24-year old, Luke Hemmings jumped from adoption center to adoption center so he could adopt a child so it wasn´t so lonely in his house. So far, he hasn´t had any luck.

But when he comes across an innocent 17-year old, Jasey Rae he just had to have her. But what he didn´t know was that soon, his fascination world would be getting bigger and bigger just like Jasey´s skirts were getting shorter.


2. O N E

O N E 

~Jasey Rae~


Being an older orphan is never fun, it's quite depressing really.  When we do line ups for when people come into check which child they want, they give us older orphans disgusting looks. Like yes, we know we're older but it's not like we had the choice to leave this place or find our dead/alive parents.  The headmistress, Ms. Call, gives us older kids the harder work as well. 


Nobody hear like me, only because I'm too shy to talk to people, but if you went through a past like I did, you would be shy too.  They also pick on me for the way I dress, which I don't really see a problem with short skater skirts and blouses. 


"Jasmine!" Ms. Call called out. I groaned at my full name being called, it reminded me of one of those Bratz Dolls I used to play with cause those were the only toys I had growing up.  I got out of my so-called bed and got changed. I got changed into a white high waisted skirt with two hearts engraved towards the top, a baby pink knitted sweater with a button up white polo shirt underneath, the collar sticking out of the sweater to create that school look.  I slipped on my baby pink sneakers with white knee high socks.  I threw my brown hair into a high ponytail, giving it a tight pull.


I head downstairs, feeling my skirt plop up and down with every step.  When I walked into the lounge hall, everyone was lined up and a tall man was standing with his back to me, talking with Ms. Call. I slowed down and shyly stood next to another 17-year old boy. 


I kept my eyes on the ground, too shy to look up. Soon, two converse clad feet showed into my view.  I felt my nerves build up as I slowly raised my head. The first thing I noticed was the lip ring on his bottom lip. He had a reddish scruff alongside his jaw, his hair was messily combed to the side, baby curls scattering the top. Next was his eyes. Baby blue, sparkling like waves in the ocean and stars in the night sky.  His attire screamed punk; black ripped skinny jeans, red checkered flannel and a band t-shirt that I don't know. 


"What's your name" He asked, his voice dripping with a husky accent.  His voice was deep, scratchy a bit.


"J-Jasmine Rae, but I pre-prefur J-Jasey R-Rae" I spoke quietly, scolding myself for stuttering. My hands were behind my back, nervously playing with the hem of my skirt. I heard him chuckle, a smile playing on his lips as my eyebrows furrow.  "W-What's so f-funny?"


"Nothing, just that's a name for my favorite song." He spoke, playing with his lip ring.  I don't say anything, my blue eyes wandering around the room, wondering why he was even looking at me when he could be paying attention to the younger kids.  "How old are you?" He asked, as if there wasn't any other kids in here.


"Seven-Seventeen." I said quickly, feeling as though the room will cave in and collapse on me. I hear the room fill with laughs, feeling my cheeks heat up as I feel tears well up in my eyes from embarrassment, my head bending down in shame if my stuttering. 


"Ms. Call, can we have a private meeting with Jasey?" The man asked. I didn't know what she said next since my ears were ringing and tears were falling. "Are you alright?" A warm breath fanned my face, making me jump.  I simply just nod, not wanting to talk.


"Come on Jasmine. Lets go to the library." Ms. Call said.  My whole face lit up, tears soon drying up as she mentioned my favorite place. Being surrounded by books is my favorite thing.  A small smile made it's way to my lips as I skipped towards my favorite place. 


"Would you like a cup of tea Mr. Hemmings?" Ms. Call asked, still standing in the doorway as I picked up my book from its place, instantly reading from where I left off.


"Um, yes please. With sugar too." The man, Mr. Hemmings, spoke. I didn't pay attention, seeing as I was at my favorite part in "The Giver". My favorite character was Jonah because he was so brave and curious and he would do whatever it took to get everyone else to feel what he was feeling since they weren't able to. 


"So you like reading?" Mr. Hemmings asked, pointing to the book in my hands. I quietly nod, placing the book down on the end table since I should really be paying attention to this man, It's not everyday I get a person to have interest in me. 


"Y-Yeah.  It c-calms me d-down." I mumble, looking at his blue eyes. They were my favorite color, other than pink.


"Music calms me down.  Do you listen to music?" He asked, taking the cup of tea the Ms.Call handed him.  I shook my head, images in my heads of when I tried to when I was younger. 


"Maybe one day I can show you different type of music, see what you like." I perked my head up, eyebrows furrowed. I'm nervous to say the next thing I want to say but oh well,

"D-Does that mean y-you're adopting me?" The man smiled, his eyes beaming towards me.

"Anything for you."

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