24-year old, Luke Hemmings jumped from adoption center to adoption center so he could adopt a child so it wasn´t so lonely in his house. So far, he hasn´t had any luck.

But when he comes across an innocent 17-year old, Jasey Rae he just had to have her. But what he didn´t know was that soon, his fascination world would be getting bigger and bigger just like Jasey´s skirts were getting shorter.


3. T W O


~Jasey Rae~


I had to stay at the adoption center for about a week so Mr.Hemmings could work out papers and get things ready for me at his house, and for that week was hell.  I've had bruises and cuts from all the other kids saying I didn't deserve to be adopted, that I was too shy for his liking. 


I ignored them though. I knew they were just jealous that I was finally getting out of this hellhole and they aren't.  But they don't understand was that I was here the longest, while they came in here at 8 or 9, I've been here since I was 3 years old.  I was the longest kid to stay here, no parent wanted to have a kid who flinched every time they came near me or a kid who stuttered. 


"Jasmine!" Ms. Call yelled.  I groaned again but nevertheless I still went down.  Today I was wearing a white short skirt with lace at the ends, a pink long sleeve shirt with a white laced collar, white knee high sock with white Michael Kors pumps.

 I lightly walk downstairs, watching my small feet hit each stair, almost fascinated on how they step in front of each other. I skip towards Ms. Calls office only to see Mr. Hemmings. His eyes light up when they saw me, making me smile lightly at him.  My brown hair falls into it's natural curls and hang lightly near my bum. 


"H-Hi Mr. Hemmings."  I spoke quietly, blinking slowly. He softly smiles and returns it. I turn towards Ms. Call who was signing something, probably some type of release or something, who knows. 


"I-I have a question?" I asked, looking towards the ground.  My fingers were fiddling with each other, my nerves getting the best of me. God I hate being this nervous, it makes me feel so weak when I know I'm not. 


"What is that sweetheart?" I heard Mr. Hemmings say. I slowly looked up, my blue eyes boring into his.


"Am I keeping my last name?" Mr. Hemmings chuckled, nodding his head. 


"I am allowing you to, yes. But on your birth certificate I am put down as your father." He explained." Anyways, we should get going. I'm having my friends come over to meet you Jasey."


I nod and quickly go upstairs to pack my luggage, which isn't much.  I take my pink bag and stuff my Kawaii clothing in there and other clothing items.  I grab a picture of my mother and a necklace she gave me.  She died of heart failure when I was about 2, leaving me with her pictures and this necklace. 


"Where are you going?" I turn around to see one of my "roommates", her arms crossed over her chest as her eyebrows arched. 


"Mr. H-Hemmings is here to take m-me." I speak.  I knew what was coming, so I coward away in the corner as she steps closer to me.


"You don't deserve to go. You quiet piece of shit, no wonder why you're dad tried to kill you." Tears streamed down my face as I replay those memories, the rope and gun, along with whips and him rapeing me. 


She came close and started to take my clothes out of my bag before coming over to me and started kicking me.  I tried to hold back my sobs, remembering what comes when I make a noise.  Her hands grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled furiously. 


"HEY!" I heard a yell, the girl recoiled away from me, frightened by the yell.  At the door was Mr. Hemmings, his eyes burning into the girl that was hurting me."Keep your hands off my daughter." He swiftly picked up my clothes and put them into the bag. He slug it over his shoulder and picked me up bridal style. 


"Come on princess, let's get you home." He spoke softly in my ear as we made our way to his car. 



Okay so this is my first book on here, I hope you guys like it.  I will probably be a slow updater because I am mostly on Wattpad writing my other story.  


I'm sorry for any errors, I'm thinking of fixing them when I'm finished with the book.




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