City Love

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Anna was a normal teen girl who lives in the country side. One day when she discover something that she never knew before, she got to go into the city to loved her life there. The City, where she never steps a foot into!
Follow her journey into the city!

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5. Alone

I was thinking back about not going shopping and why not just use Amazon and EBay and those shopping website. Or even a game that I can pay to get cooler items! 

But it was already to late, I’m already outside and for my house keys. I have a spear keys of my car hidden somewhere outside my backyard. So I went there to get my car keys. 

I got my key. I hid it in a fake rock I got on Amazon. I put it down as it blind in with the other rocks. So I guess it was a good hiding spot for the keys. 

I have multiple spear keys in there. I can sometime be clumsy and lose one key, so I decide to get many more keys! I don’t even know how much I got now.


I went to my car with my key. I’m glad I have my keys hidden, or else I’ll have to knock on the doors for hour for my dad to hear. Like I said, he doesn’t hear well.

I drove my card into a huge mall that had just happened. It haven’t open for peoples to go in yet but, Along with other rich peoples and myself got lucky enough to got invited to go to the mall. But the problem is.. The invitation if for next week.

I went inside and asked to talk to the manager. The peoples that was working there allows me, so I went into his office.

I walked in seeing him writing in his notebook. He had black hair, his haircut seems to be the Low Fade haircut. He honesty seems to be my age. Just a bit older.. like 17-18??


“Hello sir!” I greeted 

“Hello, How May I help you?” He asked

”Would you mind if I shop today instead of next week?”

”Why so?”

”I don’t think I will be here next week”


Well, I think so.. my dad did say I’m gonna pack my stuff today and go. Although he did say next week but I didn’t think I would have time to shop than.


”Well, ONLY”He stood up and stares straight at me. He put his hand on his table. “You pay double price for everything”

“Well, okay sir!”

“You May leave”

He came closer to me. I can feel his gentle breathing. It was just like the wind when it’s spring. I smell his breath, it smells like Mint and Coffee together.


I than left the room. It was just him..



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