City Love

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Anna was a normal teen girl who lives in the country side. One day when she discover something that she never knew before, she got to go into the city to loved her life there. The City, where she never steps a foot into!
Follow her journey into the city!

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2. We got backup

I sat there for a couple of minutes. I didn’t want to make it seems like I’ve been hearing it. Like just imagine you just finish a call and someone comes to you as soon as you ended a call. I don’t know about you guys, but it does seems like you I’ve been listening to the call.

After like 5-10 minutes I came the down the stair.

”Dad!” I ran and hugged him.

”Anna! My little girl.” He hugged me tighter. 

”Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore!” I giggle. “I’m 16.”

”You’ll always be my little girl.” He smile. I smile back at him. We let go with the hug and sat at the table. He than tooked out his laptop and began to go to his website of people that wanted to buy my dad's product. 

“Not a lot of sale today.” He frowned.

“How many?” I asked.

”5” he answered. “3 on veggie and 2 on fruit..”

5!! That mean we have $50!! Yes, that is a little to us. Each fruit is $10. Each veggies are $20... It’s might not be that bad to you, but it is to us. Our house is a mansion! We gotta pay bills every month, phone bill, house bill, water bill, garbage bill… and many other more!!

”Dad, are we gonna be... homeless?”

”Anna, there is no chance we will be homeless..”

”Why so?”

”We got backup.” He smile.

Huh? Who??

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