Pandora Dixen was only five when she met Artemis fowl and so was he. She learned quickly how to get adults to listen.


3. Germs

Before i continue this chapter may i say the=at Pandora is one of the most pickiest germophobic ever. 

 In the Limo Artemis fowl made no signs of conversation and pandora got the feeling she was the third-wheel to him,though Angelina asked her all sorts while Kiki Her little sister sat on her lap ,but faught with Beckett because they both wanted a seat. Kiki, Athena,Alicia were the triplets impossible to tell the difference. " What school do you go to?" "Central park private high school" "Do you have any friends?" " Kinda"  "What are your talents?" "Good at making things, fixing things and really good at computers." Artemis looked up from his computer as Kiki fell off her lap and Beckett jumped on." Are you working on something?"Angelina asked "Just finish a android designed to be a mother. Working on a see through computer or laptop" She answered. "Can i have it?'' Athena asked taking her thumb out her mouth."no." Pandora answered."Why?"Athena asked." Because your eight and you suck you thumb. I am going to call you thumb sucker." Pandora teased. Athena crunched her nose and took Pandora's phone and started to play on it. Suddenly something wet and warm trickled wafted through the air. Pandora gagged and Angelina started to smell each little kid. Pandora looked in Boi's pen which was cover in a yellow liquid. She dropped the dog and threw up in the pen."Eww." Myles made a face. but when one sister vomits the rest does. Alicia threw up all of Pandora which made her throw up mare then Kiki threw up on Beckett. Who screamed getting it in his mouth.  "Pandora! Someone stop the car! "Mr. Dixen said. Athena vomited on Myles. Pandora was taken out with the rest of the sisters and finished there vomiting. Butler helped clean up the car and the twins. When they got back in the car Pandora and the children fell asleep until they arrived to the destination. "Blue Bird Falls". 








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