Alec, Joel and Angell are kidnapped. They can't exit. No one can help. Someone has abducted other 'contestants'. The 'judge' has kept them in hostage. They can't leave. They are put in gangs. The last gang breathing can leave. The game is vague. Bury. Hard to see. No one knows why they are here.


1. 1

Me Joel and Alec stepped on the bus. We showed our bus passes and headed to the back, like all ways. I could smell the sweet aroma. Chocolate glazed donuts drizzled in strawberry sauce. Sweet, sweet donuts. We sat down at the back looking at the box of four donuts. I sat down on the left side of Joel. Joel was on the left of Sammy and Alec on his right.


 "Dig in!" Sammy said. He smiled. Joel and Alec each took a donut. Sammy took one as well. I tried to get one, I couldn't reach.


"Joel, can you get me one?" I asked. He nodded and reached for the last donut. He handed it to me. "Thanks!" I replied. I took it out of his hand and shouted it in my mouth. I chewed and chewed and chewed. I covered my mouth and said "This is good!" To Sammy.


"You're welcome." He smiled again.


 I ate the rest of the donut. Enjoying every bite. "Thanks Sammy." Joel said.


"You're welcome!" He said. He closed the box with the cover. He dug his hand in his pocket and got out some tissues. "Take one." He said. Joel passed me a tissue. I wiped my mouth and my hands. "So…" He said. Joel and Alec stuck their hands in their pockets. I could hear coins. "Sorry, I forgot mine." I said.


"It's Ok." Sammy replied. Joel and Alec handed their 70pence to Sammy. "Thanks!" He said.


"I'll try to give you tomorrow." I said.


"Ok then." He said. He took his phone out and un-locked his phone. He had a really nice phone. His dad owned a flat and a restaurant. So his life was good. "Guys, I gotta drop off a stop early." He said.


"OK." Me and Joel said.


 "So, are you three going to the trip tomorrow?" Sammy asked.

"Yeah, it's better than double English, Maths, Science  and PSHE."

"I guess." Sammy responded.

"How did you know about the trip anyways?" Joel asked him.

"Dylan told me, he's in your class right?" Sammy said.

"Yeah." Joel responded.

"So what is he like, in class?" Sammy asked.

"Trouble maker. He's one of those guys that hang around with the Zachary." I said.

"Really, he's friends with him?" Sammy asked.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"The're practically best friends." Joel said.

"He was quiet when he was in my school." Sammy replied.

"He went to your school?" Joel asked.

"Dylan was kind of shy. Never really seen him speak to anyone other than me and his other friends." Sammy said.

"Why'd he come here then?" I asked.

"I don't know, when ever I ask him why he just says 'shh', I don't know why." He replied.

"Well, he's got a tone of-

"Wait." He took his phone out. Someone was calling him. He pressed his phone against his ear.

"What? Really, why? Which one... y-yeah I'm nearly there now... OK... Where are you g-... oh, alright... bye." Joel answered. "Guys I'm jumping off this stop."

"Why?" Joel asked.

"My brother's gonna take me somewhere." He replied.

 The bus stopped. "Bye guys. And Angell, you owe me 70 pence tomorrow." He said.

"Yeah." I replied.


"Bye!" Me and Joel said. He got off the bus and walked off. The bus proceeded. I realised a lot of other people got off the same stop. There was only us three and two other passengers.


 "Well he's gone." Joel said.

"I wonder why Dylan came to our school." I said.

"Yeah, Sammy barley knows any thing about this." Joel said.

"Why do you think he left." I asked.

"Dunno?" Joel replied, "I mean, he only joined our school a month ago."

"Y- " Alec elbowed me. He pointed ahead. 


"Hey look! The bus driver passed our stop!"

