The Dragon Queen

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  • Published: 27 Jan 2018
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Two dragon princesses are fighting for the throne. Each of them has a kingdom that follows them. One stole a princess of their own kingdom and one sent a dragon to kill that princess? Who will be the queen? Find out in the next story and read this following up to who becomes the dragon queen!


1. The Beginning Of War

In the island of Niagara, there were five dragon eggs about to hatch in the queen’s palace. The queen, Queen Scar, was waiting for them to hatch. The king, King Scorch, was waiting with his queen.

Then one day, the dragon eggs were hatching. The one in the blue egg hatched first, and the queen called her Ocean. Then the red egg hatched, and the queen named her Burn. The third egg that hatched was white, and she called him Ice. Then the fourth egg that hatched was golden, so she called him King. Last but not least, the fifth egg, the color of the darkness, was called Shadow.

One thing happened when the eggs were hatching. The princess dragons of another island, Jacquar, were fighting over who should be queen, since their mother got killed by falling into the ocean. The war was tragic and harsh. The older princess, Spade, had the help from the dragons in the Kingdom of Niagara and the younger sister, Steel, had help from the dragons in the Kingdom of Aquatic Blue. Corpses, bones, and flames lay everywhere in the Kingdom of Jacquar.

Meanwhile, at Queen Scar’s palace, the baby dragons were playfully crawling around the palace’s baby playroom. CRASH! Spade crashed through the window into the playroom. The baby dragons cried except for Shadow. She giggled.

King Scorch asked “What brings you to our palace, Princess Spade?” as he took a glance at Queen Scar calming down the baby dragons.

Princess Spade replied “I need half of your strongest army to come with me as quick as you can!”

King Scorch nodded and asked “Why would you need my strongest army with you, princess?”

Princess Spade replied “My sister, Steel, is attacking!”

King Scorch ordered his assistant, Sulfur, to tell his strongest dragon warriors to go to  Princess Spade’s royal castle.

Sulfur replied sharply “Yes, King Scorch! At once!” and he ran to the warriors’ den.

They heard armor clanging outside the playroom. The warriors ran to the flying platform and took off one by one. Shadow rolled over and clapped her talons together. Queen Scar sighed. Princess Spade went to the baby dragons and Shadow ran up to her and grabbed her legs while the other baby dragons clung to their mother shaking with fear.  Princess Spade shook her off and looked at her in satisfaction. Princess Spade took Shadow and flew off with her to her palace. Shadow cried for her mother. Queen Scar dropped her babies and sped after Princess Spade.

“What are you going to do to her?!?” Queen Scar yelled.                                                 

Princess Spade told her “I want her! I will raise her! Can’t I do it?”

Queen Scar replied “Why do you want her?”

Princess Spade said “She’s one of the bravest dragons ever born. I read about them. They  can be a dangerous weapon to other dragons. She can grow up and be like me! Don’t u want that?”              

Queen Scar replied “NO, I DON’T!”

Princess Spade laughed and she cuddled Shadow and Shadow looked at her mother hopefully with tears in her eyes that she could be taken back with her mother. Queen Scar lashed her tail furiously. Princess Spade sped faster and faster to her palace which lay beyond the vast cave. Queen Scar followed with the same amount of speed.

Princess Spade said to her soldier “Tell your warriors to drag her off to her palace and have the strongest warrior guard them.”

The soldier nodded and when Queen Scar arrived, the warriors charged up behind her and dragged her back to the Niagara palace. Shadow reached for her mother who disappeared out of sight. Shadow wriggled out of Princess Spade’s claws and ran to the edge of the platform. Princess Spade walked over to Shadow and lay down beside her. Shadow looked up at Princess Spade with a look full of hatred. Princess Spade just smiled and looked out into the battle that was forming outside the palace.


Five years later……..


Queen Scar paced around the room with King Scorch trailing behind her.

King Scorch said “It’s been five years in this palace without getting out. Princess Spade must really want us to stay in our palace if she puts her strongest warrior outside our door.”

Queen Scar nodded and said “We need to get back Shadow since the past five years. Shadow will almost be ready for attack already. Princess Spade probably trained her when she took her. That roast-brain is crazy!”

King Scorch was about to speak when King came through the cave opening.

King said “Princess Spade is here with Shadow!”

King Scorch and Queen Scar went to the front entrance which was hidden by view. Princess Spade landed onto the hidden platform.

She said “Hello, u guys remember Shadow? Look at her now.”

Shadow appeared with bulky muscles, she was very tall, and she was pretty.

Queen Scar ran to her and hugged her. Shadow hugged her back. Princess Spade told her warrior that guarded the palace back to hers. The warrior flew away with his armor clanging.

Princess Spade said to King Scorch “You can have her back. I’ve trained her real good. Shadow, please come to my place to train with me again. I’ll be waiting.”

Shadow nodded and bowed as Princess Spade flew away with her two warriors following her. King, Ocean, Burn, and Ice ran up to Shadow and hugged her as tight as they can until Shadow told them to stop.

Ocean said to Shadow “We’re glad you’re here. We’ve missed you a lot, sister.”

