City Love

Movellas Writing Talent Show

Anna was a normal teen girl who lives in the country side. One day when she discover something that she never knew before, she got to go into the city to loved her life there. The City, where she never steps a foot into!
Follow her journey into the city!

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1. Secret

Hello my name is Anna, I live in the southern parts of the country side. We were once homeless, but this business man give my dad billions of dollar including a mansion. Including lots of land! My mom has been gone/ missing for at least 12 years.

 It happens when I was four years old. Both of my parents were farming, out of no where... there was a robber that stole my mom in front of my dad. My dad isn’t that much of a positive person. He just assume it’s my mom’s cheating sidekick. So he didn’t even dare to call the police or report the case at all. He just let it all happen.

So what we earn money is sell our Veggies and fruits. We earn money base on how much we sells. We are a well known farming company so a lot of peoples buys a lot of products from us.




Right now, I’m 16 years old. Still living with my dad. He’s getting old though, I’m just afraid he might die anytime soon. I have beautiful, healthy, and curly brown hair. My cheeks are so pink that I don’t think I even need any powders on it. So I didn’t really got to waste time on that!


Yesterday, when the full moons came out as the wind whistle I heard some secrets that came out of my dad’s mouth. This is what happens… 




I went down the stair with my phone. I than saw the lights turn on. I was home alone, or at least I think I am. I thought it was a robber so I ran up to my room to grab my gun my dad give me for protection. Remember my dad is a billionaire with his farming company. I went back downstairs and heard someone talking. It sounded similar. It turns out, it was my father! 

I was about to go up to him and hug him, but that will be rude since he’s on the phone. I decided to sit in the stair and touch my phone. Out of no where I stop touching and listen to my father talking.. I was a curious 16 years old woman. I don’t know why but my dad put his phone on speakers, probably because of his hearing problems???


”Hello Boss.” My dad greeted.

”Hello Mr. Lawson.” My dad’s boss reply.

”I think Anna is ready.” 

“You think so.?”



Ready for what? What are they even talking about?


”I’ll be sending her over to you next week when she’s done with stuff here.”

”Sure Thing! Don’t let me wait long Mr. Lawson.”

”Boss, one more thing.”


”Please don’t tell Anna our secrets?” There was a pause there.. “Let it all happen by itself..”

”What if it doesn’t work.?”

”I’ll force her if it doesn’t work.”

”Okay, I gotta go now.” He laugh on the other end. “Bye Mr. Lawson.”

”Bye Boss.” 


My dad than ended the call. 


What secret is it? Why involve me??  


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