Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


10. The Announcement

I finally look down at my finger. "Hey it's opal! My favorite!", I exclaim happily. "Yeah. I picked out that ring after our first date.", Spencer admits.

I kiss him on the cheek softly. "You're amazing.", I whisper.

After a few minutes of watching the water, a thought occurs to me. "You know, it's a good thing I normally wear rings on my ring finger because then it'll take them longer to notice.", I suddenly say.

Spencer suddenly leans down and kisses me. "What was that for?", I ask, slightly confused. "For being you.", he answers, smiling.

The next day Spencer and I wake up way later than we should have so we ended up being late to getting our assignments.

"Oooh! Looked who finally showed up!", Emily practically screams as soon as we walked through the door. We both just laugh and sit down: Spencer on my right and Emily on my left.

She suddenly grabs my hand. "I wanna see what today's ring looks like!", she explains after I lifted my eyebrow. She immediately squeals,"Ooh! Opal! Your favorite!"

Hotch clears his throat so Emily lets go if my hand. "Reid you're gonna continue work as normal, but Brooks you're going to the latest crime scene with Prentiss, Morgan, and Rossi.", Hotch says. Spencer and I immediately grown.

"I know you're upset but Brooks is a field agent and she hasn't gone out once.", Hotch explains. We both sigh.

Once we reach the crime scene Rossi tells Derek and Emily to head inside because he has something to tell me. Several seconds pass in complete silence before he says,"Congratulations."

"What?", I ask, stunned. "On your engagement.", he explains. "How do you-", I ask before he cuts me off. "Know? Brooks you know next time you want something to be a secret, don't announce it at a public beach.", he says, slightly laughing. "Noted.", is all I can say.

The next day Emily grabbed my hand again. "The same ring? You never wear the same one back to back.", she says suspiciously. I just shrug.

"OH MY GOD! ARE YOU GUYS ENGAGED?!?!", she screams causing Hotch, Derek, and Penelope-who they were talking to via video chat-stop their conversation and start staring at us.

I stare at Emily and exhale loudly. "You couldn't let them figure it out for themselves?", I practically whine. Emily then screams and hugs me. "I'm still mad at you!", I huff.

"OMG! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER?!", Penelope screams. "I knew this would be your reactions.", I say rolling my eyes.

Derek comes over and hugs me softly then kisses me on the cheek, to which Spencer groans,"Get your hands off my future wife." I then giggle and practically jump into Derek's arms.

"Is this what you mean?", I ask innocently. Spencer sighs again then says,"You know that's not what I meant Alls." He starts fake pouting.

I jump down from Derek's arms and walk over to Spencer. "Sorry baby how can I make it up to you?" He whispers in my ear. I nod in agreement. "Gross!", Emily screams. "We're gonna watch a movie. How's that gross?", I ask. Derek laughs hysterically.

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