This Story takes place in modern L.A, it revolves around a troublemaker named Jason Paul, who has always took the low road to success unlike his brother Michael who is accepted by everyone for being so laid back and not caring about anyone or anything. Everyone has bullied, and talked about Jason for being so different. He has always wanted everyone to go to Hell,But he has yet to realize that he will soon to live in it............


1. If Your Reading This Now, Then The Virus Must've Been Cured...............

        Wow........I can't believe I was actually talked into writing this. Okay so my name is Jason Paul, and well this is going to be a story about my crazy and unbelievable Survival in this world of the living dead. Wait,I can't even call it a world anymore, this is a nightmare, something even Satan himself wouldn't even dream of making. This is chaos, and I live in it. I know what your thinking and no.....this is not going to have a happy ending, this "world" belongs to the dead now, well we could them roamers, but call them whatever you like. Just remember that they aren't human anymore.So If they were a family member, just know that they won't remember any of that. All they know if eat,eat, and eat,nothing else.To give you guys more of my background, currently I am 17, and my birthday is a month away. But this story starts when the world starts to go beserk, at that time I was 14 years old, so you'll be seeing me get older and grow more mature the more you read.

My mom is European, and my Dad is, I haven't actually met my dad. My mom says he was African American, and that we both act the same. She's wrong, I would never have a kid and then leave before it's even born. That's just selfish, that's what he is, a selfish piece of shit. Anyways I was born and raised in L.A California, with my Mom and my brother, I'll talk about him in a second. We weren't rich and we weren't poor, we were like in between. Some would call that middle-class. My brother Michael, is a year older than me,if you see both of us you wouldn't think we are related at all. Some would say we are complete opposites, in personalities and appearance. His personality is so annoying ugh.....I hate it. But he has always been the popular one, has always gotten the credit for everything, has always been the class favorite, has always been loved by everyone. Me on the other hand has always been the hated one, never gotten credit for the things I did, never been loved by anyone, except my mom. Everyone likes Michael because of how laid back he is and how he always seems to have an answer to everything, they like how he is so cold hearted. But anyways I've been talking to much, how about we get into the reason you guys are reading this.

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