Burn said “I hope you’ll train with us, too! It’s fun training with mother’s training teacher.”

King said “Well, let’s see what Shadow thinks of it first, guys.”

Ice snorted and said in a low voice to Shadow “Trust me. Our training sessions with Mark isn’t fun.”

Shadow just stared at him and said “Like King said, we’ll see.”


In training sessions…….


Mark came into the battle cave and took Shadow aside.

He said to her “I’m Mark. Nice to meet you. You’re kind of cute.”

Shadow replied “Thanks. You too. By the way, the name’s Shadow.”

Mark nodded and smiled at her.

He said “I see you’ve trained more than these four with Princess Spade. Show me what you got!”

    Shadow ran at him at full speed and Mark took her talons between his, and wrenched them a little backwards so she’ll fall. Shadow got up and charged at him again, but this time it was a feint. She ran and then she dove under him and clawed his underbelly. Mark held his underbelly.

Mark said “Sweet moves. Probably training since you were a dragonet.”

Shadow replied “Yes. Princess Spade forced me to. I hate her.”

Mark lunged at Shadow and pushed her backwards toward the rocks. She stumbled and fell and Mark jumped on top of her and clawed her underbelly in the same spot.

“Not that bad for your age,” Mark said as Shadow pushed him off and clawed his snout.

  Shadow just said “Huh. You think so?”

Mark nodded and he charged at her and made a deeper scratch in her underbelly. Shadow clutched her underbelly, hurt.

Shadow said “Fine. You win.”

They saluted and Shadow went over to her siblings.

Shadow said to him “Burn was right. It was fun.”

Ice snorted and replied “Really? Maybe that’s because he doesn’t fight with that with us. He only does it with dragons he likes. Ugh. What a squid-brain.”

He breathed a breath of ice. Shadow shivered. Ice went over to his siblings who were clawing a tree bark. Only Ocean was fighting a dummy. Shadow sat down still clutching her underbelly. She thought I need to tell mother. She needs to know about this so I can get a doctor to help me with this. Shadow stretched her wings and flew to the largest cave in the palace. She remembered this. The playroom for dragonets like when I was little.when she arrived, she saw three little baby dragonets wandering around playing with a yarn ball. Awwwwwwww. They’re so cute! Maybe they’re my brothers and sisters. I’ll have to find out. She went to the nearest dragonet and sat down next to it. The baby dragon sneezed and looked up at her with glittering purple eyes. This must be a girl. I hope it is. The little dragon stopped catching and throwing the ball and lay down and grabbed Shadow’s legs.

The little dragon muttered “Mama.”

“Silly dragonet. I’m not your mama. I’m your sister,” Shadow said to the baby dragonet.

The dragonet then said “Sista.”

Shadow looked down proudly. She ruffled the little dragon's hair and flew off to the second largest cave in the palace with the little dragon watching her fly away out of sight.

     In the room, Shadow noticed many medallions in the room with trophies and gold dotted with diamonds.

King Scorch welcomed her to the room “This is the king and queen’s room. It’s filled with many trophies won over the Humble Games. Of course, we have beds. One for the king and queen, and one for the eggs.”

Shadow looked over King Scorch and looked into the bed next to the gold studded one. Indeed it was filled with eggs. Five to be exact. Shadow walked past King Scorch and peered at the eggs. She gently touched them one by one. Smooth and a bit small too. Back at Princess Spade’s palace, her eggs were as big as a huge scroll made in the Kingdom of Aquatic Blue.

Shadow asked her father “Not to be rude but, why are these eggs smaller than Princess Spade’s eggs, father?”

King Scorch replied “Princess Spade’s eggs have been…...hmmmmm, let's say drugged?”

Shadow stared in shock at her father and said “Really? So the actual size is as big as the medium sized scroll this kingdom has made?”

King Scorch nodded as Queen Scar came toward her with her underbelly starting to bulge.

Shadow asked “Is there more of us in there?”

Queen Scar nodded and walked over to the bed and lay down on it with pain.

King, Ice, Ocean, and Burn came into the room panting.

“We came as fast as we can, mother,” Burn said, panting.

Queen Scar told them “Thank you. Now we will have you sit over there and watch us. It’s a tradition when you guys are five years old. You guys are almost ready to become mature adults.”

Ice said curiously “Okay?”

They went over to the rock chairs and sat down looking at each other in confusion.

King Scorch said to his sons and daughters “Well, as a tradition, we’ll have you watch us perform a very special show for you.”

King Scorch climbed onto the bed and started to murmur to Queen Scar. Suddenly, Queen Scar started to get up and walk around to each of her children and pat their heads one by one. Each one she pat, they glowed with a sparkle. The dragonets' mouths were open in shock and amazement.

    After the special show ended, the dragonets felt more royal than ever.

Ocean asked her siblings “Don’t you guys feel more like…….royal?”

They nodded as they walked toward their caves.

King Scorch yelled out “Shadow, wait!”

Shadow told her siblings “Guys, go on ahead I’ll meet you guys there if I can find it.”

She flew over to King Scorch.

“Yes, father? What do you need?” Shadow asked.

