Alec, Joel and Angell are kidnapped. They can't exit. No one can help. Someone has abducted other 'contestants'. The 'judge' has kept them in hostage. They can't leave. They are put in gangs. The last gang breathing can leave. The game is vague. Bury. Hard to see. No one knows why they are here.


2. 2

 Eye blinked several times. I could feel the tears escaping my eyes travelling across my cheeks. Not tears of sadness. There was something, foggy. It was disturbing my eyes.

 I rubbed my eyes vigorously to see, black. Black tiles on the wall. I was on the floor. My wrists were chained tight to the black marble floor. On my right there was a wall. I looked left, another black tiled wall. I looked at my feet they were chained. I wriggled trying to get free. It was pointless. The chains were made from some kind of metal. "Ah!" I screamed. I needed help and fast. "Help!" I screamed. I was hit the floor with my wrist making a thudding sound several times.

 I screamed 'help' again until, I looked above my feet. A person. They were in a white lab coat. Bare feet. No trousers, the lab coat was long. Sleeves rolled up. and a weird black headgear. It wasn't pure black, it was dusted and oval. I covered the persons hair and neck. The were looking down at something. I could hear them pouring liquid into a glass beaker. A reaction took place. I could hear fizzing and sudden small pops. It was crackling, like a fire. I could see an enlarging cloud. It was red red and filling the room fast. It was only a small room, maybe 3 metres by 3.

 "Hello, hello?" I asked. They ignored me and carried on looking down at their work. On their right, there was a small bottle with a blue lid. I contained yellowish liquid. It bubbled as they picked it up. I could hear them open the lid. They held up the lid slightly and looked at it. They quickly threw it behind them. I nearly touched my fingers. I looked at it. It was no longer blue. An uneven half was red the other purplish and sea blue.

 "H- who are you?" I asked. They continued to ignore me. "Who are you, why am I here?" I asked. They carried on pouring the yellow liquid into the beaker. Another reaction took place. An increasing amount of fizzing and popping. Crackling like a lit fire, again. The smoke instantly filled the room with an orange colour.  The colour was stronger than before. 

 I coughed as I stupidly inhaled the gas. It was strong and affecting my breathing. My lungs were tight. I wheezing and gasping for air. I realised I sounded like I was having an asthma attack, again. I tried to reach up forgetting the chains restriction. I vigorously moved my head right and left. My eyes were wide open and my mouth exposing my teeth as I screamed out "Help! I can't breathe!" I wriggled making loud sounds with my chains. "Help me!" I screamed in pain. They lifted their index finger and swayed it repeatedly left-to-right, right-to-left. They put their hand down and looked straight ahead. "Please..." I whispered. I wanted scream out to the world that I was chained, but I couldn't. I was slowly coughing out blood. I was slowly passing away. 

 The person slowly turned towards me. They had fully buttoned up their cloak. Each tip of their finger was seasoned in blood. Sharp long nails dangerous enough to form a cut. The thing that really caught my eyes was the gas mask. It was dusted black, The round part, in front of their mouth which connects the inhaling cylinder, was blue. A nice shade of blue. Very light and reminded me over the stream pond that was outside my old house. It was properly filled. The edge was blue and some of the paint dripped and made it's way down. It was sloppy and vague.

 Their head tilted and stared at me. They dark eye pieces stared into my eyes. I was scared. I could feel my hairs standing up and goose-bumps arising under my school shirt and trousers. My bare feet were cold and frozen in fear.

 "Sorry, was that? Help me?" The person said. The voice, it was unreal. It was amplified to a point were it was more than deep. It was dark and had an electronic sound. It was demonic and sounded like the words of Satin. It wasn't just a gas mask. It amplified their voice to a level which was the sounds of demons.

 "Well, Angell?"They said. How did they know my name? Their head tilted forward. "That is your name, Angell." They said. I wanted to respond but it would take to much energy to breathe and speak. The fog was still in the small room. I was still coughing small amounts of blood.

