Five Nights at Freddy's: The Untold Story

This is the Untold Story of what happened at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


1. The Beginning



5 days until the party…


    A boy awakens inside of his room. He notices a golden bear stuffy on his bed. It was staring at him. It’s eyes followed him. Wherever he went.


    The boy’s room had a door and no windows. He had more stuffed toys in the lower right corner of his room. There was a brown bear, a blue bunny, a yellow chicken, and a reddish fox. He called the bear Freddy, the bunny Bonnie, the chicken Chica, and the fox Foxy. Foxy’s head was missing.


“These are my friends.”, the boy said.


The boy tried to open the bedroom door. It wouldn’t budge. He tried knocking. But a loud creepy noise made him start to cry. He cried himself to sleep.


Tomorrow is another day..


Night 1


The boy wakes up to see that he is against a bed frame. He turned around to see some medication and an IV. It was 12 a.m. and he wasn’t in the room he was dreaming about. There were two doors partly open and a closet. Everything in the room wasn’t familiar to him.


The doors and walls were white. There were no stuffy’s of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. There was a window but he couldn’t reach it. He tried to use his flashlight. Lucky for him, the flashlight was operational.


He heard footsteps coming from the left side of the room. He ran as fast as he could to the left door. When he turned it on though, he saw something terrifying. Something that would make him scared for the rest of his life. It was Bonnie, but not liked he remembered him.


This Bonnie was different. It was way taller than the stuffy, had five fingers, had tears all around it’s body, and had three sets of sharp teeth. It would try to hurt the child. God knows what he would do to him. The child wouldn’t let him.


The boy closed the door and heard him walk away. The boy opened the door and shined the flashlight down the hall. Bonnie wasn’t there. He ran away from the door back to where he had woken up. When he turned around he saw miniature versions of Freddy.


These Freddies were different. They had two sets of teeth, bigger black hats, and, like Bonnie, had tears all over them. There was two of them. He didn’t know if there was anymore. When the child shined the light, the Freddies ran away.


The child saw that it was 1 a.m. and wanted it to be over. He wondered why he was up this late. Was he dreaming still? Would he ever wake up? He would have to find out if he wanted to survive the coming events.


 The child wondered if there were other big versions of his stuffies. Chica, Freddy, and Foxy. Why were there bigger versions of his stuffies? Why was he there in the first place? How will he get out?


The child didn’t want to know.


“How am I going to get out of here?”, the child asked.


The child looked at the clock. It was 2 a.m. and he wanted to leave. He wasn’t sure he could survive the coming events. Would he die right here?  Maybe he’ll survive the night.


“Maybe if I try to fall asleep, time will go by faster.”, the child said.


The child tried to go to sleep but the small animatronic versions of Freddy stopped him. He remembered that those show up on top of the bed.


“Well, no falling asleep I guess.”, the child said.


Where were the child's parents?


“Where are my mom and dad?”, the child asked.


The child looked down both hallways to see if Bonnie and Chica were down the hallway. Lucky for him, they weren’t there. The child took the flashlight with him. He started walking down the right hallway.


The hallway had picture frames hanging high so that the child couldn't grab them. The pictures were blurry for some reason. It resembled a man, woman, and two kids. Maybe the man and woman were his parents? He had to hurry and find the parents bedroom before Chica showed up.


The child ran as fast as he could toward the door. He didn’t know where it lead but hopefully it was to safety. When he opened the door, he saw a big bed. Master size, he thought. He climbed it to see two bold bodies below a blanket.


“Mom? Dad? You there?”, the child asked.


No response.


“Mom? Dad?”, the child asked.


When the bold bodies arose, the child was scared. He would never forget the sight of the people sleeping. At least he thought it was people The people looked and acted like… like… animatronics.


They looked like the others. The male figure grabbed the child and bit his frontal lobe. Except when the man grabbed him, he didn’t look like an animatronic version of a man, it looked like FredBear. The last thing the child remembered was red covering his sight.


4 days until the party…


The child woke up, leaning against the door. His eyes hurt. He checked his forehead to see if it was missing since the dream. His forehead was still there.


“Maybe it was all just a dream.”, the child said.


When he tried to open the door this time, the door slowly opened. There was a loud creaking sound when he opened the door.


“Hello?”, the child quietly said.


No response.


The child was growing nervous. He began to walk toward his older brother’s room. He saw the television set in the upper left corner. An advertisement was playing on the television. It was an advertisement for “Fredbear and Friends”.


“Wanna celebrate your kid's’ birthday? Come on down to Fredbear and Friends to make that question come true! Here we have Fredbear and his friends to wish you a happy birthday. We can also bring you a humongous size pizza to go with your birthday cake! Be sure to come on down to Fredbear and Friends to celebrate your son’s birthday!”


