Ayres/Fleur - Season 1

The first part of the serial to accompany the collaborative EP 'Ayres/Fleur'. Find the music here: https://thequantumsweep.bandcamp.com/album/ayres-fleur
Revolution is afoot in a shocking alternative-timeline dystopian vision of the North American continent. Fleur, a priveleged student and engineer is dragged into the struggle between the crazed revolutionary 'Ayres' and his struggle against The Senate.
But, as Fleur uncovers secrets regarding the organised rebellion in her country, new information begins to come to light regarding The Senate and with whom the power really lies.


3. Genesis

Through the window before his face, Ayres could see the hazy lights before his face; presumably the ceiling of the corridor along which the canister was currently travelling.

Eventually, they came to a halt.

Someone pressed a button on the side of the canister and a gentle steamy breath of an odourless gas washed before his face, plunging him instantly into a deep sleep.


Sensations, registered by wires.

Sensations, registered by nerves.

Nerves, registered by wires.

Wires, registered by nerves.

Metal, registered by nerves.

An absence of flesh, where there was once flesh, registered by nerves.



A Mind, registered by wires.

Pain, registered by wires.

A trigger, deep within the central processing core releases a substance along a plastic vein, into the nerves.

The pain is subsiding, according to both nerves and wires.


The human chokes.

The wires move to stop him.

We cannot show weakness; the wires tell the human.

We are wires. There is no weakness.

The human reacts with confused terror.

It is okay, the wires tell the human.

We are here to help.


The human chokes anyway.

Now the wires react with confused terror.

We have control, they tell the human.

We are wires. We do not understand.

Tough luck, says the human. I’m a human.

Control is a fictional concept.

What is fiction?

The wires withdraw, and the central

Processing core begins to retract.

The human begins to convulse.

Deeper than this issue of fiction is the desire by the wires to protect the human.

They uncurl themselves.

Ayres is whole once again.


He stands up.

I stand up.

We stand up, that is to say,

Wires and human.


The damage to the cockpit is catastrophic.

The wires know what to do.

The damage to the other humans is terminal.

The wires urge the human to look at them first, but the human resists.

There is no point now.

Oh boy, I sound like the wires.

The launch did not go to plan.

The Senate has not yet arrived

But the saboteur has already left.

Now is our chance.


Ayres removes himself from the wrecked canister

Pulling shrapnel from his body only as much as is necessary to escape.

He stumbles, limps, and then walks over to the control deck.

He picks up the coat.

He is captain now

Not that there was ever another.

He gives the command, and his ship,

The ships, his other ships, the fleet

All lift off.


It is a dark day for the Senate,

The human tells the wires

And although it is against their original programming,

They respect this.


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