King Scorch said “I’ll get Sulfur here to show you around as a tour around our palace since you were gone for the past five years.”

Sulfur came at the exact moment and King Scorch told him to show Shadow around the palace. Sulfur nodded.

Sulfur said to Shadow “Alright. Follow me princess. I’ll show you around.”

Sulfur stretched his wings and floated a bit to wait for shadow to follow. Shadow did the same and they sped off toward the hidden entrance.


The tour begins……


Sulfur showed Shadow the hidden entrance way first. Then the baby room and through the marvelous kitchen which led to a large dining room with five large tables that could fit eighteen dragons in each table. Sulfur flew toward the baby playroom and explained to her that only royal subjects could be here. He then flew to a playroom a little smaller and less fancier than the other one and told her that this playroom is for guests who visit the palace with their dragonets who could leave their dragonets here and they could wait for their family there. They flew to the room that was the king and queen’s room and Sulfur told her that she probably knew this room already and flew off to the next room. It was the room for guests with beds and all the things that they need. Sulfur explained that this was the guest room and moved on to the next room. He explained that this was the warrior’s den. He also explained that the warriors move in shifts so when a patrol shift comes back that patrol shift goes to bed and another one goes out. Then they went to the back cave which was the back entrance. Sulfur explained that this entrance was actually used for emergencies so it was hardly used. The room to show Shadow was the royal dragonets’ sleeping cave. He told her this was where you would sleep because you are part of the royal dragonets. Sulfur showed her the patrol lift-off or as you call it, Dragons in Shining Armor. Then Sulfur showed her the training room which was upstairs and he told her that this is where everyone trains in the royal palace and that this was the last room to show her in the royal palace.

Sulfur said “That’s the end of your tour. See ya sometime!” then he flew away to the warrior’s den sleepily.

    Shadow flew to the dragonets sleeping cave and walked in through the vines that covered the entrance to the sleeping cave and she saw her siblings already there waiting for her.

Burn asked “What took you so long?”

Shadow replied “I had a tour of the palace with our dad’s assistant, Sulfur.”

Burn nodded interestingly. Ice snorted. Again, three times in a day. I wonder if he’s always like this. Ocean stared at Shadow from top to bottom. Why is Ocean staring at me? Weird.

Ocean looked away and whispered to Ice “Don’t you think she’s so big? She looks like she’s an adult already.”

Ice whispered back “Don’t talk about her like that. She’s our sister.”

Shadow said loudly “I heard that! Princess Spade also trained me on great hearing. Sometimes I hate it and sometimes I like it.”

Ocean just stared at her for a moment and looked away thinking. Shadow snorted. Burn looked at Shadow admiringly.

She took Shadow aside and she said “How’d you get so……...buff?!?”

Shadow replied “When I got taken, Princess Spade made me a training room and she trained with me until now. I hate her.”

Burn told Shadow “To think about it, I hate her too. She’s always bossing mom and dad around.”

Shadow said “Well, we had to pick a side. Steel or Spade. Mom and dad picked Spade. Why?”

Burn replied “I’m pretty sure Spade is better than Steel. We read scrolls that Steel is smart but is a brat and Spade was smart and was a great fighter with better strategies than Steel.”

Shadow nodded and said “Come on, let’s go back.”

Burn followed Shadow back to their siblings. They went to there nest and Burn showed Shadow’s nest to her. It was the biggest one there.


The Next Morning…..


Shadow woke up really early without a sound. She flew around the castle to see if the hidden steps Sulfur showed her was around. She turned when she saw the kitchen and spotted a piece of vine sticking out of the entrance of the kitchen. That was here when Sulfur showed me the hint to the hidden passageway because it is the hint! The passageway has to be around here somewhere! Shadow circled the kitchen slowly a few times and saw a vine depart and a dragon slipped out of the opening. She waited until the dragon was out of sight and went up the hidden passageway without a sound. Then she heard a thump and turned around and saw Burn.

Shadow whispered “Don’t go creeping up on me like that! You have to tell me or I’ll think you’re an intruder.”

Burn just looked at her blankly. Shadow stared at her and looked her up and down. Hmmmm. Something suspicious is going on here…….. Then Burn took off her mask and the mysterious figure attacked her. Shadow dodged the attack and grabbed the dragon’s talons and wrenched them backwards as hard as she could.

“AAAAAAAAAH!” the dragon howled in pain.

“Who are you? Why did you come? Who sent you here?” Shadow said as she noticed that mysterious figure was a male and he was pale as ice.

“I’m Stalactite and I came to kill you. Steel sent me here,” Stalactite said evilly.

Shadow wrenched his talons even harder and moved as quick as wind and slashed his snout. She then dove under him and slashed at his underbelly. Stalactite howled with pain and he sharpened his claws a bit on rock and knocked her back with a blow.

Stalactite screamed in pain and triumph “One day, just one day, Steel will be queen of Jacquar!” as Shadow finished him with a blow of her talons.

She dragged him to the back entrance of the palace and threw him out of the palace and said “We’ll see about that!”


Sorry, there is no Chapters other than 1 because it's only a short story not a chapter book!

Hope you like it! Watch out for the next story!






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