 "Pfft." I muttered. I pressed the stop button. We arrived at the next stop. The bus didn't stop. The driver carried on. The bus headed off to a tunnel. After the stop it would head towards the square, but it didn't. "Hey, driver!" Joel shouted. The driver didn't reply. "Hello?" Joel asked. He ignored Joel again. The two other passengers didn't do anything. I walked towards one of them and said "Hello?". I tapped their shoulder. It wasn't a person. I took the hat off and saw it was a dummy. I walked towards the outer passenger and looked at them. It was also a dummy. "Guys, their dummy!" I exclaimed. I ran to the driver. No one was there. I looked down and saw a brick strapped to the acceleration pedal. I looked forward. We were heading for a construction site. There's no driver. Joel ran and opened the driver door. He stepped in and un-strapped the brick. "Stop!" I shouted. He kicked the brick to a side and stamped on the brakes. I could hear the bus screeching. We stopped just before we hit the metal fence. Me Alec fell. I got up and helped Alec get up. "Where are we?" I asked.


 We all got off the bus leaving the dummy's on the bus. We walked to the other side of the bus. "What do we do?" Joel asked. "Get over the fence." I said.


"Is it electric?" Joel asked. I couldn't see any hazard sign. "Guess not." Joel said. We all climbed the fence. I was half way up and Alec was on the other side all ready. "That was quick!" Joel said. Alec shrugged his shoulders. Me and Joel finally caught up. I jumped on to the other side. I realised it wasn't level on the other side. We were a metre bellow the other side. "Great! Now how do we get back?" I asked.


"Dunno." Joel said. Let's just go. Alec elbowed me.


"What?" I asked. He pointed at a small building. Probably no bigger than a house. "K, Let's go there." I said. We headed towards the small building. The terrain was rough, it was species of debris and gravel.


 After a few minutes later, Joel said "Hey, we're such idiots! We could just call the police!".


"Oh yeah!" I said.


"Does anyone have a phone? I need to get a new one." Joel asked. I unzipped my coat. I stuck my hand in my coat pocket. "I do." I said. I took my phone out and unlocked it. I dialled '999'. I had no bars. "No cell service here." I said.


"Damn!" Joel exclaimed. We were lost, and that's that. "Let's just carry on movin’." Joel said.


 We carried on walking towards the building. As I was walking, I was wondering what even happened. On the bus. The brick. The dummy's. No driver. I also noticed something, odd. On the brick, there were numbers engraved. 4 digits. I think they were 1, 9, 9 and... I had forgotten the other number. I didn't think it was important, that's why I didn't tell Alec or Joel.


 Alec put his arms out in front of me and Joel. "What is it?" I asked. He pointed his right hand at something. It wasn't beyond the building. It was something dark. It was on the floor. Something else on the floor was next to it. It was black, but smaller. "What is that?" Joel asked. Alec shrugged his shoulders.


"Let's see what it is." I said.


We carried on walking. I was staring at it thinking what it might be. A bag? A suitcase? A box? A tyre? A gun? "A person!" I said.


"There's people here." Joel stated. I got my phone out. I put the flash on and zoomed in. I took a photo.


"Here look at this. There's blood around their head. They're wearing a black hoodie or jacket and black trousers." I said. "Yeah, that's probably a back pack next to the person." Joel said.


"Maybe we should help them?" I asked. The both looked at me in disappointment. "Ok, we should! Let's go then!" I said. I put my phone back and ran with Alec and Joel. I could see more clearly. They were skinny, young, a male, a teenager, it was someone familiar, it was someone who goes to our school, it was "Sammy!" Joel shouted. We were right next to his dead body. Joel was right, it was a bag on his side. I wasn't sure how Joel knew it was Sammy. His hoodie was on. Half his face on the ground surrounded by a puddle of fresh blood. The other half was almost completely covered by his bloody hand.


 "Sammy, Sammy's dead!" I exclaimed. I crouched down and looked at him. I turned his head so I could see his face. I was mauled. His nose no longer existed neither did his ears. His eyes were wide open. His lip teared. His hair half dyed in blood. Bite marks and bruises on his cheeks. No doubt, he was dead.


