City Love

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Anna was a normal teen girl who lives in the country side. One day when she discover something that she never knew before, she got to go into the city to loved her life there. The City, where she never steps a foot into!
Follow her journey into the city!

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3. Sweet little angel

”Backup?” I asked. He didn’t really look eyes to eyes at me. He was more focuse in his laptop smiling at his online girlfriend which will soon be my step mom. 

“Yes backup.” He reply.

“Soooo... what are the backup for?”

“Just when we have an emergency and need help with stuff.”

”Oh, okay! So, who is it??”

”My Boss” He looked up at me. 


”Go to sleep Anna, we will have a busy day tomorrow” He said and got up with his laptop tuck in his arm. “Good night Anna”

”Wait Dad!” He turned around.


“What will we do tomorrow?” 

“We are going to pack.”

”Oh... okay dad” I smile, he smiled back. “Good night daddy” I went up to him and give him a hug. He didn’t hug back since he have his laptop on his arm. 

“Good night sweetie, Daddy loves you” He said and kiss me in the forehead.


The Next Day


I woke because someone called me. It turns out, it was my dad. I heard my own voice and I sound terrible so I decided to message him instead. 

Me: What’s up Daddy??

Dad: Why not phone me?

Dad: I need you to call me

Dad: Right now

Me: Dad, let’s just text

Dad: Fine

Dad: Go do your thing before times runs out..

Me: Do what?

Dad: I don’t know, do anything

Me: Anything!!??

Dad: Yea, just not something bad or meam okay?

Dad: I trust you, Anna

Me: I won’t Dad!! :D

Me: Byeee!!

Dad: Bye my sweet little angel Anna 


Me?? A sweet little angel??


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