Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


14. The Real Prank

Everything's really fuzzy. I can hear Emily screaming in the background, but it's distorted and fuzzy.

I see Penelope standing over me. She keeps yelling something at me over and over. It sounds like it's just my name over and over.

It's getting hard to breath. I start gasping which causes Emily to start yelling more.

My eyes are getting hard to stay open. I just need to sleep. If I sleep everything will be ok.

I start to close my eyes, but Penelope hits my cheek and yells something that sounds like stay awake.

I hear tires screeching outside. Oh good. Maybe whoever that is can stop the screaming. I hear distorted pounding which causes Penelope to go running.

Emily stops screaming, so I close my eyes. Suddenly someone starts hitting me and screaming to wake up. My eyes barely open.

Breathing is hard, too hard. I should stop holding on, and just let go. "Alls. Alls. Please wake up.", someone calls distantly while holding me.

Wait. Who calls me Alls? Oh good. Spencer's here. And thank god he isn't yelling like everyone else.

I use all my energy to reach up and put my hand on his face and say,"Hey." He smiles. "Yeah.", he replies, knowing I'm not going to make it. "PRANKED YA!", I scream.

Everyone groans as I get up. "I'm the master prankster!", I yell doing a victory dance. "I hate you.", Spencer says, clearly upset. "Sorry baby." I go to kiss him, but he moves away.

I pout. "I'm mad at you.", Spencer explains, moving close to me. "I know.", I whisper before our lips meet. Everyone then murmurs good night and leaves, shutting the door behind them.

I put my hands in his hair. "You know. We've never celebrated getting engaged.", I gasp between him kissing me neck. He pushed me against the wall. "How silly of us!", he whispers in my neck. I place my hand under his shirt. "We should fix that.", I gasp. "I agree.", he mutters while unbuttoning my shirt.

The next morning I wake up to my fiancé next to me. "Last night was fun.", he whispers, wrapping his arms tighter around me. "Yeah. We should celebrate more often.", I murmur. I kiss him softly, which quickly turns into us making out. "You know we'll be late right.", Spencer mutters, obviously not wanting me to agree. "Yeah. I know.", I whisper before kissing his neck,"But last night you took care of me. Now let me take care of you." He smirks and then turns off the lamp.

"Brooks. Reid. You guys are late.", Hotch says as we walk in. "Sorry.", we mutter. "Come on Hotch! You know they just wanted round 2.", Penelope says innocently. I spit out my coffee. "Of you know... sleep.", she says, obviously not meaning sleep. I take another sip of coffee. "So. How was round two?", I spit out my coffee again,"of sleep I mean.", Emily asks innocently.

"That's enough you two!", Hotch scolds. "Brooks. Reid. You too are continuing work as usual, but I don't want to see anything else understood!", Hotch smirks. "You too!", I exclaim.

"Wait I got one!", Derek suddenly says,"So is she as hot as we thought?" I turn beet red. "That's enough.", Spencer scolds. I smile at him.

"Oh and also Garcia is coming with us this trip.", Hotch announces. She smiles at me evilly. This is going to be a fun week.

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