City Love

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Anna was a normal teen girl who lives in the country side. One day when she discover something that she never knew before, she got to go into the city to loved her life there. The City, where she never steps a foot into!
Follow her journey into the city!

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4. Bye Dad

I didn’t have anything to do. I lived in the country side where it’s the less popular, so I didn’t have that much friend. All my friends are fake! They only use me for my dad’s money. But I didn’t care, they’re not my friend anymore.

I decide to stay home all day just touching my phone. Touching my phone is basically the only thing I do at home, nothing else. 

My dad came in my room. I guess he came back without me knowing. 

“Anna!” He yelled. “I told you to go do your things”

”Dad, I have nothing to do”

He put his hand down his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He gave me his Visa gift card that he receive from his birthday.

”There's $10,000 in this card” He smile. “Go shopping, what what you need here. You might never have the chance to have it anymore” 

“Oh.. okay!” I smile and grab the card and gave my dad a tight hug. “I love you daddy!”

”I love you too Anna!” 


I than release the hug and walked away with the card to head out the door. 

“Bye dad!”

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