Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)



I turn over the pregnancy test. Negative. "We'll just keep trying.", Spencer tells me. I nod. "Looks like it's time to go in.", I say looking at my phone. He nods.

"Hey Ally!", Penelope greets as we walk in the door. "Hey Penelope!", I respond. "Wanna go out for a drink tonight? I'm buying.", Penelope asks.

"Sure why not.", I respond. Emily and Penelope squeal in delight to which I roll my eyes.

That night Emily, Penelope, Derek, Spencer, and I go to our usual bar. As soon as we walked in the bartender noticed us and started making our usual.

"Ok so shots for everyone except Dr. Downer over here who gets water.", the bartender announces. We all boo at Spencer. "Come on babe! Live a little!", I tell Spencer.

"I'm good. Besides someone has to make sure you get home safe.", he responds. "I have a gun! I'll be fine!", I respond while ordering another shot for him.

When I hand it to him he refuses so I down it. "Come on Ally let's dance!", Emily yells over the music. "You just want me to be your wing woman don't you?", I ask suspiciously.

"Well whenever I ask Penelope she ends up trying to take my man candy so you're perfect because you're boring and got married.", she explains. I sigh then agree.

After a few more shots I am completely wasted. "Come on Alls. Let's go home.", Spencer says grabbing my arm. I pull away, and then get really close and slur,"Nice try bucko but I'm married. You're not getting into these pants tonight."

He laughs. "Alls it's me. Spencer.", he explains slowly. "Oh hey Spencer. When did you show up? Just so you know some guy was just hitting on me like a few seconds ago, but I told him I was married. See I was a good girl.", I slur.

That makes Spencer laughs even harder. "I'm sure you did, Alls.", he says between laughs. I smile at him. "Ok now we're going home.", he says leading me out.

"But the party just started.", I pout. "Yeah but it's over for you."

It's been a 2 months and I'm still not pregnant. I was starting to give up hope until...

"Alls, just turn it over!" "My speech isn't over yet!", I scold. "Well as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Even though it's probably negative just know that we will keep trying and that-"

"Stop stalling and turn it over already!", Spencer complains. "I'm not done!" "Ally stop stalling!" "I'm not stalling... I'm making a speech!"

He then grabs the pregnancy test out of my hand. "Hey!", I protest. "You're taking too long!", he complains. "Fine whatever guess my totally awesome speech is getting cut short thanks to my husband that is super impatient."

He then turns it over to reveal a pink plus. I'm pregnant.

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