 "What happened?" Joel asked.


"Who knows?" I asked. I took my phone out and gave it to Alec. "Take pictures of him." I said. He looked at me awkwardly. "You know what I mean." I said. I grabbed his back pack and opened it. Some of the bag was dotted in blood. I saw a knife, binoculars, a few energy bars, a hammer, a pistol, bullets, a bottle of water, gloves, a lighter, cold spray, plasters and a trashy flip phone.


 "Guys look!" I said. I handed the bag to Alec. Joel and Alec took a few seconds looking at it.


"What the hell?" Joel exclaimed. "And this is his bag?" He asked.


"Yeah." I replied.


"What do we do?" Joel asked.


"I dunno. What about you Alec?" I asked. He tucked his top lip in slightly and shrugged his shoulders.


 There was a pause. We stood in silence and thought about him. What were we gonna do about him? "Hey, wasn't there a phone in the bag?" Joel asked. I nodded.


"So, what?" I asked.


"Isn't it obvious?" He asked.


"What?" I asked.


"There's no service here and that's not even his phone. He has a different phone. We saw it on the bus." He replied. "Oh yeah. Why does he have another phone?" I asked.


"He might be communicating with someone. Someone involved with this." Joel said.


"You know what, you might actually be right." I said.


"Check his pocket." Joel said. I put my hand in his red pockets trying to feel something. Nothing.


"Nothing." I said.


"Somethings up. It's not good." Joel said.


"We have to d-


 "Ah!!!" Alec screamed. I turned to look at him. He was on the ground. A bruise on the back of his head. Some blood on the floor. "Alec!" Joel shouted. He ran towards him. I looked behind and saw someone about to hit Joel.


"Joel stop!" I shouted. I went in front of Joel.


"What?" He asked. I pushed him on the floor and crouched. He grunted quietly. I saw the anonymous guy about to take another swing at me. I dodged the swing. I dodged again. "Uh!" Another near miss. The person took another swing. I grabbed the bat with both of my hands. I tried to pull it away from them. I kicked their stomach. They backed away. I swung my knuckles into their face. The stumbled back. They crouched and looked up at me. I took another punch at their face. They backed away before I could make any contact. I approached them again and swung my fist into their arm holding the baseball bat. They held the arm I punched in pain. I could see they were in agony through the eye holes in their balaclava. They charged at me and swung their bat quickly into my thigh. It hurt a lot. I kicked their stomach again, this time harder then before. They fell on their back, and dropped the bat. The person fell quite some distance away from me.

 They sat up and took their ruck sack off and opened it. They pulled out a hammer and stood up. The person aimed  the hammer at me. They were about throw it at me.


 "Ugh!" He screamed. Something flew at high speed and hit the anonymous guy in the head. I looked backed at Joel. He was looking down, back in an arch shape, wheezing. He looked at me smiling.


 I looked down at the guy. He had a hammer on the side of his head. His balaclava drowned in blood around the ripped area. I could see a bruise on his forehead and a massive cut leaking with red blood. His head was down and his hands grabbing each side of his head. The screaming of pain was enough to represent the power and damage of the throw. I didn't expect Joel to defend himself like this. He was as good as dead.


 "Nice." I said. He glanced at me again and looked at Alec. He was on the floor grabbing onto Joel's leg. He had a small cut surrounded by a bruise. He looked drowsy and faint. "Alec." I said. He looked up. He met my eyes and pointed at the guy screaming on the concrete. I nodded.


 I walked towards the man. I picked up the bat and threw it behind me. I heard it hit the ground as I walked closer to his face. He opened his eyes and stared right into my eyes. I could see tears on his cheek, creating a stream.


I crouched. I lifted my hand and grabbed the bottom of his balaclava. I pulled up slowly. I revealed his neck, his chin, his bottom lip, his top lip, his n-


















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