran out the door to the subway. In my bag, I could feel the bow and arrows poking my back as I ran before the doors shut. I had to get 5 people in love within 14 days.


Tick tock, Tick tock Eron.

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