Go to sleep...

The brutal deaths of children being found on their parents door step frightens the whole city ... No one has every dared step into the habitat of the blood - curling creature that caused these deaths . Until one day , someone decided to see who the creature was. Biggest mistake .

"Fear is a ubiquitous as the sun light on the cracked streets."
"Go to sleep..."


1. Go to sleep ...

A moaning , shivering breeze with ice cold splatters of rain for its assistant , forced the dried up trees that had curled splintered branches to dance in fear. Ripping everything abruptly away from the unfrequented land , the chance of any life was impossible here. Well... Human life anyway , you never know what unimaginable creature could be lurking around ... The possessed , bleak , grim clouds rained around the devoured , broken and only building. Darkness circled around the floor like a slithering snake and no light had been seen for a very long time . It’s crestfallen around this unspeakable land and in . Death surrounded this forsaken place and the feeling of death scratched every inch of my body but the menacing this is : I don’t know who or where the unknown death is .

And why shouldn’t I feel this ? Numbers of deaths of children from the creature are going higher and higher . Reports have been blasting everywhere; citizens have been crying with distress to the police officers about the revolting creature. Yet , no one has seen it ... Only the dead ... The mortifying thing is that his tortured victims have been crushed into a box and left at the door of their grieving parents . Unbelievably, we found them with no bones at all ; their necks sliced half open and covered with dry blood ; mouths stitched together ; fingers no where to be found ; explorations if blood near the legs and arms since they were chopped off and eyeballs popped out brutality. Appalling... And people ignore this ? They say I should not speak of this creature but it’s the truth , I will not hide like the rest . It’s unobtainable, mind blowing that’s this creature is outside the ordinary laws of nature. A twisted thing that laughs at the sight of death should be killed .

Taken outside the safeness of the human habitat , requested by the parents of the killed children , we were taken to the dreadful place where the pained victims had been on their horrendous last night . The affected city and the creatures torture chamber had been separated with a ancient bridge that shacked with every step like it was warning us . Walking to the unpleasant , ghastly scene we were conscious of every sound and our eyes were stuck open . At the of the center melancholy land , what I saw , burned in my mind. Shattered glass lay on the ground from the dead teenager girls phone like a celebration with glitter everywhere. But this was definitely no celebration... Revolting! Sickening! With my shaking hand , I took out my magnifying glass and saw ten , blood covered , ripped apart fingers . It was the girls . How could anyone do something so ruthless ? Next to them were four giant hand prints that were deep and repeated . They were fresh prints ...

There it was ... Popping wildly into my head , the images of the murder haunted my mind . As the typical, bullied , young girl took pictures showing that she wasn’t a coward by being here ; the predator , which was the creature , silently creeped to her and while she was giggling away , the creature started his torture . Slowly he sliced her arms causing her to scream her heart out but no one would hear her in this trapped place ; he would stitch her mouth up and start slowly - making sure it hurt - cut up her legs with delight ; he then would cut her fingers while never breaking eye contact with her showing no mercy . More pain . More blood . More tears . Yet the creature would dig deeper into her flesh . And as he popped out her eyeballs with callousness , he would leave the fingers and send his victim away . Ready to find his next one . But why ? What’s the pleasure of seeing a child cry in pain ? Did anyone bother trying to stop this disgusting creature killing innocent people ? Did it have a reason to kill of dud it do it for fun ? It was unbelievable but the evidence was here .

“Hello... hello. You shouldn’t have come ... There are going to be consequences ...” A laughing , sinister voice made my heart beat fast from fear . Gradually getting louder and louder , the voice circled me until the creature leaped from the caging trees and crushed the soil . I realised this , Fear is a ubiquitous as the sun light on the cracked streets . There are the marks that cover in people’s homes , terrified of the going violence and kerosene bombs . There are young children who’s only experience is wielding knives and spreading cheap margarine , rejecting the help they need , keeping secrets that kill them a slice at a time . There are the leaders who watch for the end they know must come , who is in their lifestyle grows old ? It’s the fear of the street soldiers , the arena which never changes for both yet it forms a prison . Being scared is normal , so inescapable, that it’s ignored by the majority and crumbling is pilloried as a weakness. My fear isn’t normal ... My fear is this mythical creature standing right in front of me .

First thing I saw was it’s enormous eyes . Blood shot and cloudy ; murderous and unforgiving ; empty and frozen . Slate and grey . This creature , this murderers eyes , told its tale and it’s tale of death and destruction. Placed with a band of slate grey circling it’s dilated pupils ; the seemed to reach down to my soul and through my very being . It destroyed all trace of hope . What prepared people for their death was it’s eyes ; told them it was coming in a way words could not . It’s eyes , it’s murderous eyes , herded people to their death .

Towering over me , my adrenaline flew over my veins like a Carl through the river . As I stared in n horror , I saw it had four long twisted arms that it crawled with . They could crush me any second ... Paler than snow ,he pooped out in the darkness ; it’s teeth were sharp knives poking out ready to rip someone’s head off . It’s body was in the posture that creeped me out in many ways . As horror paralysed me , and the more I thought away , or simply moving a bit , the more I felt discouraged and utterly terrified . I didn’t remember being this petrified in my life . And this was just the beginning. The idea only made it worse , if that was possible. My life ended with his last words , “ Go to sleep ...”

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