Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


21. The Fight

"I never thought I'd see you again...", my dad whispers as I walk back to his cell. He gently places his hand on my cheek. "My sweet Alexandra."

"Ummm Ally? Who is this?", Derek asks suddenly. Spencer just stares at me angrily, already knowing what I did.

"How rude of me to not introduce myself! I'm Paul Bernardo. Serial rapist and killer, but most importantly Alexandra's father.", my dad announces smiling at me. Derek stares at both me and my dad, shocked.

"Oh I'm so sorry! You must be here because of an assignment! You must forgive me! So many years of isolation and you forget certain things.", my dad says suddenly.

I nod. "Well I guess I'll see you later my sweet.", my dad says. We keep walking and Derek looks at me curiously so I mouth "I'll tell you later".

When we get to where we are supposed to do the interview we get stopped by a security guard that looks embarrassed.

"Nothing like this has happened before, but it appears there was a problem with our software. You see, Jose Rodriquez hung him self in his cell two weeks ago. I apologize for the misunderstanding.", he mutters before walking off with his head down.

Spencer scoffs. "Something you'd like to say?", I ask angrily. "We're not doing this now, but trust me we WILL talk.", he scoffs. "About what?", I ask.

"Don't play games with me Ally! You know perfectly well what you've done!", he angry whispers. "What are you hinting at? Are you trying to get into my head? You do this all the-" "BE QUIET! This is not the time or place!", Derek scolds.

I scoff then start heading out. We arrive at the hotel a little while later after a very awkwardly quiet car ride.

"I can't believe you hacked into the prison mainframe just to what?! See your serial killer Dad for a few seconds?!", Spencer yells as soon as the door closes.

"Ok. First of all you can't prove that. And Second I didn't say anything when you lied to Hotch about taking sick time to visit your mother.", I angry whisper.

"Stop acting so innocent Ally! You act like you can do no wrong when all you do is cause chaos where ever you go! You know before you got here I was fine, but then you came in and ruined my life!"

"Is that what you see me as? Someone who ruined your life?", I say through tears. I grab my suitcase and start throwing my stuff in it.

"Alls. I'm sorry I didn't mean it. Ally stop.", Spencer whispers while grabbing my hands to stop me.

I shrug him off, then pick up my suitcase. "Goodbye Spencer.", I say through my tears then walk out.

I hear him calling my name, begging me to come back, but I keep walking.

3rd Person

After Ally left Spencer practically ran down to the front desk asking if anyone just checked in, but to no avail.

He told the lady at the front desk that his wife just left so she let him look at the cameras, well after he pulled out his badge and threatened her.

The cameras showed Ally as she walked out, but right as she passed the last camera she suddenly turned around to face it. She then signed "Don't follow me" and walked out.

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