 I nodded. "Hum, of course I'm right." They said. I lifted my top lip and lowered my bottom lip. I purposely exposed my teeth even more to show aggression. My eyes wide open. "Angry are we?" They said. They looked straight at me. Something changed. They turned back to their little desk with solutions and chemicals. He poured other liquids. They were tapping the glass beakers rapidly. They were shaking mixtures and solutions. 

 "Home!" I abruptly shouted. They turned their head back. They tilted their head in confusion. "Home, take me home!" I shouted. I shouted so loud that I vomited out blood. My teeth and shirt stained in blood. My lip drenched in blood. 

 "Sure!" They said cheerfully. I could tell it was sarcastic. It wasn't funny sarcasm. It was far from funny and cheerful, far. They looked back and resumed with their work. 

 They poured a final liquid and sighed in relief. They stuck their right hand in their oversized pocket and pulled out something short, skinny and sharp. The person touched the tip of the sharp end. "There we go". They said. It was a needle. The sharp end was slim, pointy and sharp. They dipped the sharp end into a liquid. I could see their white fingers pulling the syringe slowly. It was slowly filling with a yellow liquid. It reached a line showing the maximum amount. It carried on until it was filled. They lifted the needle and I could see all of it properly.

They turned around and looked at me. This time, they didn't look into my eyes. They looked at something near my chest. They walked closer and closer to me. They approached my feet and crouched. I took in quick breaths as they inspected my feet. They lifted the needle.

 "No!" I screamed. I found the courage to say no. They still was inspecting my feet. "Not yet." They muttered. They looked at my face. The person stared at me. "Not yet what?" I asked. They nodded left and right. 

 They turned away and dropped the needle. "You want to get out so badly, don't you?" They asked. I didn't reply, they knew what the answer was. " You do." They answered. They lifted their head. "I'm right." He stated. Something else is on my mind." They said. I waited for a response. They didn't respond. "W- what?" I bravely asked as I coughed out more blood. I had to spit out blood from my mouth as it was blocking my throat. "You forgot about them, you forgot about your, f-fr... friends."They stated.

 They was right! I was only thinking of me. I completely forgot about Joel and Alec. It wasn't really worth thinking about Sammy right now. I was worried for them. God knows where they where. "Where are they?!" I shouted. I coughed out blood and more blood. Blood was escaping from my throat. Chunks of vomit and blood were spitted out. I vigorously hit the floor with my feet and hands. "Tell me, tell me now!!-" I shouted. I abruptly stopped because my throat felt that it was tightening to the point were I was choking on the toxic air. It was stopping me.

"Angry again?" They said. They turned around. They crouched and looked down at the needle. I nodded left-to-right. "No." I whispered. They picked up the needle by the syringe and looked directly at the dim light that was bouncing of the sharp end. They looked at me and walked forwards. The lifted their leg higher and higher with each step. The lab coat slowly uncovering everything. They were close enough and not everything else was flashed. 

 They leaned forward ,staring into my eyes. They crouched. They walked towards the right side of my face and crushed the lid. It snapped. They lifted their left hand and touched my cheek. They were stroking my cheek. It wasn't cute. Just, disturbing and creepy. I didn't need a phys-co touching my face. 

 I turned away as their red and white fingers slid to the back of my head. "Don't turn away. Like you did to your friends." They said. I quickly turned back and screamed "Don't say that!" Directly at their gas mask. My aggressive look suddenly turned into a scared and passive look.

 "Anger, again." They said. "I- I didn't mean-" He put his index finger on my lip. "Shh!" They said. "Angell! When will you learn! Just shut up! I'm in power, OK? I'm in power, your're in one of my play rooms! You play by my, rules!" They shouted. He sounded even more scary shouting. I felt like I was in hell already. I felt like I'd perished.

 "Any ways, everyone's waiting." They said.

"For who?" I quietly asked. I coughed out more blood as he he quickly turned around.

"You, of course!" They stated, "Let's go then." They said. I wriggled my hands and feet creating a sound. "Who said you need to move?" They asked. 

 The person dug their hand in their right pocket and picked up a remote. They pointed the remote up and pressed a button. 'Beep!' Nothing happened, at first. "Wait for it..." They said. Smoke arose from the edges of the room. We were going down. 

