Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


13. The Prank

I wake up to my phone going off. "Hello?", I ask groggily. "Hey Alls. Sorry did I wake you up?", I hear Spencer ask over the phone. "Yeah, but you can wake me up anytime." I hear the girls awww; oops, I must have woken them up.

They motion for me to put the phone on speaker so I do so while motioning for them to be quiet. "Alls, I hope you aren't mad, but I have seemed to misplace my key to your place.", Spencer murmurs. "What?! Someone could break in?!", I say I'm a way so he doesn't know I'm kidding.

I mouth to the girls," Go outside the door then act like you're breaking in. Nothing is off limits." They grin evilly then tiptoe outside the door.

"Are the girls still there?", I hear him ask. "Nope. Just me.", I reply.

Suddenly the door bangs open. "Get on the ground!", Emily yells in a gruff man-ish voice. I give her a thumbs up which causes her to smile. I start begging for them not to hurt me to which Penelope yells in a man voice,"Shut up!"

I can hear Spencer yelling to Derek to hurry and get to my place; I have to put my hand over my mouth to suppress my giggles.

Emily motions to her gun, then at the floor asking if it's ok. I nod. She shoots the floor and I gasp, acting like I was shot. I now hear Spencer screaming at Derek to drive faster; I'm gonna be in big trouble.

"Hey can we stop at IHOP? I'm getting kinda hungry.", I hear Hotch ask in the distance. Penelope mouths that she called and told them. I smile evilly. I hear Rossi and Derek agree.

"Ally is over there dying and you guys want to get some food?!", I hear Spencer yell. "Well yeah. What? Am I not allowed to eat anymore?", I hear Derek pout.

That causes me to start laughing. "Alls?! You're ok?!", I hear Spencer yell in relief. "Uh no. She dead.", Emily says with her real voice very prominent. "Emily! You ruined it!", Penelope whines. "Ally did it first!", Emily screams.

Suddenly everything starts to get darker. I grab onto the table, but that cause a case to fall. "Ally you ok?", I hear Spencer call. "You guys better get over here.", Penelope says worriedly. It's weird I know she's right in front of me, but she sounds so far away.

"The gig's up baby girl.", Derek chuckles. "We're not kidding! We're losing her!", Emily screams into the phone. I then collapse into Penelope's arms.

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