At the end of the advertisement, a logo for “Fredbear and Friends” popped up, showing a letter c with a circle around it, meaning copyright protected. A year popped up after the c with a circle around it. The number 1983 popped up behind it.


“It’s 1983? I didn’t even notice.”, the child said.


As the child walked into the living room, either his dad or older brother popped up and scared him. He couldn’t tell who it was. He laid on the floor, crying himself to sleep again.


Tomorrow is another day..


Night 2


The child woke up again, in the same bedroom when he was dreaming last time.


“Who’s bedroom is this? It’s definitely not mine.”, the child asked.


The child didn’t recognize the bedroom. But he did have an advantage this time.


“At least I know where Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy try to attack me. But where’s Foxy?”, the child wondered.


The child didn’t have time to wonder. He’d have to try and survive this time. Maybe then, he’ll find out where he is.


“Let’s do this.”, the child said.


The nightmare began again. Closing doors, flashlight at hand.


“When will this nightmare end?”, the child asked.


“With your death!”, a voice said behind him.


The child turned around to see Freddy. For the first time, he saw what Freddy looked like. Freddy picked the child up and tried to bite the child’s frontal lobe. The child resisted and ran far away from him. He ended up somehow dodging Chica and Bonnie, who were right behind Freddy.


The neighborhood was quiet. The child screamed for help. The lights in a couple of houses turned on. Adults were wondering what the child was screaming about.


“What’s wrong, kid?”, the adult asked. The adult was about 6’2’’, had blue eyes, black hair, and was buff.


“There are some creatures after me.”, the child answered.


The man looked at the house where he came from.


“You came from this house?”, the man asked.


The child only nodded.


“Let’s go check it out. Stay behind me. I’ll protect you.”, the man said.


The child stayed behind him as the man walked slowly into the house.


“Where are your parents?”, the man asked.


The child shrugged his shoulders. The man continued into the house.


“Where are the creatures?”, the man asked.


The child pointed upstairs. The man slowly walked up the stairs. He didn’t see any monsters… yet.


“Over there!”, the child yelled.


When the man turned around, he saw it. The nightmare versions of Bonnie and Chica.


“Kid, you need to get out of here. Now!”, the man said.


The child ran away to the bedroom and shut the door. It was the West Hallway door. He could hear a fight going on. Stuff breaking and screaming.


“Sir, are you alright?”, the child asked.


When he opened the door, he saw the man, bleeding out. Bonnie and Chica were torn to pieces but, the man really got torn too. He was bleeding fast.


“Get… out of… here, kid. I’m done for.”, the man said.


They turned and saw Freddy and Chica.


“Run, now! I’ll keep them at bay as long as I can.”, the man said.


The child ran into the room and barricaded the doors as good as he could.


“I hope this keeps them at bay.”, the child said.


The man was trying his best to hold off the animatronics. However, Bonnie and Chica were too much of a match for him. Bonnie held down the man and Chica attempted to eat him… Chica wasn’t successful. The man grabbed a lamp and shoved it down Chica’s throat.


“Eat this, you freak!”, the man said, free from Bonnie’s grasp.


The man tried to open the door but wasn’t successful.


“Kid, it’s me. Open up!”, the man said.


He looked down and noticed blood coming from the bottom of the door. The man was in shock. He burst down the door and saw the child. His frontal lobe was gone. Foxy laid beside him, blood coming from his mouth.


“No… NO!”, the man said.


The child laid there, motionless on the floor.


3 days until the party…


When the child wakes up, he appears to be in a diner or pizzeria of sorts. The child had no idea where he was.


“Where the heck am I”, the child asked.


A woman in a uniform finds the child and is wearing a “Fredbear’s Family Diner” tag on her sweater.


“Kid, you need to get out of here. It’s way beyond closing time. How’d you even get here anyway?”, the woman said.


“I don’t know.”,  the child replied.


The child headed toward the right of where he was and just as he saw the exit, he saw a giant Fredbear with someone inside of it. Fredbear tried to grab the child. The child started to cry and pass out again.


Tomorrow is another day…


Night 3


When the child woke up, he noticed something was different. When he checked the hallways, closet and bed, the animatronics didn’t show up.


“What the heck? Where are Freddy and the others?”, the child asked.


The child questioned where the animatronics were. Did they finally go away? Only time will tell. Still, the child continued his usual run as if they were there. Only when it hit 1 a.m., he noticed something new down the hallway.


There was a golden-like animatronic down the left hallway. It was hunched over and staring directly at the child. It took a while for the child to recognize what the animatronic was. It was the one that scared him the most. It was… FredBear.


