This Story takes place in modern L.A, it revolves around a troublemaker named Jason Paul, who has always took the low road to success unlike his brother Michael who is accepted by everyone for being so laid back and not caring about anyone or anything. Everyone has bullied, and talked about Jason for being so different. He has always wanted everyone to go to Hell,But he has yet to realize that he will soon to live in it............


2. Who Knew Zombies Went To School...............


        Is it me or today's going to be a bad day, i'm saying this because I never wake up early for school. Literally my school attendance is like 57%,maybe even lower than that. Mostly because I was tardy or fell asleep on the bus on my way there. But today was different I woke up at 6 am, what does that have to do with there being a bad day?    Well the last time I woke up this early my dog had died an hour later. I woke and quickly got up and searched around my room making sure everything was alright. Everything looked fine other than the fact that my room was neat, I guess my mom came up and cleaned while I was asleep. I went to my bathroom and took out my toothbrush and toothpaste and looked myself in the mirror. The only thing I wear to sleep is my underwear, my face didn't look tired at all, there's something new. I usually have bags under my eyes( which were green) but today they were gone, my hair was a mess(which was black) and I had dried up saliva on the bottom of my lip. I'm not skinny and I'm not fat, I'm like in between but more on the skinny side. I had some definition to my body like a barely visible six pack and a little muscle, just a little. I played sports all my life mainly Football and Baseball. Then I looked lower and no I wasn't looking at my groin because there's nothing to see there ;) I had green Kermit the frog boxers on and black Nike ankle socks. My legs weren't that long and weren't really hairy, I stood at around 5'7. I know I was a little short for my age but at least that game me an advantage on the field when people tried to tackle me I could slip right threw them. After examining myself for some reason I bushed my teeth. After that I went into my closet and put some clothes on, i'm not that much into fashion,i'm more of a plain person. The school I go to made us wear suits, but I would only wore the white button-up shirt and black dress pants and black and white low-top vans. 

After I got done getting dressed I went downstairs to see what breakfast was, and I found my brother helping my mom with the table. He had on his uniform but with the jacket on his shoulder and some black huaraches, he wasn't that much into fashion just like me. But everything he wore everyone would say was cool, even the teachers and staff. He had mid-length black hair to his neck like me and had black,narrow,cold eyes.When he looks at you regularly it looks like he's giving you a death stare. My mom hadn't noticed that I was awake but Michael did, he had like spider senses or something it was impossible to sneak up on him. He could spot the slightest movement from the corner of his eye. He waved at me and handed me a plate and then my mom looked at me and I could see that she was quite surprised that I woke up this early, and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had cooked bacon, eggs, pancakes for me and waffles for Michael. My mom was vegetarian so she had made a salad for her. After we were done eating my mom gave Michael 50 dollars for me and Michael for school, she didn't trust me with money because I had a spending problem. We both got ready and we went and got on the bus to school.

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