 Were in some kind of glass lift. I saw a stadium with a some white podium in the centre. I saw people hanging from walls. Chained up like me. Everyone was practically dead. Blood on their chests, bare feet and all in school uniform.

 The 'elevator' stopped. "Pay attention." They whispered in my ears. They walked off and pointed his remote me. 'Beep!' The floor I was lying down on slowly flipped into a wall. I was hanging by the chains attached to the wall.

He looked away and walked towards the podium. He looked around. Looking at every silent, soulless beings.

"Well, this has been exiting, hasn't it!" They said. They carried on looking at all the miserable and exhausted faces. There was probably 50 people hanged on the walls, including me. Two of which looked dead. We we're all victims.

"Hi, I'm the 'Judge'.  I would like to be known as a male. You are the 'contestants' on my 'show'. I hope that's OK with everyone.My show is aimed at the police. No ones watched my 'show' until, now! This is live and you're all in the news. I need views, more and more of it. How do I gain views, well. You play the game of course!

 There's you 60 are all between 14 and 16 and look, I managed to get all of you. There's only one of me,. You were all hit unconscious by my hit men, they're gone know. They did a great job but, too much effort to pay them.

 You all have 3 friends here, the two that are here as well and of course me! You are all my friends. You also all have family. It's your brother, sister, mum or dad. Whoever lives with you are there. Up there, gone. Loving the after life, probably watchin' you! You'll never see them again.

 Back to business,I'm the 'judge' you're the 'contestants'. You're on a game show. Everyone wants to win, everyone. The games simple. I give you a bag and supplies. You'll be in groups of 3, don't worry you'll be with your friends. That's 20 groups. Each group will have a tent, in there is food and other essentials. All you have to do is be the last team surviving. The winning team gets to leave, if you succeed in time.

 There's a couple of rules you don't wanna disobey. First rule, any of your team members or your self, if you do your team is eliminated. Rule 2, if one or two of your teammates are are dead you must kill the team that killed your team mates within 48 hours. If not, elimination. Rule 3, everyday a minimum of 5 contestants must be killed. If not, then the next day everyone will breathe in the refreshing gases in my private gas chamber for an hour. Rule 4, you can enter your teams tent for a maximum of 12 hours a day. If you break the rule your team is put in the gas chamber for an hour. Rule 5, Within a week 7 teams must be fully eliminated. If not, everyone one enters the gas chamber and settles there for an hour. Rule 6, You cannot enter another teams tent, unless, they are fully eliminated. Rule 4 applies to this. Rule 7, you cannot abandon your team, if you do, you will be burnt alive. Rule 8, you must wear your teams uniform at all times. You can take them off only between 12 pm and 6 am. If this rule is broken, your team is put in the gas chamber for an hour. Rule 9, You cannot kill anyone between 10 pm and 7 am. If this is not obeyed, you will be tortured for an hour. Rule 10, no communication between any other team. If this is not obeyed, you will be tortured for an hour. Rule 11, everyone must be in their base between 12 pm and 6 am. If not, gas chamber for an hour. Rule 12, you cannot harm me or attempt to harm me in any way or I will burn you alive. Rule 13, you cannot escape or leave without my permission. If this rule is broken, I will find you and burn you alive. Rule 14, if you do anything to the CCTV cameras then you will be eliminated. Rule 15, every wee, there will be an 'assembly' at 5 am. Rule 16, you cannot damage yours or anyone else's tent or you will be eliminated. Rule 17, if you kill an opposing team with out another other teams help, the next day, your whole team will be rewarded with extra supplies. Rule 18, You cannot interrupt me or you will be burnt alive. Rule 19, every week, 15 more teams will be added on the 'show'. Well, that's it for now!" He said. There were a lot of rules to remember. 19 of them. I wondered why there was so many.

 I couldn't believe we had to do this, kill each other. I was sure rebels would riot against this, eventually.

 "You can all go now." The judge said. He lifted his remote and pointed at shower head at the ceiling. He pressed a button. 'Beep' Green gas was slowly filling up the room. People were slowly passing out. I closed my and closed my mouth. I couldn't stop taking breathes of the toxic gas. I became, drowsier and drowsier. I eventually passed ou-






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