“No… it can’t be.”, the child said in a low, scared tone.


The child closed the door and he was scared. He knew of FredBear. He remembered him in his dream. Those big yellow claws, trying to grab him. He thought he was going to get bit by him.


“I don’t want to get bit.”, the child said scared.


The child could hear FredBear clawing at the door. FredBear was in the East Hallway. When the child opened the door, FredBear was closer. He was directly in front of the child. Is dark, red soulless eyes. The child tried to close the door but FredBear stopped it. He opened the door and the child bounced back.


“I will break your mind!”, FredBear said in a static-like voice.


The child grabbed a lamp and hit FredBear in the jaw, dislocating it.


“Ve-Very-Very go-goo-good, chi-child.”, FredBear said as he tried to relocate his jaw.


The child was worried and started to run away. FredBear caught up with him. When the child found a room he never seen before, he entered it in hopes of losing FredBear. When he looked around the room, he noticed a plushie. He called it “Plushtrap”.


“I was wondering where that little bugger went.”, the child said.


Plushtrap looked like a weird greenish version of Bonnie. It had two green ears and was torn up like Bonnie, almost exact.


“I know you’re in there.”, FredBear said banging on the door.


The child thought that Plushtrap would protect him. The child grabbed Plushtrap in hopes that he would protect the child. The child laid Plushtrap where he was and the child hid in one of the mini closets. FredBear knocked down the door and saw Plushtrap.


    “You think I’m scared of that? Come here. I’ll show you scared.”, FredBear said as his voice box was cracking.


    The child hid and started to become nervous. FredBear got closer. Closer. Closer. FredBear found the child and screeched in his face. The child blacked out, not knowing what happened to him.


1 day until the party…


    The child wakes up and sees that he is where he passed out. When the child left the restaurant, he saw a little girl. He walked up to the girl.


“Don’t throw your party here. Run away while you still can. I won’t be there to protect you for long.”


The child was confused by this and walked home. It was a long ways away. When he looked back, FredBear’s Family Diner looked at him. It’s stone building-like eyes.


“I never want to go to that place again.”


The child continued to his home and found the front door open. He noticed that the tv was off when his brother scared him. The child cried again…

Tomorrow is another day…


Night 4


The same routine started again. The child ran out of the house as soon as he got up. He wasn’t going to spend one more hour in that house. Not after the amount of times that he died. However, FredBear might go after him. He’s known for doing that.


“Not again. Never again.”, the child said.


It took a while for the child to notice until now… his voice wasn’t the same as before. When he looked at his reflection… he saw that he didn’t look like himself… he looked like one of his brother’s friends.


“No. So all of the times I died… were from my brother’s friends?”, the child asked himself.


When the child rushed back to “his” bedroom, he saw the bodies. He was next. He became surrounded by the animatronics. He became torn to pieces. The boy’s spirit moved on. To his actual body.


0 days until the party…


The child woke up… in FredBear’s Family Diner. His brother and his friends surrounded him. They picked up the child and took him toward FredBear. The child begged them to not take him further, but they ignored him. They threw the child in FredBear’s mouth.


FredBear was slowly crushing the child’s head. The child screamed and died. The brother and his friends were staring in shock, wondering what they have done. The party started as the parents and manager saw it. The child was dead. His frontal lobe… gone. This started it… The Bite of ‘83.


“FredBear’s Family Diner closes down after a boy was murdered by his brother and his friends. FredBear has been scrapped and the restaurant will be closed for a long time. The manager was shocked at the murder and claims he had no idea this happened. Authorities have brought him and the brother into questioning. Other animatronics haven’t been found. The restaurant hopes to open as soon as possible.”


The child is sitting there, in a circle of light., crying Surrounded by his plushies and golden plushie.


"Can you hear me? I don't know if you can hear me. ....I'm sorry.", Plush Fredbear said.


A heartbeat is heard.


“You’re broken.”


Plush Foxy disappears.


“We are still your friends.”


Plush Chica fades slowly.


“Do you still believe that?”


Plush Bonnie fades.


“I’m still here.”


Plush Freddy fades away.


“I will put you back together.”


Plush FredBear fades. The child cries harder. He fades away slowly as the heartbeat ends.


“FredBear’s Family Diner closes down after a boy was murdered by his brother and his friends. FredBear has been scrapped and the restaurant will be closed for a long time. The manager was shocked at the murder and claims he had no idea this happened. Authorities have brought him and the brother into questioning. Other animatronics haven’t been found. The restaurant hopes to open as soon as possible.”


A hand ripped through the newspaper and reveals a new animatronic. It looked like Bonnie but… golden. The animatronic lunges toward you. Now, darkness…

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