Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


16. The Not-Very-Welcome Surprise

We finished our case finally and got on the plane. "Ally, are you ok,", I hear Penelope ask. I nod. Suddenly I run to the bathroom and throw up. "Uh oh someone's got the flu.", Derek jokes.

"You ok Alls?", Spencer asks putting his arm around me when I sit down. As a response I fall asleep.

I wake up when the plane lands only to have Hotch insist that I take some time off. "Come on Aaron! You let Emily come in that one time she was sick!", I complain.

"Well Emily didn't throw up on the plane now did she?", Hotch says. "Ugh fine! But you guys will miss me!", I yell getting into my cab.

"How you feeling Alls?", I hear Spencer whisper. "Better.", I respond. Apparently that was the wrong answer because I suddenly have to run to the bathroom to throw up.

"You should go.", I tell Spencer. "No way! I'm not leaving you when you're this sick!", he protests. "The girls are coming over later! I'll be fine!", I say pushing him out the door.

"Wait but-", I shut the door before he can make an excuse to stay. I wait an hour so I know he's gone then pull out the test I got from the drug store.

About 5 minutes later I turn it over. "Positive.", I whisper. At that exact moment I hear a knock at the door and Emily screaming,"FBI! We're coming in!"

I place the test in the cabinet just as they walk in. "Hey Ally! What are you doing?", Penelope asks suspiciously. "Nothing. Just taking some medicine.", I reply. I grab the aspirin from the counter and put two in my mouth.

"Ok...", Emily says suspiciously. "Let's watch a movie!", Penelope screams. "Ok but what?", I ask.

They eventually agree on Avengers. After the movie Emily suddenly asks,"Hey, where's Reid?" "Out. He was annoying me with his statistics.", I reply.

Penelope and Emily leave a few hours later, only to have Spencer come back a few minutes after so I have no idea to make a plan.

"Hey Alls.", Spencer says as we walks through the door. I ignore him deep in thought. "You ok?", he asks. I nod.

"Hey our wedding is in 2 months.", he says sitting next to me. "Yup.", I reply. "Are you sure your ok?", he asks.

"Just tired.", I reply. He then leads to me bed.

What am I going to do with this baby?

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