Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


9. The Proposal

"Wait are you Ally Johnson?", the doctor asked. "No I'm Ally Brooks!", I state angrily. "Oh. Then you're not pregnant.", the doctors says embraced. "Obviously!", I state. Emily, Derek, Penelope, and Spencer haven't stopped laughing since the doctor said I was pregnant.

The doctor apologized 12 times before he left. "I was worried at first that he was telling the truth, but then I saw Spencer laughing hysterically.", Penelope says between laughs. "But you know we could have a baby if you want...", Spencer says seriously, the room goes deathly quiet until both of us start laughing again.

"Don't do that!", Emily scolds Spencer while back handing him. "Don't hit my boyfriend.", I say pouting, which causes everyone to laugh again.

"Well I'm ready to go.", I state then I start getting out of bed. "Alls, you know you have to stay here until you're cleared to go.", Spencer states while gently pushing me back down. "I really hate you right now.", I tell him. "I know.", he whispers. He then leans down and kisses me softly. "Ewww! Get a room!", Penelope screams, pelting us with gummy bears. "Yum! Thanks for the gummies!", I exclaim then pop two in my mouth.

Spencer leans down to kiss me and I put one of the gummy bears in his mouth so we both have one. "Ewwww!", Penelope screams. "I admit that was disgusting, but it was worth it.", I admit.

After everyone else leaves Spencer and I share the bed, laying down so we can face each other. "What do you think about marriage?", Spencer suddenly asks. "I'm fine with anything as long as I'm with you.", I whisper. "Then marry me.", he whispers in my ear, his hot breath makes me sigh, god I love this boy. "Ok.", I whisper in his neck. To which he leans down and starts kissing my neck. "God I love you.", I admit. "I love you too Alls."

The next day he left in the morning to get me a ring even though I insisted that I didn't need one. We both agreed, however, that instead of just telling people we're just gonna wait for them to notice. He eventually came back, and told me,"You're not getting this ring until I propose properly." I sigh. "What's wrong?", he asks concerned. "I just love you so much.", I admit. He then kisses my neck again and then the lips. "You know, now you're my fiancé.", he whispers. "I love that.", I admit.

I got out 2 days later, but I still have to take it easy. Tonight Spencer and I are going to the beach and watching the sunset.

"It's so beautiful!", I exclaim. "Yeah.", he says nervously. "You already know I'm going to say yes. Don't be so nervous.", I whisper. "Ok.", he finally says. Spencer suddenly gets down on one knee,"Ally Brooks, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" "Yes!!!", I exclaim. He puts the ring on my finger then gets up and kisses me.

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