Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


22. The Makeup

Ally's POV

The next day I walk into the office like nothing happened. I made arrangements with Penelope to stay with her awhile, and she also called Spencer and told him I needed some space and that I'd talk when I was ready.

As I walk in I notice that Strauss is at my desk, waiting for me. She motions for me to follow her, and then she takes me to her office.

"I know you want your last name changed and I'm sorry it hasn't been done sooner. It would have been in affect for this case, but afraid it would jeopardize your safety. You see this unsub targets married women. That's it. That's all he focused on. As long as they're married, they are a potential target. So I'm afraid you'll have to wait to change your last name and you can't wear your ring.", Strauss explains.

"Ok. But can I wear my ring on a chain around my neck?", I ask. "I don't see why not.", she says smiling.

I exit her office and I make eye contact with Spencer. He waves so I wave back, just so people don't become suspicious.

When we arrive Spencer goes with Emily and Rossi while I go with Derek and Aaron. "Hello. I'm Agent Aaron Hotchner and these are Agents Morgan and Brooks.", Aaron greets. The detective nods then shows us to our set up.

"Hey Ally I'll be right back.", Derek says suddenly. "You know I don't care where you are right? I don't need to know.", I shout after him. I hear him chuckle as he exits.

Right as he leaves an officer a few years older than me walks in. "This may sound creepy but I've been waiting for him to leave just to say Hello to you Ally.", he says in a way that gives me a creepy vibe.

"It's Agent Brooks to you.", I say without looking up. He laughs humorlessly.

"What ever you say Agent. How would you like to get out of here and get a drink?", I whispers while touching my hand.

I move my hand away and look up to meet his eyes. "Listen. I don't know who you are but I'm in a relationship and even if I wasn't you'd be the last person I'd go out with.", I say sternly.

"You'll regret that.", he says before he gets up and leaves. I roll me eyes and get back to work.

Spencer gets back at hour later and asks if we can talk. "Look I'd love to but I have to use the ladies room. Rain check?", I say as I walk away.

I walk in and splash some water on my face. I hear the door open, and since I'm still splashing water on my face, assume it's Emily.

"Hey Em. I can't believe Spencer some times.", I say, still not looking up. I feel someone reach around and take my gun.

"Sorry not Em.", I hear the guy from earlier say. I gasp and start to run to the door, but he over powers me.

"Take off your clothes.", he says. Since he's pointing a gun at me I do so. He strokes my breast then tells to me to get on the ground.

"I will not give you the satisfaction of crying or asking you to stop.", I say as I lay down. "They all say that.", he whispers as he puts his fingers inside me while sucking on my breast.

"Act like you enjoy it!", he demands. "I will once you act like a man and actually make me moan.", I say with a yawn.

He grumbles then suddenly puts his fingers in farther, making me gasp. He then bites my breast causing a moan to escape my mouth. I get mad at myself for liking due to not letting Spencer touch me since our daughter died.

"Ally?! You in there?!", I hear Spencer call outside the door. The rapist puts his hand over my mouth. I start whimpering. "Alls?!", I hear Spencer call again.

"You make a sound you're dead.", he whispers into my ear. "Alls, look, I know I messed up. Just talk to me.", I hear Spencer say right outside the door.

"SPENCER!", I yell. The officer/rapist then tries to hit me over the head, but is then knocked unconscious by Spencer.

"Oh my god Alls!", Spencer murmurs. He places his hand on my cheek. "I'm sorry I left.", I say as he throws my jacket over me. He shushes me. "We were all looking for you. I was worried you left again.", he whispers.

"I wish that were the case.", I mutter. He chuckles.

I get a rape kit done at the hospital then head back to the hotel.

"I'm sorry about what I said. I guess loosing our daughter broke us apart.", he whispers. "No you were right. Besides we should have talked after I was shot instead of ignoring it.", I admit.

"I want to try again.", he whispers so softly that I barely hear. "Me too.", I whisper back. "You know I haven't touched you in over 5 months.", he whispers now super close to me. "Every month was torture.", I whisper back.

He suddenly kisses me. We practically rip our clothes off.

He kisses me on the neck and I almost have a heart attack over how good it feels. The rest is history.

"That was amazing.", I whisper between panting. "We should get mad at each other more often.", he agrees.

"You know we should go longer without having sex because it makes it feel 100x better.", I mutter. We both look at each other. "Nah.", we say in unison before we start making out.

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