Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


7. The Secret Date

As soon as Emily and I walk in the station we are bombarded by Morgan and Spencer. "Oh my god! Is Ally ok?!", Morgan asks Emily. "Yeah. She says that happens a lot because-", I cut her off,"I'm right here!"

I am then given an awkward group hug. "So what happened?", Morgan asks. "When I was younger I had brain surgery that went wrong so now I randomly faint and experience migrants.", I say matter of factly. To which I am given another awkward group hug.

"You sure you ok?", Spencer signs to me. "We'll talk later.", I sign back. "What just happened?", Emily asks suspiciously. "What do you mean?", I ask innocently. "You and Reid keep signing to each other.", Emily says like it's the biggest conspiracy ever.

"We're friends. We're allowed to.", is all I say. "Sure, Ally, sure.", she then winks and takes off. "Hey Alls.", I hear Spencer call. "Alls?" "Well if your one of the few people that call me Spencer, I want to be the only one to call you Alls.", he explains. I smile.

"So Alls. Are you really ok?", he asks, sounding very concerned. "Honestly? I have no idea. This hasn't happened since I was 10.", I admit. He nods sadly. "Come on", I say bumping his arm,"we have to work."

We worked for a few hours until I heard him call my name. "Alls?" "Yeah?" "Wanna go out tonight?", he asks. "I'd love to!", I say smiling. Of course at that exact moment Emily walked in.

"What would you love to do Ally?", Emily says, obviously trying to figure me out. "Go to Trivia Night.", I say while putting things up on the whiteboard. "Ew.", is all she says before she walks out.

"We probably shouldn't tell anyone.", I say. He just nods. "Hey I think I found his comfort zone!", Spencer says suddenly. "Really?!", I say excitedly. "Hey would you mind having dinner in his comfort zone so we can act like we're working.", he asks. "Great idea!"

After what seems like hours we finally get off work. We told Hotch our plan except for, you know, the whole date part. Emily said that since the unsub may be there and I'm just his type I have to grab his attention, so I'm wearing a lacy black dress. Not very appropriate for a first date, but we need to stay inconspicuous. At least we were able to convince Hotch that he doesn't need to listen in because that could have been a disaster.

"You look stunning.", is all Spencer can say while pulling out my chair. I giggle softly then whisper,"You know how hard it is to hide a gun in this dress?" He laughs softly. "You know it's weird that our first date is practically a stakeout.", he admits. "That's the life of an FBI Agent though.", I whisper.

Halfway through our dinner I get a text from Emily, who's watching from outside, that said,"You guys are pretty good actors *wink**wink*." I immediately texted back,"Oh god! You know!" To which she responded,"I saw him kiss you when he picked you up *wink*." "Oh god!" "Get it girl!!!", is the last thing I saw her send because I refused to look at my phone after that, no matter how many texts I got, which turned out to be a bad thing.

"Well hello there gorgeous.", I hear a voice behind me say. "Text them!", I mouth to Spencer. The stranger goes to my front and caresses my cheek which causes me to let out a whimper. "Oh baby, I'm not gonna hurt you. Not right now I mean.", he says mysteriously. I make eye contact with Spencer and I know he can see the tears streaming down my face. "Their not responding.", he mouths. I let out a shaker breath. "Oh your team got in my way. I had to do away with them. Don't worry! Their not dead! I wouldn't want to hurt you now would I?", the unsub says smirking. I see Spencer reach for his gun, so I close my eyes in a way that doesn't look suspicious.

All of a sudden I hear a bang and the side of my face is wet with blood. Spencer comes around to my side and tries to comfort, but I just push him off with a simple,"The team." We ran outside and luckily they we're only tied up. After we tied them up Emily ran to embrace me. "Are you ok?", she asked looking me all over. I nod and she embraces me again. I look over her shoulder and see Spencer standing there, staring at me, looking like he wants to hold me so badly. I mouth to him "Plane" and luckily he understands.

While on the plane no one questioned why he held me because everyone knew I have a phobia of flying, well had because as long as I'm with him I'll always be safe.

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